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  1. Been saying that ever since Saturday. His injuries were what caused his dismal passing performance and what cause us to run the ball so much. Hopefully he can heal up 100% before Saturday.
  2. Lets just switch to Starter. Then we can all just get our USF gear at our local walmart for dirt cheap.
  3. I still think McCloud's problems against BYU stemmed from his wrist and shoulder injuries. If he is healthy, I trust his arm enough to play well against Navy.
  4. People forget how big the club areas are. During day games the club areas are packed with people who don’t want to be in the sun. It felt like there were way more people in the stands at the end of the game than there were in the 2nd quarter when the sun was still blazing. I’d say 35k seems accurate
  5. the pass was intended for St. Felix but McCloud over threw him and Wilcox was able to run under it. not sure if it was McDoooms fault or McCloud, but those two passes were both the exact same. McCloud threw towards the outside shoulder while McDoom broke to the inside and was looking over his inside shoulder. Both should have been touchdowns. in the Tampa bay times article, it said that McCloud hurt his shoulder early in the first quarter and that’s why we ran the ball so much. That along with his banged up throwing wrist is probably a major reason why he was so inaccurate today.
  6. Score more points than the opposing team 3 more times before the end of the season
  7. That we aren’t allowed to have speakers while tailgating. Literally security threatened to kick me out because I was playing music. Wtf is this
  8. If you have 1 I might be interested. Just lmk.
  9. If it fires the offensive line up and leads to improved blocking, I could care less what he tells them!
  10. Another fun fact if you haven't seen this in the articles posted by the tampa bay times, USF is 16-1 under Strong when it runs for at least 200 yards in a game.
  11. Blocking is a major role in being a tight end. NFL scouts will take notice of Wilcox's blocking ability as well as his ability to catch passes and run routes. Although while blocking he is not filling up the stat sheet, he is doing the dirty work that NFL scouts will notice and salivate over.
  12. Only one QB is assigned per team (assumed to be starter). Then they can draft more QB's if they like during the skill position draft or general draft (There is a skill position draft, offensive lineman draft, defensive front draft, defensive back draft, and then a general draft I believe).
  13. As terrible as our record makes us look, lets put the season so far into perspective. 1. We lost to playoff caliber team in Wisconsin. I know a lot of us expected for the team to be competitive, but when you sit back and actually think about it did anyone really expect us to keep it close against a top 5 team? 2. We lost to a GT team that we probably should have beat. Had McCloud come in earlier, and had a couple of calls gone our way instead of GT's we win this game. Hell, I still think Cronk crossed the plain and should have been given a touchdown putting us up by 3. This one definitely stings. 3. We lost to an SMU team that is arguably the best team in the conference right now. They are one of the only 2 schools that is bowl eligible after week 6 (Ohio St. is the other) and have a solid win against a ranked TCU team. I am calling a SMU vs Cincinnati AAC championship game. 4. Our two wins were decisive, even with a young redshirt freshman quarterback who is going to make young redshirt freshman quarterback mistakes. I mention all of this to say, maybe it is not the end of the world. I don't think we are good enough to stay competitive against Memphis or Cincinnati, but I feel like we should be able to make the BYU, Navy, and ECU games competitive. The UCF game is a toss up because I'm not sure how good or bad they are this year, and the same with Temple. But I feel like we should be able to ink out another win or two. I think the BYU game will tell us everything we need to know about this team, since they are not bottom dwellers (UConn), FCS (SC St.), or a top 25 team.
  14. Running back by committee. Joiner and Cronk should get around the same amount of touches per game, with the hot hand staying in while hot. Sands should be the short yardage and third down back because he is the most physical runner of the 3 and isn't afraid to run someone over to pick up a first down. 100% agree that Weaver should start over St. Felix.
  15. Notable Adidas colleges: Arizona State, CMU, Indiana, Kansas, ECU, Miami, Miss St., NC State, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Tulsa, and Washington. Notable UA colleges: Auburn, Boston College, California, Cincinnati, Maryland, Navy, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Temple, Texas Tech, UCLA, and Wisconsin. I wouldnt say that UA's list of colleges are better than Adidas. Nike on the other hand (Air force, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Army, Baylor, Boise St., BYU, Clemson, Colorado, Duke, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Houston, Illinois, Iowa, Iowa state, Kentucky, LSU, Memphis, Michigan, Michigan st., Minnesota, Missouri, UNC, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Ole Miss, Oregon, Oregon St., Penn State, Pitt, Purdue, SMU, Stanford, Syracuse, TCU, Tennessee, Texas, UCF, Uconn, UNLV, USC, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia tech, Wake Forest, and West Virginia) would be the gold standard. Anything other than Nike is second class judging by that list.
  16. Might be late to the party, but we made a concerted effort to be known as “South Florida” and then today we have “USF” on our helmets and USF on cbs sports scoreboard
  17. Today is going to be a great day. Woke up to the news that UCF lost, and we will either get another W today or CCS will be fired (win win situation if you ask me)
  18. This was CCS' presser on Monday... Only 4 non-USF affiliated reporters showed up.
  19. Joke's on you, I dont have a twitter! Only instagram, which unlike the prime minister of Canada, does not feature me in black face.
  20. Im actually really glad he clarified that he was Haitian American. I thought he was just American at first. That could have been embarrassing! For real though, props to him and his family for immigrating here legally and making a life for himself. The American dream is alive and well!
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