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  1. Thanks, this has to be one of the longest off-seasons on record.
  2. Can you provide the link to the spring game? I'd like to see the offense in action. Thanks!
  3. Just curious to see if ya'll had heard anything relating to Bell installing his offensive scheme and how it's being received with the players.
  4. So literally the only thing you have to beat your chest with is a 6-2 record against us? Have fun with that. 11/24 is gonna be great to watch.
  5. I worked for the UCF Alumni Association and to say that all our fans are idiots is idiotic. I can say the same thing about USF fans just based on my experiences but I know that's not true. USF Fans yelled "Golden Showers" when we first came over way back whenever it was when our President was speaking at an alumni event right outside the stadium. REAL classy. Still, I have many friends that went to USF and UCF/USF is one of the best things in the AAC right now, ESPECIALLY this year. And why would UCF obsess over anything USF? You haven't won anything and the only thing you had over us (Big East) is now gone?
  6. Well DERP! With the shakeup this past weekend I'd say ya'll have a good shot tomorrow.
  7. If you're not ranked this week and you win on Saturday, ya'll should be ranked. The Top 25 is a gd joke.
  8. Guys, you are blowing this way outta proportion. Do you really think they'd let us play football in a stadium with "true" structural problems? Get real. Also, if you truly are "worried", just don't go or setup near memory mall. That's where all the rowdy students/people are. Everywhere else is chill as hell.
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