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  1. I said CS should have been fired two years ago and again at end of season last year. I couldn't believe Kelly kept him. I almost didn't renew my tickets and donation level. I refuse to donate to the IPF as long as we have total incompetent head coach and staff. At this point I'm not renewing next year if CS and most clowns are still here. Our football program is destroyed once again! Skippy and CS the dynamic duo!!! Just so sad!!!
  2. I said last year CCS is totally incompetent and should be fired. Kelly kept him on and CCS is even more incompetent. Should be fired at the end of the game tonight!!!
  3. Strong is totally incompetent as head coach! Kelly should have fired him last year. There was nothing but unprepared teams on the field and totally incompetent OCthat CS did nothing to improve over the last half of the season. So why Kelly kept him is a mystery. CS is now Kelly's man. If he leaves him as HC for the total season he should be fired right along with CS. If a change isn't made we lose what few fans we do have. Following in the footsteps of Skippy. Just sad.
  4. Leave them in the Orlando bus station with a ticket to Siberia.
  5. Stupid first play run up middle. MaCants is an animal! TD!
  6. Yes next year is going to be totally different than what we have come to expect. It appears it will not be anywhere near GCO. Probably look like the old mid west teams - run up middle, run up the middle, run up the middle, punt. Don't think we are going to like it at all. Feel bad for our Florida style players on the team. Not going to guess at win- loss, but probably more loss than win.
  7. Hope some team takes these sorry coaches! I will buy CS and Gilbert a bus ticket out of town tonight!
  8. CCS and Gilbert have destroyed one of the best offenses in college ball. I have been saying Gilbert should have been fired after the first and every game since. Tonight we suffered a loss that was unnecessary. CCS and Gilbert have basically taken our super QB and made him less than an average QB. The offense has never really been in sync this year. But boy sure do keep trying to run up the gut!
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