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  1. Hey all! I k ow I rarely post here but one of my veteran friends is looking for a specific flag. It was the military appreciation flag they did with the U as an American flag. I attached a picture of what the U looks like. It would have been a white flag. Anyone know where to purchase this flag? I've already looked at the bookstore (physically and online), Google with multiple search criteria and Amazon.
  2. I hear ya. Doesn't bother me at all. If someone doesn't like it, sorry. I want our fans engaged and loud. I want the stadium filled.
  3. You all didn't chase me off. I have been super busy since I work full time, bought a house, and planning my wedding in June! I appreciate all the love and I am not staying low. I'm at every home game! Go Bulls!
  4. I should, but I get rather bored. I did that for a while.
  5. Oh hey there! We should probably get back to working.
  6. There are no wizards in Tampa.... Or is there....
  7. Knights can't fight magic wars. I should be there.
  8. I was at usf during that. I sat about 7 rows in front of them holding the pink inflatable ones at the huge west Virginia game. What a the difference between the usf wizard and war flamingo? The wizard never dies.
  9. This. This right here is my goal. Maybe next year I grow a beard and come in Halloween time in full wizard robes and a wand.
  10. No, I graduated in 2011. I'm a season ticket holder.
  11. Thanks buddy! Yeah, I started it because Flowers was called a offensive wizard. It was 4th down and 3 or something, I just did some wizard hand motion and the camera caught it.
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