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  1. Lose one to the ACC (Memphis). Get one from ACC... Scary (good) pick and message sent to rest of AAC...
  2. Yeah so much "advertising" this season...poor guy putting up with all that... I'm sure he meant adversity.
  3. Not the best this year by any stretch.... Dillusional. Tulsa was a complete mental breakdown, unrecoverable late in the game. Discipline was Bonn resistant.
  4. No, just a UCF purest, and an all Florida football fan in general. and I HATE everything about UCONN... Everything ! I would love to see a USF complete beat down of UCant.
  5. UCONN doesn't stand a chance agains USF, especially a Bulls team with tenacity. USF is not in a position to "look ahead" past their upcoming games. Next three games will be wins, and one will be a complete blowout, you know one of those frustration games. I do not envy UConn.
  6. USF is a good football program, and I mean a very good program, rich with talent and alot to offer any recruit. Facilities are more than adequate, I see so many similarities to a UCF team of not that long ago. Lack of discipline, there is a cancer in the locker room, not pointing fingers, but you feel it, either players have lost respect for coaches decisions, or they are not buying into a certain playing philosophy. Seen it. USF is just one mental aspect away from being very good again. Maybe a coaching change ? I did not like old school OLeary, and in the end, his departure was a good thing. Not sure canning CS is the right move now, but an intervention of sorts is needed. It will take just one player to step up and own it. Even fans, much like we did, are trying to pinpoint issues but somehow not seeing the real problem. I am a fan of college football, pure and simple, and a realist, a bad USF team does nothing for the conference. I sure hope USF gets their ship (pun intended) righted quickly.
  7. Your contract is for lower bowl only at RJS, at 44k you should be selling out, Wisconsin was allocated 5k tix and laughed in your face and said naw we'll take just 2k.
  8. JTRUE : Yep he transfered because the team he was with SUCKED....
  9. https://youtu.be/3CAmD8BAqG0 Tom Jones has left the building
  10. Not trolling....Was just pointing out that with all the "down on the AAC" talk, this does not help that we will not put a team in a NY6 bowl game. And honestly, I would be rooting for USF, just to see a team represent our conf. on Jan 1. And get the addition revenue. Said a million times "the tide rises all ships" this is how our P6 claim gets legitimized.
  11. A UCF loss puts a Boise State / Fresno team in the Fiesta, does NOTHING for the conference, Memphis just goes the less crappy bowl that pays a mete pitance.but, because the AAC does bowl revenue sharing, we all get screwed out of an addition 6 million in our AAC coffer. And lets face it, the $ is what this is really about.
  12. "True story: A local Dunkin’ Donuts in Tampa earlier this week was running a promotion in which any USF fan simply had to stop by and say “Go Bulls” in order to receive two free tickets to Friday’s War on I-4. How embarrassing. Can you imagine going into a doughnut shop and having this conversation with the guy behind the counter: “I’ll have two of the Vanilla Frosting with Sprinkles, two of the French Crullers, two of the Strawberry Frosted, two of the Chocolate Glazed and — Go Bulls, Go Bulls, Go Bulls — six USF tickets, please." -sentinal Part of me wants to laugh but, every true and honest fan knows programs ebb and flow. Once dominant teams fall from grace and have to rebuild. And obscure programs build and and climb, we are climbing but leave no doubt USF day is coming, it's Florida for gods sake, its inevitable. Hey aren't you glad none of us are S.Miss or Marshall.
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