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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.

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In our efforts to raise funds for USF Football, the site is giving away a football season full of ad-free surfing at The Bulls Pen.

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The Bulls Pen Ad-free Raffle in support of USF Football

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  1. JTRUE : Yep he transfered because the team he was with SUCKED....
  2. https://youtu.be/3CAmD8BAqG0 Tom Jones has left the building
  3. Not trolling....Was just pointing out that with all the "down on the AAC" talk, this does not help that we will not put a team in a NY6 bowl game. And honestly, I would be rooting for USF, just to see a team represent our conf. on Jan 1. And get the addition revenue. Said a million times "the tide rises all ships" this is how our P6 claim gets legitimized.
  4. A UCF loss puts a Boise State / Fresno team in the Fiesta, does NOTHING for the conference, Memphis just goes the less crappy bowl that pays a mete pitance.but, because the AAC does bowl revenue sharing, we all get screwed out of an addition 6 million in our AAC coffer. And lets face it, the $ is what this is really about.
  5. "True story: A local Dunkin’ Donuts in Tampa earlier this week was running a promotion in which any USF fan simply had to stop by and say “Go Bulls” in order to receive two free tickets to Friday’s War on I-4. How embarrassing. Can you imagine going into a doughnut shop and having this conversation with the guy behind the counter: “I’ll have two of the Vanilla Frosting with Sprinkles, two of the French Crullers, two of the Strawberry Frosted, two of the Chocolate Glazed and — Go Bulls, Go Bulls, Go Bulls — six USF tickets, please." -sentinal Part of me wants to laugh but, every true and honest fan knows programs ebb and flow. Once dominant teams fall from grace and have to rebuild. And obscure programs build and and climb, we are climbing but leave no doubt USF day is coming, it's Florida for gods sake, its inevitable. Hey aren't you glad none of us are S.Miss or Marshall.
  6. Yes, I had forgotten about the Houston game...my bad
  7. It took the FLORIDA GATORS nearly 100 years just to win a CONFERENCE title, They will NEVER see us as their equals...Hell, they don't see teams in their OWN conference as their EQUALS now (Vandy ,Kentucky, Mizzou)...They were the (yawn)team on the SEC schedule back in the day of Alabama,LSU, Georgia, Auburn ..Miss State, Tennessee ETC. They didn't even have a real rivalry (Ga beat UF 25 of the first 30 years). So much so, they created a rivalry with an (UPSTART) in state "Girls school" in Tallahassee, winning 16 of the first 20. So I do believe in the court of public opinion a USF/UCF will get MAD respect eventually. We are a FLORIDA football base, its not like we're in Idaho or N. Dakota, The WAR ON I4 is a huge part of that, each of us has to hold our end of the bargain and be ranked year in and year out, So yes I DO root for USF in non UCF games. In a perfect P5 world they don't even want to play non P5 schools, their was an internal memo encouraging teams to schedule OOC games with other P5 Schools just to keep the revenue "In the family" so to speak. And that makes UCF's point...P5 will NEVER be "FAIR" so you poke them in the eye PROCLAIMING yourself National Champs.
  8. CARTEL: 1: a written agreement between belligerent nations (conferences) 2: a combination of independent commercial or industrial enterprises designed to limit competition or fix prices 3: a combination of political groups for common action OK By pure definition the CFP is a Cartel,there are 130 teams listed as FBS, however at the beginning of the season only 65 are told they have a chance at the Big Dance. Silly, Cute, GOOD, BAD or indifferent. what UCF is doing HAS to be done... cracking the FBS wall, Sure we are the first, so we will get ridiculed the most, WHY ? that's what CARTELS do. they go into protective mode. Each P5 conference gets roughly $85 million(Not to mention stipends and recruiting exemptions non P5 schools are not afforded) that's more than the non p5 get combined, USF has a real and legitimate chance of being in the same exact situation in the VERY near future. There are only a handful of ELITE non p5 schools, USF is one of them. So in the next 3 to 5 years when you go UNDEFEATED and have beaten the likes of a (hopefully) ranked UCF, HOUSTON, MEMPHIS ETC,and a legit OOC opponent.Then go on to win your BOWL game (NOT IN THE CFP) The NCAA fan base and the p5 will hear "HERE WE GO AGAIN" and eventually the wall cracks further until the CFP is fair, and opened to ALL football conferences. The ONLY reason ALABAMA was eventually National Champs is because ALABAMA was given an OPPORTUNITY to be NATIONAL CHAMPS to add to their SELF PROCLAIMED titles. All these parades and banners are not for the NCAA, CFP, ESPN or any other entity outside the UCF FANBASE ,(the single most IMPORTANT aspect of any program) UCF fans are having FUN...celebrating an outstanding achievement, So keep up the bitter banter, but know this, if you believe in your team you know YOU will be in this very same situation in the VERY NEAR FUTURE. And any REAL UCF and FOOTBALL fan will know YOU EARNED IT AND DESERVE IT ! YOU were 1 Game,( 7 points !) from being in this EXACT same situation.
  9. Keep in mind that all of this money goes to the conference, not to the team playing in the game. Most conferences split it equally between all 12-14 teams with an equal share also going to the conference office (although some give a bonus to the team participating in the game). Keep in mind the AAC gets 12 million base payout from CFP bowl revenue. regardless of payout in personal team payouts we want ALL AAC teams to got to higher payout bowls and win of course.
  10. ATHLON 2017 PRESEASON PREDICTION 1. USF’s Run to an Undefeated Regular Season Selecting USF as the American Athletic champion for 2017 was one of the easier picks during Athlon’s prediction meetings. The Bulls won 18 games over the last two seasons and returns much of that core this fall. Leading the way is senior quarterback Quinton Flowers, who should be a dark horse Heisman contender after accounting for 42 total scores in 2016. Flowers will have a new backfield mate after running back Marlon Mack left for the NFL, but the Bulls have a couple of talented options, including redshirt freshman Elijah Mack and senior D’Ernest Johnson. New coach Charlie Strong should help a defense that surrendered 31.6 points a game last fall. USF returns nine starters on this side of the ball, including standout tackles Deadrin Senat and Bruce Hector, along with linebacker Auggie Sanchez. The Bulls are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball and could be favored in all 12 regular season games. Even if this team stumbles once in conference play, USF should be the top Group of 5 program in 2017. AND THEY ALSO HAD: Q.Flowers as Offensive Player of the Year. Everything they predicted for you, UCF took from you. Root for us or against us, doesn't matter. I will say this, I ALWAYS root for USF in non-conference match-ups , The tide rises all ships.
  11. SBNation has USF at FAU for the Boca Raton Bowl, and UCF at the Cotton Bowl vs TCU. BryBull1970 I like your picks MUCH better. I would much rather see a FSU/USF matchup, USF would destroy a weak FSU team this year, would be great for legitimizing the conference much moreso than a FAU victory. And Military bowl payout is one million, $600,000 more than Boca at $400,000 each team. The Boca Bowl is going to be a farce regardless of who plays, it will more or less be just another FAU home Game (yawn). UCF in the Peach vs GA. would be much more enticing than Cotton vs TCU. UCF is 1-0 against GA in Bowl games. (1-2 all time) Both games are $6 million dollar payouts plus addition travel money (2 million or so) so financially its a wash.
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