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  1. Don’t you think the step back that you see is because of the OL play. There are no holes or creases created, not even on the backside which is where they are supposed to be in this offense. I’m sure you and many of the countless experts on this site know that of course. Much like Barnett’s internal clock is racing because he is not comfortable with that OL and KB would not call quick game while he was in. If Cronk bounces outside, which he has started to, there is nothing there because the OL do not climb and the WRs don’t block. But yeah putting a different back there would make a difference. GTFOH.
  2. I wonder how much of that hitch is because of his uncertainty
  3. Not here realistically because there has never been a legitimate OL over the last few seasons.
  4. It really doesn’t matter who the QB is when WRs are dropping passes and cutting off routes. Then add the horrendous line play from getting beat to the numerous false start penalties because they are too slow to get out of their stance. Go ahead and put a RS freshman out there against Ga Tech who has a really good secondary and a coach that is going to blitz the crap out of USF on Saturday. Let’s see how quick you all will be calling for who ever the walk on is behind McCloud.
  5. Compared to last year this UW team is healthy and now with a better QB. The QB started the last 5 games I believe last season and he is gaining more confidence in their offense. They have a lot of speed at WR, a good TE and a running game that never stops. If their D can stay healthy they will be competing for a Big 10 title
  6. I think these were fair breakdowns which shows the potential of the offense. The concepts are there unlike last year. Blake put in a lot of work this off season working on his mechanics. I’m not sure how much of that will help with the mental part of the game. My issue with him is that he seems to be late on a lot of his reads/throws. Hopefully when they watch film this week he can correct that.
  7. Barnett did not give up in the second half, the OL and WRs did. The WRs stopped running their routes. St Felix always hesitates after catching anything other than a go route which leads to zero YAC. Miller is not ready to play D1. This OL just may be the worst in division 1. Hampton’s play changes the grade of the CBS to an F.
  8. I would say 2. UM wanted both Barnett and Cronk during their transfer times and after what I saw and knowing the UM staff like I do, they would be.
  9. I find it funny that Cronk is considered top 20 draft eligible, 6th round grade for last draft with 3-4th round potential with a complete season this year but couldn’t make the Doak Walker award watch list.
  10. That may be tough considering he was given a third day grade for this past draft.
  11. For CCS what’s at stake this season is him being a legitimate HC or just a good coordinator. For Bell if the offense doesn’t work then it shows he’s not ready for D1 ball. For some players draft status is at stake. Many realized that the 6 game skid did affect draft grades. For USF football, relevancy is at stake. Many other non P5 schools are as relevant if not more than some P5 schools.
  12. I’ve shared this with Jordan and his parents. His dad said he was super proud and he’s happy that Jordan made that day for the family. I’ve known Jordan and his family forever and can tell you this is just how they are everyday of the week. I will share Jordan’s response once he gets back to me.
  13. There’s numerous reasons why a kid would choose P5 over a G5 school. Most kids, especially in Florida want to play against the best, and in order to do that you go to the SEC. they also want to play in front of 80,000 and up whether at home or on the road. Also the NFL looks at your competition that you played against and takes that into account. Every now and then you get an Ed Oliver but for the most part those types are few and far between. These are some of the things that kids consider when making their choice. You could go on and on. Being P5 makes a difference.
  14. If it wasn’t for that red jersey, the training staff would have been really busy with the QBs during the spring game due to how awful that O line is.
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