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  1. You aren’t the only one leaving. With the players that I am close with Leaving along with the relationship that I had with CCS from coaching, I am also leaving this site. I am debating on whether I should tell a few stories or answer any questions those may have from the last 3 seasons.
  2. Johnny already has had people try and reach out to bigger programs and schools are not interested in him. for those that are surprised about this realize he is 5’5 and quick but not very fast and you also add the fact that he is a walking headache for a HC and just not worth it. Expect him to see how spring goes with the new OC before he really makes a determination.
  3. Johnny is a smart kid contrary to his actions. He knows exactly what he was doing with that tweet. what if I told you Johnny has been off of suspension for 4 weeks and chose to not play those games because that’s how pissed with Strong he is.
  4. Check my record. Everything I have posted on here has only been facts and never opinion. Fords been practicing all week and will play Friday. Now does that change his plans for the off season, Johnny is a day to day kid so you never know. I do know that he really hates Strong contrary to what people think.
  5. Please stop with the “they must have gave up on the season” crap. Both of these guys are really injured. Sands shoulder keeps popping out of place from just walking and Cronk has a serious injury as well. I spoke with Cronks dad last night and he told me Jordan is extremely upset that he is injured because he didn’t want to go out like this. Him sitting out isn’t about the NFL or anything, he wants to play and even begged the Drs to allow him to.
  6. To be completely honest a house cleaning is in order. Both CCS and KB have made horrible coaching decisions. It was KB who came up with the brillian idea of having Atterbury play LT. The OL faired better after they moved Jennings to LT but they weren’t great. KB swore up and down this was going to work. I can tell you it did not work in practice. In all fairness to KB, his system is not bad at all, the issue is he has no feel for play calling. For those that wondered why he was at Valdosta St and Jacksonville U is because his play calling is horrible. Those aren’t my words, those are words from HCs that he interviewed with over time. Strong gets the most blame for panicking and going with McCloud when he did. If BB starts the games McCould did, there’s three more wins for this team maybe more. like I said, clean house
  7. For those that participate in the predictions, don’t bet on Cronk or Sands as the leading rusher. just a little inside knowledge for you all.
  8. Yes he is. He has said that he will be transferring in the off season. I don’t buy him transferring because P5 schools are not interested in him.
  9. I’ve seen him throw in practice over the last two years and it looks about the same. I really wish they allowed reporters to view more practice or open a few practices to the public. He has always had accuracy issues.
  10. In practice he is horrible. Please stop looking at garbage time to decide if a player looks good or not. But wait that’s what most people saw of McCloud and not how he stinks it up in practice week in and week out and we’re screaming for him to be the starter.
  11. McCloud is not injured. His ego is severely bruised but that’s it. Please don’t be surprised that he’s starting because the walk on is that bad.
  12. The walk on is horrible. Regardless they have no choice because players are acting as if they are hurt while others are fighting through injuries all because they are struggling
  13. I am telling you he is not hurt. I know for a fact.
  14. Please stop with the hurt talk. He is not injured. This is who he is. The staff knew it and are bringing up injuries to make JM feel better about the situation so he doesn’t think it’s all his fault. Cecil, Macon, Mitch and Cronk are just as banged up as JM if not worse and you don’t here that being brought up as an excuse
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