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  1. I’ve seen him throw in practice over the last two years and it looks about the same. I really wish they allowed reporters to view more practice or open a few practices to the public. He has always had accuracy issues.
  2. In practice he is horrible. Please stop looking at garbage time to decide if a player looks good or not. But wait that’s what most people saw of McCloud and not how he stinks it up in practice week in and week out and we’re screaming for him to be the starter.
  3. McCloud is not injured. His ego is severely bruised but that’s it. Please don’t be surprised that he’s starting because the walk on is that bad.
  4. The walk on is horrible. Regardless they have no choice because players are acting as if they are hurt while others are fighting through injuries all because they are struggling
  5. I am telling you he is not hurt. I know for a fact.
  6. Please stop with the hurt talk. He is not injured. This is who he is. The staff knew it and are bringing up injuries to make JM feel better about the situation so he doesn’t think it’s all his fault. Cecil, Macon, Mitch and Cronk are just as banged up as JM if not worse and you don’t here that being brought up as an excuse
  7. For everyone pouncing on KB please realize it wasn’t his choice to swap McCloud in place of Barnett. BB has his issues but he completes at least 50% of the balls that JM has missed. That was Strongs panicked choice to make that change along with calling a timeout in a blowout to get BB injured for nothing. He also did not try and stop Kean or Oladuken or at least have a conversation with them. The staff knew BB wouldn’t last a season and wanted one of those two to stay. They knew JM was not the goods.
  8. McCloud didn’t go to the coaches and say go with the run. After a horrible pass by McCloud one of the RBs told strong as he was coming off the field Give me the **** ball. JM was in agreement that he was struggling. Thats what happened without the curse words that were used.
  9. For those asking for more of Sands, please realize there is a reason he gets the amount of touches that he does. He is extremely limited. Do you think he has just been held back the last 4 years and is finally getting a chance to play and this is always who he has been? It’s funny some are saying Cronk only plays well against bad teams, then what does that make of Sands? This is an idiotic topic but the OP is allowed to have an opinion so I understand. Most of you do not really understand what you are watching on the field.
  10. No. He broke the rule that most college kids do. Problem is it was the second time which comes with a longer suspension. There was talk of an appeal but I don’t think much will come from that.
  11. Please realize it’s not the staffs call on this, it’s the school making the call.
  12. I know some of you are really excited about this kid and I understand. Please temper your expectations for him and realize that the WR corps is so weak that a walk on is starting. At least Until he is consistent against every team as opposed to FCS teams.
  13. There was no portal when Cronkrite left UF. I find it funny that you say he is afraid of contact. You obviously don’t pay attention to how he finishes runs but I’m sure you all do considering how many of you actually coach for a living.
  14. Barnett is being professional because he knows the limitations of the offensive line and there will come a moment in time where McCloud will sh@t the bed and he will have to step in and play.
  15. Don’t you think the step back that you see is because of the OL play. There are no holes or creases created, not even on the backside which is where they are supposed to be in this offense. I’m sure you and many of the countless experts on this site know that of course. Much like Barnett’s internal clock is racing because he is not comfortable with that OL and KB would not call quick game while he was in. If Cronk bounces outside, which he has started to, there is nothing there because the OL do not climb and the WRs don’t block. But yeah putting a different back there would make a difference. GTFOH.
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