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  1. There’s numerous reasons why a kid would choose P5 over a G5 school. Most kids, especially in Florida want to play against the best, and in order to do that you go to the SEC. they also want to play in front of 80,000 and up whether at home or on the road. Also the NFL looks at your competition that you played against and takes that into account. Every now and then you get an Ed Oliver but for the most part those types are few and far between. These are some of the things that kids consider when making their choice. You could go on and on. Being P5 makes a difference.
  2. If it wasn’t for that red jersey, the training staff would have been really busy with the QBs during the spring game due to how awful that O line is.
  3. This is the time of year where the coaches have very little interaction with the team. The strength staff, GAs and some assistant position coaches are the ones who are around. Majority of the offense has already been issued so to say but hasn’t had much practical application at this point. Everything looks good and unstoppable on the white board at this time of year.
  4. If they get the passing game going the way Bell has told me he wants, you will see 4-5 WRs getting many touches which may limit who will have a break out year. What this will do is only have 5- 6 in the box and with the running scheme that will be used, Cronkrite may have a monster year. Bell gave me his expectation for him which I will not repeat but let’s just say it’s a lofty goal.
  5. For USF it’s fair because of the O line and defensive issues
  6. His 3 cone was not good and I am a little skeptical about him running a 4.5. That was not the time that was mentioned to me or what I saw. Tyre never dedicated himself to being in shape and working on his craft and it shows in his workouts. For a kid blessed with so much natural ability, it’s a shame.
  7. He may have lost a few pounds but he still ran poorly. He was complaining of a leg issue afterwards. Regardless 15lbs is not enough weight loss for him.
  8. From what I’ve seen of the few installments of the new offense, there is reason to be excited. The offense knows they have to score and Bell told the team he wants to average 60 a game. The concepts are difficult and much different than what a lot of these kids are used to but if they can grasp them, they will definitely keep defenses guessing. it will come down to a word that many people think is just an excuse or cop out. Execution.
  9. Don’t. What do I know. I’m just giving such specifics that how could I make any of this up.
  10. The team has 4 RBs for spring. Sands, Small and Cherry (moved from DB) and another one whose last name starts with an S. Fords future is brighter at slot than RB plus the staff would rather have him and Cronk on the field at the same time. Cronk is the featured back and he pushed through his injury for awhile and now that it’s fixed, they are expecting him to thrive in this offense and Sands to spell him during the season.
  11. Ford is playing slot. He’s not even in the RB meetings anymore. Also Norris is playing LB. you will see Sands and Small at RB this spring
  12. It’s not even close. Battle and Mccloud are nowhere near ready. You all though Kean and Oloduken were bad, they were head and shoulders better than the freshman. They both need to mature physically and mentally. Let’s hope Barnett can make it through the first few games injury free.
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