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  1. Just wanted to share that Quinton Flowers and Jordan Cronkrite will be playing in The Spring League beginning October 27th.
  2. I was there for his 40 and it was legit. I’ve tried to post the video but it is too large. The only reason the NFL hasn’t accepted his time because there wasn’t an NFL rep there which they didn’t know until afterward. From the Steelers scouts, 2 of them had him listed as a 6th round pick as a one dimensional player since he wasn’t used in the passing game his two years at USF or on special teams. The third scout had him as a priority FA. The issue is the intensity grade (medical + off field). USF reported 3 major injuries including a knee injury which put his intensity grade as 3.2. Anything over 2.5 is a red flag. just wanted to share what teams really say and go by and not what these services that many value but don’t know crap.
  3. I didn’t take it as a slight at all. I am upset with USF and how they have conducted themselves with certain players. The families of high school players that I am associated with have taken note as well.
  4. The scouts don’t know it was misinformation so teams sought out more information. USF has not answered back many requests from NFL teams over the last few months, not just about Cronk but Barnett as well. This has left many teams not even signing him let alone drafting because of all uncertainty about the player and the season coming up. Sad part is once he is brought in and makes a team, USF will promote that as if they had something to do with it but when the player needed the school there was no love then. Gotta love a second rate football program.
  5. Cronk wasn’t drafted because of misinformation put out by USF on his medical history so teams want to see him in person. If he would’ve had a pro day he would’ve been a day 3 pick. These are words straight from NFL scouts and coaches
  6. He is not out of eligibility and was granted an additional year. He did not sign with an agent so he is in a position to see which is the best scenario for him. There have been a lot of conversations between him and the new coaching staff and administration
  7. Barnett has kept his options open and Weiss was with him at Alabama. Let’s see how things play out.
  8. There is a very good chance that he is the starting QB for USF this fall.
  9. Both watches were in the 4.3 range but I think they had a fast thumb. Either way he ran really well. From the feedback from his agent, that time may sneak him back into the last two rounds. Mitch really should have made the drive over because because his stock has fallen considerably
  10. Thought I would share. Cronkrite and his team put on a pro day along with a couple of local players in the Miami area. Blake and Mitch did not want to drive down. Brett Kean threw for Cronk. I was trying to post the video of his 40 but it was too large. He ran twice and the first was a 4.48 and the second was faster. I had it at 4.40 but the two timers had it faster than that.
  11. Just wanted to share with the board what the draft eligible players are trying to do since their pro day has been cancelled. They are trying to conduct their own pro day and have it professionally videotaped. It was supposed to be Monday but there is no longer a field that can be used in Tampa. Barnett and Cronk are pretty much leading this to get done. Cronk has the field he trains on in Miami and it looks like that is where they may do this but I don’t expect all of the draft eligible players to make it to Miami for this.
  12. You aren’t the only one leaving. With the players that I am close with Leaving along with the relationship that I had with CCS from coaching, I am also leaving this site. I am debating on whether I should tell a few stories or answer any questions those may have from the last 3 seasons.
  13. Johnny already has had people try and reach out to bigger programs and schools are not interested in him. for those that are surprised about this realize he is 5’5 and quick but not very fast and you also add the fact that he is a walking headache for a HC and just not worth it. Expect him to see how spring goes with the new OC before he really makes a determination.
  14. Johnny is a smart kid contrary to his actions. He knows exactly what he was doing with that tweet. what if I told you Johnny has been off of suspension for 4 weeks and chose to not play those games because that’s how pissed with Strong he is.
  15. Check my record. Everything I have posted on here has only been facts and never opinion. Fords been practicing all week and will play Friday. Now does that change his plans for the off season, Johnny is a day to day kid so you never know. I do know that he really hates Strong contrary to what people think.
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