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  1. I’ve been asked not to give out the names of the players or the coach that was let go
  2. I wasn’t speaking of transfers, but kids let go from the team. The number is larger than expected
  3. There are some changes coming on the staff and players being let go. Very surprising by some of the names.
  4. Then you don’t really know RBs if that’s your opinion.
  5. These players are around these coaches day in and day out so they have a pretty good idea who knows their stuff and who doesn’t. When you have some players with abilities that can get them to the next level, they don’t want to go through another year of what they just did. They need someone proven.
  6. It would be in the teams best interest to bring in an experienced play caller. King does not have that experience that this team needs. Plus there are some players on that side of the ball that would rather it not be King.
  7. It was actually a nerve issue in his shoulder which I have been told is very serious in regards to him playing again
  8. 7overlord

    Players transferring out...

    Wilcox will most likely be back. Too many injury questions about him.
  9. 7overlord

    Players transferring out...

    King makes many of the personnel calls during a game and is normally on board with every call Gilbert makes.
  10. 7overlord

    Players transferring out...

    OC, line and RB coach need to go. Those are the three truly holding back this offense.
  11. 7overlord

    Players transferring out...

    There is going to be a lot of talk before the bowl game of guys leaving the team as well as the draft eligible guys submitting their paperwork for grades. Cronkrite is leaning at entering and Barnett wants to see his grade as well. Its a very toxic environment right now with this team. To really ease the thoughts of some of these guys leaving, you have to replace the entire offensive staff.
  12. I find that is the case with many of the people on this board.
  13. Do you realize if Cronk doesn’t get his ankle rolled up in practice before game 1 you wouldn’t have seen Bell against Elon and Tech. There is a huge difference in talent between the two. Bell is a second string back at best.
  14. Before the UConn game a certain respected player went to him about the offense.
  15. Strongs main issue is he has taken zero responsibility for the offense. He has preached about wanting to run the ball but that is not what Gilbert wants to do. Players went to strong asking for certain things within the offense and his reply was Coach Gilbert calls the offense, it is what it is. That from a coach who really wants a P5 job next year.