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  1. It’s not even close. Battle and Mccloud are nowhere near ready. You all though Kean and Oloduken were bad, they were head and shoulders better than the freshman. They both need to mature physically and mentally. Let’s hope Barnett can make it through the first few games injury free.
  2. SG did have total control of the offense. I think I shared this already but in the middle of the season a player went to CCS asking to have 7 specific plays that were in the playbook included in the game plan and called. His reply was I have no say on what plays are called or personnel that is used on that side of the ball. Bring it up with SG.
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    Transferring players

    In terms of transfers, an O lineman from Alabama that USF was trying to transfer in has decided to head to Illinois. Many were expecting him to land here.
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    The players saw what was going on and it caused some issues. There was more going on than what was reported. After the UCF game, I was standing next to Cronks dad and Barnett walked up to him and apologized for having to watch what the staff was doing to his son. He admitted while playing he never noticed because he was in the game but watching from the sideline he couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing.
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    I coached him and am close with his dad
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    Just some insight to his decision. He sat down with Strong and Strong made his case in asking him to come back and also gave the same feedback Cronk was given that a good combine jumps his stock to 4th round but coming back for another good year, where he is properly utilized, puts him in the 3-4 round range with a good 40. Strong did admit to him and apologized about how he was utilized and what took place the last 6 games.Cronk also had a conversation with Bell.
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    If I recall, he ran 4.51 at The Opening so with training he should be running the same.
  9. Juniors get a range from their lowest grade to highest. You are correct that anything after second round they suggest to return to school. Many juniors talk with agents, which is completely allowed since there are no agreements, and these agents speak directly with representatives from teams and get the feedback. I would bet on him coming back due to the last 6 games of the year. It’s funny how coaches trying to prove something can cost a player positioning like this.
  10. He received a sixth round grade with feedback. Basically there are questions about what happened the last 6 games of the season when the team went away from him. Teams see the correlation which took place. Wilcox received a 5th round grade. Both would like to improve their stock by coming back but the direction of the offense is key.
  11. Great an OL that averages 300+ lbs but can’t block for crap. Sawtelle is done. Wilcox and Cronkrite are most likely gone. Strong wants to meet with them next week before they make a final decision.
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    Transferring players

    From how Battle and McCloud were in practice this year, they both need a lot of maturing. That was the main factor why they did not play at all. One of them needs to take the next step this off season.
  13. No rumor mill here tough guy. Anything I have ever put on this site have been facts straight from the team.
  14. Just from you saying that Norman and Atterbury had their moments tells me what you really know about O line play. Game in and game out they were getting their stuff pushed in by players that were not very good. The transfer from Va Tech, don’t hold your breath on him. I didn’t mention him because there’s not much there. There’s talk of a grad transfer lineman from Bama thinking about coming to USF but he has had second thoughts after feedback from current players. But I’m sure you are well aware of this big guy.
  15. The O line was a major weakness for USF this past season and bringing back the same players does not make it a strength for next season. The O line is a major concern of returning players on offense. Maybe a new scheme will help them out but I wouldn’t hold my breath.