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  1. @bulls2saintleo fair point. It’s not an authentic USF licensed jersey. Most memorabilia companies that sell signed college jerseys don’t typically use college branded jerseys (guessing they would have to pay for licensing deals and what not). Im also guessing that since authentic (Sewn on letters/numbers) college jerseys (at least for USF) aren’t usually for sale they do this. When it’s mounted in a frame you can’t see the college logos anyway. When Quinton left USF he likely got a deal with companies to sign jerseys/helmets/pics in bulk. If you look online for these jerseys you will see all of them are like this (unless you find a one off who got a hold of an actual USF jersey for him to sign).
  2. All, Im looking to trade my signed green Quinton Flowers jersey. Jersey has JSA authentication. Would be interested in full size helmets, player signed jerseys, or any other cool USF items/memorabilia you may be willing to trade. I am also a Lightning fan so I’d be interested in lightning memorabilia. Willing to entertain all reasonable offers. I already have a signed white and green Flowers jersey so this is an extra I have. Hoping to find it a good home! I could do an exchange in the Tampa area. See attached photos. The posting wouldn’t allow me to post additional photos but I can send more to anyone interested. Go Bulls!
  3. I’m speechless. They better fix this. This is an embarrassment. They were supposed to fix our branding issues by making it more uniform but instead we are now the Merrill Lynch Neon Bulls. The academic logo and the athletic logo should at the very least incorporate the same colors (PREFERABLY OUR SCHOOL COLORS!!) I thought the old academic logo was fine (It at least follows what most universities have). Seems like Judy and the board fell in love with the unstoppable campaign colors and decided to start incorporating it everywhere. Maybe if it was our traditional green I’d feel a little better about this. The first introduction most people have to USF is through athletics so this is just confusing. Please someone on this thread have the pull or brains to start some sort of petition to fight this. Alumni, students, and fans do not want this. Does anyone here like this?! ps: I won’t even get deep into the confusion between USF and South Florida. I really don’t even think that was an issue/problem until they made it an issue by going back and forth saying they want uniformity. Most schools have that confusion. You don’t see a big debate about FSU vs Florida State or UGA vs Georgia etc etc etc
  4. 1) South Florida 2) 31-24 3) Cronkite 4) St. Felix 5) 492 Blake Barnett continues to roll and throws a late game touchdown to seal it. Cronkite makes solid debut and rushes for over 100 yards. Defense struggles with GA Tech run game but keeps us in it with a couple turnovers. Fans blame 12 pm start time for not going to the game and the mediocre turnout. Joey knight reports the turnout.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for looking and sharing! I want them all lol Also, I haven’t been able to find a mini helmet with the original logo (think we wore those from 97-02). If you ever come across that one let me know!
  6. Hey guys! Hoping you can help me out. Have you all ever seen this white helmet for sale in mini helmet form? I collect mini helmets but haven’t been able to find this one. It’s the helmet we broke out for the st. Pete bowl against Memphis.
  7. Good! I’m so sick of only being able to purchase overpriced Under Armour dry fit material shirts. Might finally be able to find a cotton shirt LOL
  8. Probably 25k and we’d blame it on thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping lol
  9. Still proud to be a bull! Screw the knights. But congrats to them. Great conferences are built on rivalries and games like this. This is the first group of 5 game I’ve ever watched that had that p5 rivalry high stakes feel (if not better). Glad ucf filled the stadium to make it look great on tv. This game lived up to the hype. The outcome was just not what we were hoping for. Let’s get em next yr!!
  10. I’m convinced Tyre McCants is the greatest Usf WR of all time!
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