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  1. Can't cheer for Campbell because they were the game that went over the USF vs. Citadel kickoff last week and made us miss the kickoff on ESPN... I vowed to never cheer for the Camels after that
  2. i'm sure CJS has something up his sleeve. The real question is, which QB throws said long ball and actually completes it?
  3. and supplemented by a complete lack of defense and insanely high score lines haha... what a time
  4. I'm excited for the team to get a chance to play a top 10 team. My expectations are very low, and all I hope for is a physical game on defense and up-tempo speed on offense.
  5. this can't be a QB discussion without some honorable mention of Jah'Quez Evans at wildcat
  6. I love Coach Scott's energy. Maybe someone else can also relate, but I felt really confident with him on the sideline even when some plays didn't go our way. The players buy into him and want to play with passion and energy. I love seeing CJS dance rather than seeing Charlie Strong stand with his arms crossed watching his team fall apart.
  7. No clue how Gilbert landed this coordinating job after even a mediocre season at McNeese. He is an ineffective game manager that allows for failure by sacks/tackles for loss. 'Cuse fans are in for a horrible season, at least the USF/Texas fan base can warn them about what is coming...
  8. Good: defense had energy and stopped the run very well, secondary showed up mostly when needed, the RB backfield is dangerous, and we have WR's that can catch the ball Bad: McCloud's vision in the pocket when it collapses (credit due for the first TD throw) Ugly: the kicker.
  9. I was really hoping for the military bowl against an ACC opponent, or at least a post christmas bowl game such as the Liberty bowl. It's weird how Memphis and Navy are staying home. Regardless, I hope we have a great turnout at this game to support Q in his final 4 quarters as a bull. See you there!
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