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  1. I've been to almost every home game. (Even the Florida College one) and I always try to bring as many as I can, I am hoping that we have a nice showing. Post-season basketball is a privilege that, especially for USF, we historically have not gotten that often.
  2. I will always for the rest of this season go into games expecting a win. at Houston will of course be extremely difficult but I will have belief entering every game for the rest of the regular season and postseason. I will take any postseason basketball for the extra practice time and the extra game(s) but I see scenarios where we get into the tourney this year. Next year we will have the deepest back-court in the conference. I remember early in the season some people were saying Dawson would come in and be the starter over Rideau... But at this point Dawson seems like he will be stuck in a 6th man role, and we have Casteneda who is improving every game. Let's be excited for basketball, I just wish others on campus had the same enthusiasm as I do, lol.
  3. There are 8 teams, ORL, Phoenix, Salt Lake, Memphis, San Antonio, Atlanta, Birmingham, and San Diego
  4. Yeah this is what I remember happening, Daniels was originally on the Orlando Roster.
  5. The Apollos also had BJ Daniels until he was selected by the Salt Lake City team in the AAF QB Draft. Don't know the rules of why he was able to be selected, I think teams were able to either protect or select someone, I am not exactly sure.
  6. I have made it to all the men's home basketball games and make a strong effort to go to all the women's games (only missed the last one due to watching the men's game vs. Georgetown) and always try to bring my roommates to the games. I am very much looking forward to this season for both the men's and women, and even more excited to see where CBG takes this program. I personally believe this team has the talent to make the tournament as early as next season if this team can continue to grow together.
  7. Have our conferences other "G5" opponents worn them as well?
  8. If we keep winning (and don't stop), no matter how ugly, it'll mean a conference championship and probably a NY6 birth (even if it is super stressful and annoying to watch these ugly wins against teams we feel as though we should be killing)
  9. It will never happen but the dream scheduling would be to add a home/home or 2 for 1 against FSU for 2019/2020/other future year if not home/home. 2019 being away, 2020 being home, 2025 for ex. away
  10. USF 56-17 (Offense and Defense both put together complete games and dominate) Horne (Probably gonna be Cronkrite but maybe a couple big jet sweeps can get it for him with our backfield rotating heavily) St. Felix (Blake Barnett's favorite target thus far) 575
  11. USF 56-17 (This may be a little ambitious but I really think this team is going to build off the comeback from last week and put together a full performance plus I do not think Illinois is very good) Bell (would not be surprised to see Barnett lead again since we use so many RBs and he has been smart with his scrambling) McCants 523
  12. Bentlee Sanders seems like the perfect guy to be the safety that takes away the pitch.
  13. Vivonetto was not very convincing to me. He did enough Saturday but I do not want to see a 40+ yard FG attempt from any of our kickers.
  14. They don't have to make it a full out athletic pep-rally, but wouldn't it be easy enough for athletics to have a small video or something to showcase another side of this great University and to build up some potential hype within the incoming class?
  15. Very glad to hear this, have always wanted him to win this battle (although I think it is more important to have the best guy obviously) due to his hard work and being the main backup for the last couple years.
  16. Can attest that PG county is not a good area, and really hoping he wasn't in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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