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  1. An on campus stadium is definitely exciting, but just having it exist doesn't solve the root of the problem. What good does having a very nice on campus basketball arena do for student attendance? It's a step in the right direction but there are deeper cultural issues with the USF student fanbase that need to be resolved as well.
  2. Never pick the other team as the winner so... USF 27 - 21 Felix Miller 375
  3. USF 38-35 (last second game winning chip shot FG) Brian Battie but only marginally think we see all 3 backs a decent amount Bryce Miller (He will get a lot of targets, but I'm interested to see how often Horn gets targeted) 458 (237 passing, 221 rushing between the 3 backs plus Cade keeping for a rushing TD)
  4. USF 9 Murphy 17 (Collins will be close with 15) Yetna 11 67%
  5. Ah fair enough. The video definitely seemed a bit dated. Good to know we are teaching the most up to date information
  6. Found this out during a data communications class at USF this year, but we actually house a backup data facility at Clemson. Not that, that has anything to do with anything. Just thought it was a funny coincidence.
  7. Your point on Sanders and Roberts could be accurate, I think Sanders can help on Special Teams.... however Mike Hampton should be starting opposite Sails and has the eye of some pro scouts. He is probably our best cover guy even with Sails, although it is probably very close. Hampton might not get a ton of picks but if QBs throw his way he will get a lot of deflections.
  8. USF 48 - 24 (We get one pick 6 and one special teams TD and start out the season on fire and get our fan-base extremely hype) Barnett (everyone is picking Cronk... it probably will be Cronk...) St. Felix (but Ford and Wilcox both have more receptions) 513
  9. Well I can almost guarantee that if we return two kickoffs for TDs this season we will win the game.
  10. I've been to almost every home game. (Even the Florida College one) and I always try to bring as many as I can, I am hoping that we have a nice showing. Post-season basketball is a privilege that, especially for USF, we historically have not gotten that often.
  11. I will always for the rest of this season go into games expecting a win. at Houston will of course be extremely difficult but I will have belief entering every game for the rest of the regular season and postseason. I will take any postseason basketball for the extra practice time and the extra game(s) but I see scenarios where we get into the tourney this year. Next year we will have the deepest back-court in the conference. I remember early in the season some people were saying Dawson would come in and be the starter over Rideau... But at this point Dawson seems like he will be stuck in a 6th man role, and we have Casteneda who is improving every game. Let's be excited for basketball, I just wish others on campus had the same enthusiasm as I do, lol.
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