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  1. MDBull20

    Well, there's a missed opportunity . . .

    They don't have to make it a full out athletic pep-rally, but wouldn't it be easy enough for athletics to have a small video or something to showcase another side of this great University and to build up some potential hype within the incoming class?
  2. Very glad to hear this, have always wanted him to win this battle (although I think it is more important to have the best guy obviously) due to his hard work and being the main backup for the last couple years.
  3. MDBull20

    Augustus Gilchrist missing

    Can attest that PG county is not a good area, and really hoping he wasn't in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  4. Is there any way to get this bobble head without buying a season ticket?
  5. 1. Matt Grothe (my first sports hero) 2. Dominique Jones 3. Quinton Flowers 4. Kitija Laksa 5. Chris Howard Honorable Mentions: Courtney Williams, Toaralyn Fitzpatrick, George Selvie, Mike Jenkins, JPP, and many others.
  6. MDBull20

    Let's talk about men's bball

    They have the potential to be very good, most likely by season 3 or 4 of CBG but I would not be surprised to see a good run this next season (I predict we finish around .500). David Collins appears to have all the tools to be our star and leader of the foreseeable future, but it is all up to him and the rest of the guys to perform in CBG's system.
  7. MDBull20

    Football: better year?

    As I look at the schedule a few games have me worried (@HOU, playing in Philly in Nov. and obviously UCF), but no game has me legitimately scared. The WR group is arguably the most talented we have had. I trust the coaches to pick the best QB for the job whether it's Barnett, Chris O, or Kean. The HBs: Mack Attack 2.0? and Cronkite. As stated above the O-Line is always important but I believe in the guys we have. I think the defense will be the X-Factor, many important players leaving, but everyone knows how good a defensive coach CCS is and the team is still very talented. I am very optimistic for this season.
  8. MDBull20

    Mack Attack 2.0?

    Marlon Mack when he ran straight through the middle of the entire gnat defense stiff arming guys and holding the ball with one hand and Quinton Flowers hopping around against UConn are two plays I will remember.
  9. MDBull20

    Today’s FB Scrimmage

    From the youtube video it appeared that both were thrown by Kean, however the first one was a tip drill type INT.
  10. MDBull20

    Troy Holston Transferring

    We have a decent core of guys that have been with the team all of this season, some guys who had to sit out such as Rideau and Yetna, in addition to the guys who played Collins (superstar in the making), Justin Brown (good shooter and hard working), Scekic (very tall). The newcomers, the 3 incoming signed plus the Croatian big and possibly one more signing will add extra depth and help round out the team. I think this team will have the talent to be pretty good, but whether or not they achieve all that they can will come down to their chemistry on the court and if Brian Gregory can continue to get these guys to be their best.
  11. You're right, but Buffalo is clearly showing that they are not a double digit seeded team. Their defense and shooting alone should have allowed them to be an 8 or 9 seed. Just another example of the "major" conference bias.
  12. I'm thinking it's more likely they disrespected both teams.
  13. While I agree with you about losing a lot in the locker room. I think the increase in talent will allow us to hover around .500. The growing pains will continue early in the season but with Collins having the key to the offense and having scorers like Rideau and *knock on wood* a healthy Holston, not to mention what appears to be a pretty solid recruiting class. The team will show another year of improvement.
  14. David Collins absolutely outplayed McMurray. It was a wonderful thing to watch from our empty student section.