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    Mark Awmiller Passing

    I'm Mark Awmiller's sister...and his 'Irish Twin', (we were only 11 months apart). since he passed away-I Google him periodically. He was so well liked, respected and missed that it warms my heart to see how many people saw the great person he was, like the USF alums. This is an important message as well as a happy story, below. Here's the important message: Mark was only 55 when he passed away June 14, 2016, from Colon Cancer. Please, if you are 45, at least get a screening kit...if you are 50, get a colonoscopy...your insurance will pay for it, probably with a small copay. It may SAVE YOUR LIFE. Cancer is an ugly, ugly and painful way to die. When you die that young, your parents are likely still alive. There is nothing like being with a Mother who is watching her child die. That scene is excruciating and I've had two brothers die...don't do this to your Mother, spouse or children. Now the happy story: I know most of you saw the highly intelligent and opinionated Mark. I hope you were able to get to know the bright, charming, selfless, and loving brother he was. I never found myself in a position needing his help; however, let me tell you a story that will warm your heart. Mark tried to fight the disease by going to chemo treatments as often, as prescribed. While there, he met a woman receiving treatments and on the same schedule as he was. He found out as they talked over the weeks that she had three children and was cleaning homes as her occupation. He also noticed that she took the bus to and fromthe treatments. One day Mark bought a used car for about $5k,had it checked out, replaced the tires and whatever other items needed to be done to make it as nice and safe for her and her three children, for whatever time she had left. He did not want her to feel 'funny' at their appointments, so he took the car to the Salvation Army and had them give it to her as some sort of prize they said she had won. I miss him terribly and I know who he was...I also like telling that story...I'm sure many USF alumni give back to their communities and I thought you might want to know he did, as well. Thank you for listening and more importantly, getting your screenings and colonoscopies. Sheryl-Mark Awmiller's sister