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  1. The thrill is definitely not gone, I just got my first year of season tickets baby go Bulls!
  2. Vinsanity8404

    Athlon Sports: USF & our opponents

    I just don't get how major sports services keep talking about top teams in our conference being #61 total. Every single year throughout our existence we have multiple teams in the top 25. It's like the people being paid to watch sports aren't watching sports
  3. Vinsanity8404

    MVS first game goes for 5-101-1

    I love me some QF, but imagine if he had Barnett tossing him the ball
  4. How can RBs be so highly ranked when none of them have proven anything, and nobody even shared time with two non NFL backs last year. I'm going WR, DB (I'm extremely high on Thomas and Hoggins) DL, RB, OL, QB, LB
  5. Vinsanity8404

    2018 Schedule: Must See

    In order, its UCF, Ga tech, Houston, Temple, then Cincy and Illinois are meh, and the rest should be snooze fest steam rolls by USF
  6. I think our only lock is Marlon Mack. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who was not a fan of Aaron Lynch
  7. #1 Isn't true, #5 Houston proved it
  8. Vinsanity8404

    Scheduling Philosophy

    I don't know if you've been watching college ball lately, but 3 loss teams with tougher schedules are being ranked above one loss soft schedule teams across the board. Beating SJSU and UMass at home gets us nowhere, and we have seen that. We also saw Houston get #5 from beating Oklahoma. Also we aren't a major program. Go Bulls
  9. Vinsanity8404

    100 days

    As someone who despises baseball, after NBA I watch UFC til football is back. They have a pretty entertaining league
  10. If their schedule was so much better then why did they lose to Auburn when UCF beat them? Were you also the same one saying USF was being cheated out of a respectable ranking? (I'm pretty sure most of us were) If you look at Memphis, they were cheated too. But hey, if you guys choose to have bought out opinions, you're entitled to that. Just know that UCF won it on the field. Bama bought their title.
  11. Old BCS computer rankings has UCF end of the year #1. As a Bulls fan who isn't letting my dislike for UCF get in the way, I congratulate them on their national title. You guys can pat the P5 guys all you want. The absolute fact is UCF went undefeated while playing a comparable schedule. There is nothing that makes Alabama better other than your personal bias. Only one team won it on the field
  12. I was surprised to see the Duke transfers left off the list
  13. Yeah he seems to be a really safe bet. Good hires for football in Taggart and Strong.. relatively weak schedules... Basketballs Antigua was a massive bust. The Jury is still out on Gregory, but he has all the signs of going in the right direction I don't watch other sports... So my take is that he's a guy that isn't going to set us back, but there are other candidates who could do just as well. He seems sensible at least. It's a good move to re sign him
  14. Vinsanity8404

    ESPN: USF 4th best chance to win the AAC

    Please name 4 teams better than them
  15. Vinsanity8404

    ESPN: USF 4th best chance to win the AAC

    I dislike UCF also, but all of you acting like they were not #1, 2, or 3rd best team in the country sound like you're just upset because they were better than us. All things considered, they absolutely have a claim to be national champs. They were undefeated, and beat the team that beat the recognized national champs.