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  1. Ragsdale was great in relief. The pitchers combined for 22 K’s tonight. #dominating
  2. Shane strikes out a record 15 hitters tonight and called it a night with a no-no still going.
  3. I feel like I have done it before. I’m not sure why its happening now
  4. Shane is in usual form. Idk his pitch count but he hasn’t labored at all this game.
  5. So apparently I can’t take a picture on my phone small enough to upload, but, I got great seats and we are having a great start.
  6. Going to get my first live look at the team tonight. Go Bulls!!
  7. Another not so perfect outing for the closer, other than that, great win Bulls.
  8. The return of Stunkle and Genord have given us a pretty solid 2-6 spot in our order. Not saying we can dominate top level pitching like we have some of these lesser teams, but the best will have to be their best to beat us.
  9. He did, I think Sunday starter is a spot we have some real options to try.
  10. Epic fail of a post on my part. But @JTrue is spot on. Upvote for translating for me.
  11. Great start by Stuart. I mentioned this is club but h might be gettingg a look in th Sunday spot soon.
  12. Good win. Great start by Stuart. He might need a look at the Sunday spot soon.
  13. Sandi McLane Dietrich Watching from Moffitt Cancer Hospital as #38 Tyler Dietrich's 20 year old sister is getting her first chemo treatment. He is using baseball as a release. Go Bulls #AlexsaStrong # cancersucks This was posted in the comments for the game. thoughts and prayers to tyler and his family.
  14. I missed what happened to Dietrich. Chin music?
  15. The Eagles have been pretty good in recent years, should be a good test. Mid-weekers are always up for grabs depending on the pitching.
  16. The 3-4-5-6 spots consisting of Villar, Stunkel Jr., Genord and Chatfield combined for nine hits, six runs and four RBI. It was against the Sunday starter, but its still good to see these guys staying hot.
  17. Needed a sweep this weekend, great job Bulls. We may take to what the Rays are doing, third starter by committee.
  18. I think I saw something from last night that suggested he did
  19. I'm starting to wonder Wisley would better as strictly a DH, or late inning reliever.
  20. Yeah, JD, is a little limited range wise and CM would probably better severed there instead of at SS. I think we run into the same problem at SS that we do at CP and there is just not a solid backup to look at. Hopefully CM and AP find ways to put it all together soon. To end on a happy note, how about Dietrich??
  21. Maybe I answered wrong, I chose Dietrich because how much I love how he has been hitting. Wisely being new and playing well is probably a bigger surprise.
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