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  1. I could be wrong, but I think I remember people form ESPN saying that CCS's outing from Texas had more to do the boosters not wanting him and thus not giving him enough time to complete his process. If that's the case, would P5 teams really hold that against him? Considering what else is out there? which after Frost is what? Harsin? idk, I think he will get offered this offseason. LSU, Mizzu, Texas A&M, and Kentucky (a place he succeeded at UL) could all be looking, although A&M might hold his reported relations with Texas high school coaches against him.
  2. If a coach wants to win a National Title he has to go to the P5. The deck for the CFP is just stacked to high against the G5 to get a team in. until the playoff expands and the G5 gets a spot, coaches will continuously leave in search of the grand prize. Attendance and money might keep them here for a few years but we can't expect anything more than one or two years depending on the quality of the coach the demand for them in the P5.
  3. They would hold bigger wins than us, and its not like there aren't one loss teams ahead of us already. Plus beating a reigning and defending Heisman winner can hold some weight in the voting. I think its possible.
  4. This is why I said there was a lot of reasons to end this discussion.
  5. My argument ignores utilization and yours ignores the difference in how much more difficult some positions are. I Sorry, but it's a lot harder to be successful as a QB than any other position on the field. So yeah a QB will get more love if your are good at it. But it's much easier to fail.
  6. I'm gonna watch Saquon Barkely and see what freakish moves he puts on display against northwestern. Hes's been a human highlight reel.
  7. I think coming from such a talent rich state and such a talent rich area brings on more expectations.
  8. There's a lot of reason to end this discussion and it has nothing to do with Q vs Charles Woodson. I'm sorry that QB's get more love, its just the nature of the game. The level of difficulty at the position is higher and that has a lot to do with it. I mean, as you said there's a reason right? well there's a reason why QB's get the highest salaries in the NFL and why QB's that aren't first round talents go in the first round.
  9. No understand his point, I just don't agree with it. His original post said best player, not player with then most talent. You can't measure a colleges best player based on how talented a player is because of his draft stock or how much he used or is not used. Again it's a factor but in the conversation of greatness results matter more to me than measurables. and QB to CB refernce I just ignored because there no way to compare them even for a reference.
  10. So you're criteria for best USF player has more to do with what happens in the NFL?
  11. I'll agree that coaching will be a big factor, but there are some things that Flowers can do on the field that neither Frost, nor anyone else on that staff, can stop. I believe that will be just as much a factor as anything. I'm betting on Q winning it over CCS losing it.
  12. Im not sure how Q wasn't the best player last season. He out rushed Mack in both yards and TD's on top of his passing stats. I mean if you want to look past the numbers then you gotta look at the offensive line not necessarily Mack. I don't know much about Jenkin's career at USF but I was at USF for JPP and I don't think a one year player on a team that didn't win the conference can be in the running for best player to step on campus, I just think you would have to do more than play 12 games be considered better than what Q has provided. I think in the conversation of who's the GOAT there will always be a debate. Flowers has the easiest case to make.
  13. I think in the end, both teams will very competitive at almost every position on the field. That makes me think its really a 50/50 game but, WE have the best player on the field, who can take over the game when the time comes. Flowers will be the difference, especially if him and MVS can continue to improve their connection.
  14. If Gilbert leaves, King will stay and move back to QB coach and possibly OC. If Gilbert stays, I believe king will find a QB coaching job somewhere in the P5.
  15. I just completed this quiz. My Score 33/100 My Time 140 seconds  
  16. I made it back last night about the time the second half was starting and it would not let me fall asleep. WSU made some big plays when they needed to. Falk holds the ball to long but he reads well and has good arm. Did anybody see number 50 come unblocked and drop the USC tailback? They called him the fastest DL in the NCAA and I think it might be true. Mike Leach may have made WSU relevant again but....... yeah, so are we.
  17. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 87 seconds  
  18. I would really like to see us and Georgia, it would test our front seven.
  19. Defense has been really dominant. I am really impressed with the front four for what they have done against the run.
  20. Maryland is just missing assignments all over the field. Almost as many missed tackles on top of that.
  21. I'm not so sure this 3rd stringer won't bring the Terps back into this.
  22. Well My overall point was about the need to improve the optics in order to achieve the ultimate goal of going to a new years six bowl. I don't like ever looking at four games in a vacuum. But we do need wins against other power five schools from our fellow conference mates to help with how the AAC looks overall Houston and UCF have the next crack at one, lets hope they win and hope SDSU loses every week
  23. I disagree, Penny has some ESPN analysis putting him in the Heisman conversation and they predicted that he would do well against Stanford so the idea of him being really good predated the Stanford game. The Hype train is there for San Diego State and even if you replace Stanford with any of our non conference opponents, the result would be the same. Just look to last year when the committee put Ohio State over Penn State and the fact that they always press the fact that the on field look of a team matters in their decision. To this point, there hasn't really been two group of five schools with matching undefeated records, but given the precedent that the committee has put fourth in choosing their top four, Our on field look will defiantly come into play if we both finish undefeated.
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