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  1. please lets look at full body of work ,PS has a better ERA, WHIP, more innings pitched, less walks, and more wins over the full course of the season. Again all SM has over PS is Strikeouts. And if you wanna talk about what one inning will do. look at PS numbers if you take the his first inning against UNC? If you do that, PS hasn't given up more than three earned runs in a game this season and that's just subtracting his first inning of the season which could be nerves, not a random inning that you give up after cruising through lesser teams.
  2. Sorry not selective, this statement seemed pretty cut and dry. I never said that. i am simply implying that he is the second best pitcher on this roster. in this situation, you are in the game till the end. i'll take that over being out of the game by the third all day.
  3. How is this a foregone conclusion? what if he doesn't give up six runs in the first three innings, you think maybe that game plays out differently?
  4. Please tell me the difference in the score if a guy gives up six runs in one inning or six runs in six? You can't just say hes a great pitcher except for that one inning. Also, he gave up 6 in the second inning against Uconn Against Houston he gave up 4 in the seventh against ECU he gave up 4 in the second and 2 in the third. So which single inning account for ten of his ER'? To me they look pretty spread out like what? the strike out numbers? He has only eclipsed the 10 k mark once in conference play. He only has 11 strikeouts to 10 walks in his last two games. He is just trending down at the moment.
  5. You are mixing up my arguments. What I don't care about is that all of his ER came in one or two bad innings. The real issue is that 17 of them have been spread out over three of his four conference starts. They all count the same whether they all came in a bad inning or not. What you claim I am ignoring is the gaudy numbers he put up against lesser talent. You are only looking at his Strikeout numbers in a vacuum. Breaking down his strikeout numbers would show that he has only has 28 K's in conference compared to PS 24. So our big time strikeout guy that can only go 6 because of his strikeout ability only has one more strikeout out per game in conference than our supposed #2. I am looking at what has happened against the better teams and whether or not the model of winning we have been using is sustainable. In conference play we have two starters Starter A. has 29.1 Innings pitched,a 1.54 ERA, and 1.03 WHIP Starter B. has 19.2 Innings pitched, a 8.43 ERA, and 1.77 WHIP, that's not a vacuum, that's four games worth of data that shows pitcher A is better at keeping batters off base, and more importantly, the ones that get on are more likely to stay there. kinda except that there is a sustainable model of winning to running the ball. I have never seen a successful baseball team who's ace is limited to less than 7 innings. But the beauty of this sport is that both ways have just as much chance of failing as the other depending on how all nine guys play on that given night. I would just want to put my best pitcher out there for game one and I wont buy into SM being the best pitcher for us so far just because of his strikeout ability, there's just so much more to being a pitcher. If they are both lights out then it doesn't matter. I just think at some point we are going to get bitten by not be able to win game 1 and maybe a shake up on the bump would do the trick. It might not work, but you can't be scared to make adjustments in this sport.
  6. I don't care if its one inning or six right now in conference play, hes allowing 4.5 runs per game. He gave up 6 in two of the games and 5 in the other, and I just looking at ER, not Runs in total, some experts would say that pitchers need to feel responsible for all runs because its their job to get out of the inning. But in any case he has had at least one bad inning in each of those games. and that's 3 of the last four. We may lose every game that our team isn't hitting well, i would rather have the pitcher on the mound that is better at keeping runs off the board in those games. Not ignoring it, just pointing out that the last four weeks have been against better teams the then previous four. i'm glad he did great against Columbia, Central Michigan, and Fordham but that doesn't do much for us. Even UNC came in the first game so you could make the argument that they were still knocking rust off and that's his lone Quality start against a quality opponent. it's not ok that he pitched well except for one inning, that inning still counts, those runs dont count any less because it was his one bad inning for the game. We will need them both to be good, i'm just tired of needing to win every Saturday. Losing on Friday and taxing our pen to nine plus outs just gets old and isn't sustainable.
  7. He let them back in the game, right. Hows that going to work in the post season? Right, so find a way to go deeper into games so the pen doesn't lose it for you. That's what aces do anyway. That accounts for 50% of our conference series and I don't make it sound that way, the amount of ERs do.
  8. Obviously we aren't going to see eye to eye on this. In the end its Mohl decision and he is going to make it based on the information he has, which is a lot more than what we have. I would just like to see PS in the Friday night spot to see what can happen. At some point, if Shane is the ace, he has to find a way to go deep in to games or we wont make much of post season run.
  9. Because we are winning on Saturday and not Friday. We are 1-3 in conference on Friday and had to over come 6 runs to get it. We are 3-1 on Saturday and lost 0-1 in the one loss. You cant sweep a series if you don't win on Friday, I would just like a chance. I didn't leave them out. I was making a point that most of his success has come against lesser talent and that he has struggled against good opponents (with the exception of UNC), which is still true. Also, he threw well enough to beat Tulane for 6 innings, look at what Pete against Houston when the offense failed. He battled right to the very end. What't good about 6 ER per game in conference play? Is our offense just supposed to over come that every Friday night? SM does have better stuff, but Pete is the better pitcher. The strikeout leader doesn't win the Cy Young every year.
  10. Thats very true. But we haven't won on Friday night in any of those series wins. Im not anti- SM, i'm really not. He has great stuff but his shortcomings have put us behind in series. Saturday might offer some protection that Friday does not. Ok, But in conference play he is only averaging seven strikeouts pregame, So his primary strength has been kinda pedestrian in games that matter. Also, 45 of his strikeouts have come against Fordham, Central Michigan, Army, and Columbia, thats compared to the 28 against Uconn, Houston, ECU, and Tulane. This sport is driven by 21 year olds, he gets a pass if he's 18 but 21 is pretty mature in college sports. In the end it is Molh decision. I just think PS would give us a better chance at sweeping series and that he has really just flat out earned it. But, if it would upset the dynamic then it shouldn't be done. But that can be said for just about every debate that happens on this board. Coaches will always have more info than us. Thanks for the discussion.
  11. honest question, is there any other Ace of a tournament bound team who has not gone at least seven innings once this season?
  12. Bulls are the current leader in Batting Average, Slugging Percentage, On Base Percentage, Runs, Hits, Runs Batted In, Doubles, Triples, and Total Bases.....In short, we can swing it. Team avg G ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi tb slg% bb hbp so gdp ob% sf sh sb-att po a e fld% USF .299 35 1211 237 362 92 14 28 213 566 .467 118 49 298 17 .379 16 12 29-42 928 281 36 .971 ECU .288 34 1133 218 326 48 4 34 204 484 .427 137 26 215 23 .371 22 19 37-50 912 433 22 .984 Wichita State .288 32 1074 212 309 55 5 36 192 482 .449 148 19 219 22 .380 10 15 33-46 849 277 35 .970 AAC Stats
  13. Mentioned in "the Good" portion of D1 baseball's report for Saturday South Florida: USF starting pitcher Peter Strzelecki put together an absolute gem in a 13-1 road win over East Carolina. Strzelecki struck out four, walked one and allowed a run on five hits in a complete game performance. Offensively, Coco Montes hit a pair of homers and knocked in five runs. Joe Genord also hit a home run, tallied two hits and knocked in three runs, while Kyle Phillips recorded four hits. Full article
  14. Even if five teams go, there's a good AAC team left out. thats the wild part #P6
  15. I would say Chapman and Randy Johnson would make reconsider my life choices if I happen to catch them 60.5 feet away.
  16. SCHOOL CONF CPCT. OVERALL PCT. HOME AWAY NEUTRAL USF 7-5 0.583 23-13 0.639 18-7 5-6 0-0 Cincinnati 7-5 0.583 17-17 0.500 11-7 4-10 2-0 ECU 5-4 0.556 26-9 0.743 16-6 10-2 0-1 UConn 5-4 0.556 19-11-1 0.629 4-1-1 15-10-0 0-0-0 Houston 6-5 0.545 20-14 0.588 17-4 3-7 0-3 Tulane 6-5 0.545 16-20 0.444 13-8 3-12 0-0 UCF 6-6 0.500 25-12 0.676 19-6 6-6 0-0 Wichita State 4-5 0.444 24-9 0.727 17-4 7-5 0-0 Memphis 1-8 0.111 12-25 0.324 8-12 3-12 1-1
  17. CONF CPCT. OVERALL PCT. HOME AWAY NEUTRAL USF 7-5 0.583 23-13 0.639 18-7 5-6 0-0 Cincinnati 7-5 0.583 17-17 0.500 11-7 4-10 2-0 ECU 5-4 0.556 26-9 0.743 16-6 10-2 0-1 UConn 5-4 0.556 19-11-1 0.629 4-1-1 15-10-0 0-0-0 Houston 6-5 0.545 20-14 0.588 17-4 3-7 0-3 Tulane 6-5 0.545 16-20 0.444 13-8 3-12 0-0 UCF 6-6 0.500 25-12 0.676 19-6 6-6 0-0 Wichita State 4-5 0.444 24-9 0.727 17-4 7-5 0-0 Memphis 1-8 0.111 12-25 0.324 8-12 3-12 1-1 Back on top!!
  18. So is Chapman. He maybe a little better now but for a few years he was hit or miss he just had strikeout stuff.
  19. He's never went seven so the "or More" equates to four total outs. The reason you switch is the trend the stats are showing, which isn't comparable. In Strzelecki's last four starts, he has allowed 5 total ER and 5 Total BB. McClanahan has allowed 18 ERs and 16 BB's. That's over three times as much. Those last four starts are the four conference starts. Their are no more Central Michigans and Fordhams on the schedule. You always to send your best on Friday. A good, long start on Friday not only sets up your bull pen for the remaining two games but hopefully your ace gets you a win. Basically, an ace that can go out their and do what Pete did this past Saturday, not only wins the game, but he also sets you up the win and possibly sweep the series.
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