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  1. Even if all he has done is be a DFO and a special teams coordinator? Don't get me wrong I'm sure he would be a great AD but it just doesn't scream P5 HC to me. Maybe I'm misinformed on special teams coordinators, how many P5 Head coaches had only special teams experience prior? The fact that he has only really worked for his father doesn't helpeither. Maybe if he had some experience outside of that shadow, I would consider it a quality pick. All considered, I believe he got the job because of his last name not his merit.
  2. aside from the bad attempt at humor, what I was really thinking was how can you as a university give this type of decision making ability to your head coach. I get that they love him there and he's basically their GOAT but still. Also sucks for Leavitt who seemed to hit a road block in his path back to HC status. Although, I guess he could still get a offer somewhere next year.
  3. Article about how Bill Snyder gave his son the role of coach in waiting over CJL. Nepotism at its finest https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/11/16/16665968/jim-leavitt-kansas-state-bill-snyder-coach
  4. Yeah, I called the second I got out of work. He said I was good so they just haven the sent out all the ups conformations yet. My concern was that usually when I email, I get a response with in a day but I couldn't get a response for this issue, then I saw this so I began to worry.
  5. Well, I haven't heard anything. I've two emails and haven't gotten a response either way. I am assuming this means I didn't get tickets, in which case I will be furious. Not because they over sold, but because I haven't been informed and I could have bought tickets from stubhub before they were triple digits. this is ridiculous
  6. I don't think I can buy this. They might like Kiffin, but they if they turned down a P5 school for FAU, there's usually another reason. Maybe they didnt/couldnt leave home, grades were a little low, or they didn't want to compete. I doubt it was because Kiffin convinced them it was a better fit. I know he has some talent down there, but most have a black spot on their resume somewhere that led them there. I do believe multiple of his recruits were featured on Last chance U. I know this is like me saying that Strong couldn't win in recruiting against UF and FSU but I think the AAC is a much better opportunity than C-USA.
  7. Then I guess we need to figure out why our MLB can get in better position on a go route then our Db's
  8. Just because Sanchez jumped at the spot the ball came down doesn't mean he blocked anyone out. If they were in better position, they could have out jumped him. Hampton was late and was jumping through, not "blocked out". If that is the excuse that Hampton is using, its bogus
  9. What is he supposed to say? Im sorry but I just don't buy your argument, if there are that many players around the football, they got to make a play, a coach has to be able to trust that. Can't question it because it didn't happen.
  10. well i guess we just have to hope we don't see anymore 6'2 receivers........
  11. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=21199797 If you pause this around 16 seconds (unfortunate it goes dark) but you can see that Hoggins is coming down before the ball gets there, meaning he mistimed his jump and Auggie and mike Hampton (#14) who is 6'1, are right there just as high as every Houston receiver. They just didn't get their hands on the ball. I mean if you flipped this and the did send the blitz and the guy missed the tackle because he took too close of an angle, are we gonna say we shouldn't have blitzed him? No he should have got himself in position to make the play.
  12. I went back and watched the play. I cant tell you what you saw, but I saw one player mistime his jump and two other players not make a play on the ball. It wasnt like the receiver just went up and mossed them he got in better position to make a play.
  13. I don't buy into the idea that Hoggins being 5'8 makes that a mismatch. DBs are used to giving four to six inches to WR. They know ways to negate the height advantage even on jump balls, like playing through the receivers hands and separating the ball as he tries to bring it in. It just didn't happen
  14. So much speed, they knocked us out of the State playoffs last year on kick return alone. Bet them in every phase of the game except when them returners found the sideline.
  15. I don't care if we rushed 3 or 8, at the end of the play there were multiple players in position to end the game and they did not. All a coach can do is give the players a chance, and they failed that play, end of story. whether or not we trusted our DL to get the sack or our secondary to get a PBU, makes no difference. Players gotta make plays.
  16. Theres no way they stop us from scoring 30+. We can run away from Oliver and make him a non factor because they have nothing to supplement him anywhere on that defense. Maybe we don't rush for 300, but I believe we get 225 or so and they will have to sell out to hold it there. This will give Q some open windows in the secondary.
  17. Well that might not last long.....especially if he loses to UCONN
  18. I thought the first one was when Tice tried to cut the Blitzing LB and the LG tried to come back and pick him up and engaged his upper half. That's a penalty. Tice has to come in head up at the line of scrimmage, cut if they make it through.
  19. I don't think it matters because of the game we will play, but the committee will put them higher than us in their first rankings. The A.P. will roll with us because of our pre season rank and the fact that we are undefeated. They might end up with us both on the cusp of the top ten. One with them one spot above us,and the other with us one spot ahead of them.
  20. I agree that penalties have been the biggest problem for this team and a lot of them can be avoided. The chop block calls last night were tough though. On that particular play that you mentioned, the tackle fell and the guard pancaked his guy over top of him, it happens. Chalk that up to bad timing. Overall though, the team has to be better at keeping hands out of face masks and out out jerseys. At least we are lining up right now.
  21. I agree, I don't think any of it matters because the media will always find a flaw(or ignore a flaw) to boost their narrative. Whatever that might be.
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