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  1. This is the point of this discussion. I don’t think it’s very fair to this team. I never said we were top three, I clearly stated there three teams better than us but that we can compete for that fourth spot, the same way we competed all three games against UNC. Now if we go out and **** the bed against Cincy then ok. But how about we let this team fail before lable them as such.
  2. I got ya, yeah I like him RB too. I posted something in the Ford to slot thread I believe about his HS RB tape.
  3. Was that the same UF team that we beat? or a different one? in any case the UF and FSU are weekday games, they are crap shoots because you typically don't pitch you best and you give some of your back up time to play. They have played two games on the road.....2 So basically we aren't as good as UCF because of one game against auburn, even though they lost they other two? Classic TBP
  4. We will see, just not sure what UCF has done to tell you that. They lost 2 of the 4 series they played against teams with winning records and the other was VCU and JU. They also have only played 2 games on the road. Same stands for Tulane who is 13-7 and the only series they have played of note was ole miss, which they lost. Most of the baseball analyst have ECU as a tourney lock, Houston and UCONN are really good bets with us and UCF battling for the fourth spot. We aren't a lock for postseason, but its also isn't a team to dismiss either. If you can stand by our basketball team, you can stand by this baseball team.
  5. Houston, ECU, UCONN are definitely better than us but we could steal a series if we play up to our potential. Outside of of those three tell me whos better than us an why? Its four team conference.
  6. This team has had one rough weekend. Tonight was just a weekday game and the guys that will pitch in conference play didn't do bad. We gave a few starters the night off. Joe was a couple of feet from making it a one-run game at one point. Can't really take much from this tonight.
  7. Definitely pitched us out of this one. Combined for 1 IP, 5 BB, 2 HBP, 3 hits, and 6 ER. Burns has been struggling all year. Marini was **** near uncatchable tonight, threw in two runs on WP.
  8. Genord absolutely crushed a ball just foul. Would have been a three-run shot. Ended up with a walk, bases juiced no one out.
  9. Took Cruz out for Marini, who walked three gave up a hit and threw two that Wilt Chamberlin would have struggled to catch and now its 6-0 UNF. Eason now in the game
  10. Burns struggles to find the zone to start the game. Bulls are down 3-0 heading into the third. Zech throws a dart to get a runner trying to go first to third to get us out of the second. This game has a camera angle behind the pitcher. I think its the first time I've seen that with Cruz, he has some nasty movement on his ball.
  11. I don't think this is really about making JF a slot receiver as much as it is about getting as many of our best athletes on the field at the same time and getting them the ball in dynamic ways.
  12. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2826558-report-mike-trout-angels-finalizing-historic-12-year-430m-contract In case there was any question as to who the best player in the game is. Angels didn't want to give Harper the chance to even try to entice Trout to come home.
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