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  1. Agree, we must protect the players. All games should be cancelled, with the exception of ECU!
  2. Why is Nick Roberts backing up into the endzone?! Tackling him in the endzone isn't going to help!
  3. Suddenly I find myself no longer upset the game got bumped from NBC to the USA Network!
  4. My son is a sophomore at Ohio State. They are miserable having to watch Clemson play tonight.
  5. He is clearly, based on his off-season leadership, a great guy. He, however, is not a good college quarterback. A lack of ability to throw downfield and has not delivered with his legs.
  6. Pretty sure he was part of the college admission scandal. Parents clearly paid to make him an athletic recruit!
  7. I agree with all of this. What has me more concerned is that this was happening against terrible teams, filled with 2-star or non-ranked players. Four months ago, I firmly believed this would be a season of growth and the team would peak for the start of 2019 against Wisconsin & G-tech. Now i'm afraid of telling friends and co-workers that I plan to fly down for the Wisconsin game for fear of being embarrassed. On a side note, take a look at the top 25 football facilities in the link below. If you're a 17-year old 4-star recruit, are you really coming to USF (or South Florida, I get so confused on which it is)? https://247sports.com/college/kentucky/ContentGallery/Ranking-the-Top-25-facilities-in-college-football-for-2018-112072412/
  8. Let's not forget that to win this game, we needed TWO kick-off returns for a touchdown and a lucky fumble recovery in the fourth quarter. Not sure any of those were in CCS's game plan.
  9. Defense didn't give up. That's our defense trying! Been like this all season.
  10. And that's our third QB of the quarter. Just saying....
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