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  1. BB does just stare down his one receiver. Never goes through his progressions.
  2. This is just flat out wrong. Have you been watching this season?
  3. Receivers don't get that far down field in under three seconds
  4. Secondary was terrible, but this is what happens when you give the QB 7-10 seconds to throw. Without pressure, any secondary will get picked apart.
  5. Not all coaching these kids can't execute. What the hell happened to CWTs last two recruiting classes! Those players never developed. CCS's players are not ready and not sure they ever will be.
  6. The O-line didn't even move and we still couldn't get pressure!
  7. It seems like Houston doesn't even try until 3rd down!
  8. This is UCF all over again. We struggle, but put points up. The other team just scores at will.