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  1. Landino21

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    So.... when should we hear something from USF on replacement? Assuming, hoping, praying this is true.
  2. Landino21

    So it starts.. Our first ranking

    I thought we'd agreed that his opinion doesn't matter.
  3. Landino21

    2018 USF = Ugly Stressful Football

    I read Horne has an ACL injury.
  4. Agree! I was thinking if we were willing to do something like that, a throne (too late). I mean we can do a real king crown, then I wake up and remember we don't have PU $$$.
  5. Landino21

    Sirius XM

    I really like this...
  6. I have two tickets available for the Illinois game. Two of my friends cancelled due to medical reasons. They are located in the USF section.
  7. Landino21

    USF side at Illinois

    I have two tickets available. Let me know if you are interested.
  8. South Florida 48 - 14 Crunkrite St. Felix 505
  9. UCF 2017 Our seniors deserved to win it. When they chose USF there was nothing but possibilities. QF played his heart out and nobody deserved a win more than him (IMO because he has already lost enough). I was sitting next to his cousin, at some point I said, "that's a gain!" She thought I said, "it's a game." She told me how determined he was to win that game for us, his fans.
  10. My condolences and prayers for his family and friends. TBP family will miss you. RIP charsibb.
  11. Landino21

    Tailgate ready.

    True. For generators Honda is at the top, costly but MOST quiet (we have the EB5000 I think it's loud but our generator guy says Honda is the most quiet). Only Onan (RV) beats it. The take is that you have to pay to play. Buy one you can use for other things too, like FL weather related power outage.
  12. 1) South Florida 2) 41-133) Elijah Mack4) Tyre McCants5) 502