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  1. Fair point. I guess as others have noted it would depend home vs. away (for me everything is away). I generally plan trips with friends based on what cool city the Rays/Bucs/Lightning/Bulls are in on a convenient weekend. From a pure football standpoint, assuming we can return to a fraction of a shadow of our former selves, the AAC opponents barely move my needle.
  2. Too bad this focus on an IPF and visionary commitment to an OCS didn't happen a decade ago.
  3. A lot of good points here. And yeah, I would have been happy to get an invite as well. But - aside from a little more TV revenue (increased expenses noted) the Big 12 isn't necessarily a gold ticket to the promised land. If the playoffs ever expand to allow the Plebes a chance at participating, it's almost a non-issue. The remaining Big 12 schools aren't close to the (football) brands of Ohio State, Alabama, etc. and I think the TV contract will probably reflect that.
  4. Maybe since the ACC is currently living with NC State, UNC, Wake, and Duke in one state they'll be okay with three in FL if we ask really nicely.
  5. This would be great. Maybe a steeper learning curve than going to Big 12, but the ACC would be great for us after a few years for recruiting to catch up.
  6. Sort of. A lot of "don't bring USF because they are currently bad at football."
  7. What's this weird optimistic feeling coming over TBP? I'm at least happy to know I'm still capable of felling that way - I thought the optimistic part of my soul was dead.
  8. Related question - how does recruiting work if he's between jobs? Does he try to bring all his recruits to Tampa or just work on the guys that are already in our recruiting class?
  9. Can someone copy/paste this? Or at least give the highlights - I'm out of free articles. ...or is the article not worth the effort?
  10. "After a quick official visit to USF, Kirby was blown away by the Bulls coaching staff under Charlie Strong and decided his football path will continue at the Tampa school." At least someone out there likes our coaching staff.
  11. Yeah, I can see how that reads a little weird. I guess it's obvious to me since I can literally see the campus from my office window. The company I work for gets 50% at the adidas employee store, so I'm hoping to see some spare Bulls gear pop up (though not holding my breath). I always pegged Bin Laden as a Chel-ski guy, myself.
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