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  1. Looks like there is a chance Big 12 might not expand after all. If that is the case, need to invite Boise and BYU/San Diego State and see what we can do. Currently at 12 and adding two would put total at 14. The gap behind the ACC is already minute and adding the above programs should allow the AAC to surpass the ACC. 2013/2014: realtimerpi.com/college_football/2013-2014/ncaaf_conf_Men.html 2014/2015: realtimerpi.com/college_football/2014-2015/ncaaf_conf_Men.html 2015/2016: realtimerpi.com/college_football/2015-2016/ncaaf_conf_Men.html 2016/2017: realtimerpi.com/college_football/2015-2016/ncaaf_conf_Men.html WEST Boise State BYU (San Diego State) Tulsa SMU Houston Tulane Memphis EAST Cincinnati Temple UCONN UCF USF East Carolina Navy
  2. Look at the map of where votes are coming from. The Poll has been shared on pretty much all the Scout team boards for schools across the country. Feel free to share it with fellow USF folks. By the end of the day it will have been shared with the boards of all the candidates and left up for a few days so everyone has a chance to participate. As mentioned above, also shared on a bunch of P5 boards for their opinions.
  3. Around 5,500 votes thus far and thought you guys might want to chime in: http://www.poll-maker.com/poll760129x8F2b81f2-31
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