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  1. That might be worse cause of the weather, back to back road games and the war on i4 looming. However, there are a lot of dudes and plenty of depth. We haven’t seen that with a USF team since.... ever? Hopefully some guys step up, but between Kevin Bronson, Kegs, Pinkney, Boyce (Duke transfer who sat out last year), Blake Green (another transfer whom has done well in camp), the redshirt freshmen Darrien Grant, Jabreel Stephens, and true freshmen Tyrone Barber, Waller, Leacock and Williams there will be plenty of dudes.
  2. The sign is great, if it happened against any team that sign would still be great. This isn’t a UCF dig like their “meanwhile in Orlando” billboard prior to their 0-12 season.
  3. Only available for coach. the coaches polos are nice.
  4. Can’t miss a kick if you always go for it on fourth down.
  5. That’s the Calibull we all know and love! Undefeated champions! I mean, yes. A coaching staff is supposed to find the problems and point them out so the players and coaches can fix them. If one unit does a good thing, the staff will get on the opposite unit for allowing it to happen. This happens every year with every program when the team is ready to hit a team in another jersey. CCS has been focusing on “mental toughness.” Seems like the defense finally found their mental toughness when they’ve been flying around and being vocal during big plays. Barnett led three scoring drives including a dime to Roland. It’s possible Strong is saying the other guys haven’t stepped up even though they’ve been in the system. I’m warming up to BB. Seems like he’s come in with his head down and ready to work.
  6. USF went 11-2 in 2016 and 10-2 in 2017; would’ve been 11 but the Umass game was cancelled due to conference game reshuffling after the hurricane. USF also had their entire staff (sans King) switched up and we’re still ranked. UCF, definitely deserves to be ranked. USF doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt until they prove they dsncreplace all of those starters including Q, which is fine. Every AP voter’s preseason poll is different based on whatever parameters they decide to set; expected outcome, outcome based on last season, coaching staffs, their perception of certain programs, etc, so it’s more of an arm shrug than anything. I’m convinced a lot of them are to make the huge opening weekend games look bigger. The only thing I don’t get is why teams like Texas, FSU, Florida consistently get ranked in the preseason too 20 without having to “prove it.” Regardless of their performance last year.
  7. I’m gonna laugh so hard if the white away jerseys say “USF” on the front.
  8. Dukes is listed at safety on the roster now. He took reps at safety in the spring, but I believe played at WR for the game; so not sure what’s going on there.
  9. Whoa you can opt for an ad-free experience?
  10. This publication literally stated every AAC matchup vs a P5 (not matter how bad that P5 is) will be a loss. How the hell does USF win the conference and lose to Illinois in the same season?
  11. Jeez you guys really harp on nomenclature. It’s possible that statement describes all of the above, he clearly knows issues that need to be corrected. Also, what packages are you looking for? USF games are the most affordable around so I’m not sure how ticket price is a deterrent unless you’re expecting free tickets or heavily discounted for your family. It’s also worth calling a ticket rep with these concerns, there may be packages available to you. And you do realize the University has no control whatsoever on game times right? The folks that complain that no one shows up are the same that complain about game times. Noon games suck, everyone plays noon games. Don’t stay at home and then yell at everyone for not showing up. Also the above statements aren’t directed specifically at you, just blows my mind sometimes with the fan base.
  12. This gets me every time. The plan is there needs to be private funding. What magical money are we building this OCS to where a plan should be made in six months? Michael Kelly wasn’t brought up because it was widely thought there was no way in hell USF could pull him away from his job with the CFP. His ties to USF, Tampa, the collegiate landscape and the CFP itself, as well as extensive work with a power conference (the ACC) is an absolute grand slam home run of a hire for USF to make. Everyone locally and nationally are raving about him, including folks from ESPN, The Athletic, TBSC, USF, the CFP, ACC, Derrick Brooks, Rob Higgins et al. The combo of Kelly-Higgins bringing events and publicity to the region and USF will be amazing. Kelly has made lasting relationships in this region and across the whole college football landscape. This is is the perfect hire for USF athletics. And the only folks that are upset are just saying “it’s not Jurich.” No one had any idea if Jurich was interesting, how much he would cost and what the perception of the hire would be. USF brought in a young mover and shaker with a fantastic track record and knowledge of the area, I’m not sure how you do any better.
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