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  1. Ionbull

    Your Breakout Footbulls for 2018

    Dukes is listed at safety on the roster now. He took reps at safety in the spring, but I believe played at WR for the game; so not sure what’s going on there.
  2. Whoa you can opt for an ad-free experience?
  3. Ionbull

    Article from USA Today

    This publication literally stated every AAC matchup vs a P5 (not matter how bad that P5 is) will be a loss. How the hell does USF win the conference and lose to Illinois in the same season?
  4. Jeez you guys really harp on nomenclature. It’s possible that statement describes all of the above, he clearly knows issues that need to be corrected. Also, what packages are you looking for? USF games are the most affordable around so I’m not sure how ticket price is a deterrent unless you’re expecting free tickets or heavily discounted for your family. It’s also worth calling a ticket rep with these concerns, there may be packages available to you. And you do realize the University has no control whatsoever on game times right? The folks that complain that no one shows up are the same that complain about game times. Noon games suck, everyone plays noon games. Don’t stay at home and then yell at everyone for not showing up. Also the above statements aren’t directed specifically at you, just blows my mind sometimes with the fan base.
  5. This gets me every time. The plan is there needs to be private funding. What magical money are we building this OCS to where a plan should be made in six months? Michael Kelly wasn’t brought up because it was widely thought there was no way in hell USF could pull him away from his job with the CFP. His ties to USF, Tampa, the collegiate landscape and the CFP itself, as well as extensive work with a power conference (the ACC) is an absolute grand slam home run of a hire for USF to make. Everyone locally and nationally are raving about him, including folks from ESPN, The Athletic, TBSC, USF, the CFP, ACC, Derrick Brooks, Rob Higgins et al. The combo of Kelly-Higgins bringing events and publicity to the region and USF will be amazing. Kelly has made lasting relationships in this region and across the whole college football landscape. This is is the perfect hire for USF athletics. And the only folks that are upset are just saying “it’s not Jurich.” No one had any idea if Jurich was interesting, how much he would cost and what the perception of the hire would be. USF brought in a young mover and shaker with a fantastic track record and knowledge of the area, I’m not sure how you do any better.
  6. Ionbull

    BJ Daniels

    That’s super bowl champion BJ Daniels
  7. Also to note, last year the majority of the starting five were grad transfers or freshmen who’ve never played together. At least this year you start to see a core of guys who have at least practiced together in CBG’s first year who seen now eligible; Laquincey Rideau, TJ Lang and Alexis Yetna. Hopefully they can work with Collins, Brown and Big Nik to improve what they had last season. I’ll always be optimistic with basketball because one or two guys can turn around a program or they could start clicking at any moment, but I won’t judge CBG until likely 2019.
  8. Ionbull

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    I will always love xCWT for not only turning around this program’s recruiting, but also the culture. After Skippy things could’ve gotten much worse with the way the conference’s were split up. I will also say, Tags hasn’t won a chess match against anyone, and not sure if that’ll work against guys like Dabo Swinney, Mark Richt, etc. It may take him a few years to get over that hump, and hopefully FSU fans are OK with that. I’ve heard folks clamor for competing for the conference this season and competing for a natty next season. That’s a mighty huge mountain to climb. If anyone can do it he can. The only thing that’s frustrating is wasting 2016. They didn’t have an answer for Temple defensively.
  9. I hope no one plans on evaluating coach Gregory until at least 2019 and saying NIT minimum this season is absurd. The two 4-Star players both have to sit per transfer rules in 2018 so they won’t even be on the court until 2019. The new freshman, JUCO transfers, guys like Justin Brown and David Collins who had valuable reps last season, plus the transfers that sat last year and are eligible will all be able to contribute this season; but I wouldn’t expect anything tangible yet. Hopefully they can continue the play from late last season and find their game. I’m definitely all in on Gregory as a program builder as he has replaced this entire roster in two cycles. That’s nothing short of remarkable. I’m just hoping no fans start calling for his head prematurely because the results aren’t there. Last year was Year -1 IMO and this year is Year 0. Let’s seee what his coaching chops are in 2019. Everything else is gravy.
  10. There will probably be a media announcement prior, possibly with a sneak peek at football uniforms, before they are on sale at the bookstore. That’s one month out at this point so hopefully in the next couple of weeks. That seems like a good thing to announce after baseball is over and the athletic year is officially complete.
  11. Ionbull

    USF vs UF Continues

    The thing about he home and homes is they conveniently leave out what the buyout is on the contract. What’s the point of scheduling a home and home if the buyout is peanuts? How much you want to bet Lville doesn’t return to Oviedo because the buyout is nothing or they push it into oblivion? At least for the three for one it’s $1.5M for Lville and for UF it’s $2.5M. Also our media will always post that, note the UCF media does not. Everyone assumes contracts are apples for apples. Harlan is realizing how paramount it is to hold these teams (who get stupid ridiculous TV payouts because of P5) to their word or get some serious cash. Plus, you get the marquee opponent. It’s sounding like their philosophy is “we’d rather play lower tier teams to boost our win totals” than play a blue blood and earn it. Is it fair? Hell no. But FSU did it, anytime and anywhere. They can do their thing, but don’t look down on USF and Harlan for trying something different. Also when you have small payouts teams will back out when they get a better opponent, look at the UCF/Texas game. Now since the numbers aren’t out we have no idea, hey might have gotten a better payout and that 3 for 1 with Lville may have been terrible, but I strongly doubt it. The rules are the same for all G5.
  12. What’s wrong with the original war flamingo?
  13. Ionbull

    HB QF

    Go get that bag young man 💰
  14. All of these guys are gonna ride the pine once ol ironsides finally gets here.