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  1. Our running backs are more talented then they have ever been. Defensive line is solid, and wide receivers are all talented but still very young and playing poorly. I think this team does have great players, but it won't take a new QB (Flowers played well tonight), it will take a new coach. Taggart doesn't know how to adjust to his opponent, has poor clock management, and zero creativity in playcalling. Woulard isn't going to fix that. If this team had a good coach we would be in a bowl game this year. Agree 100% There have been no adjustments in any game since he's been coach.
  2. Our defense played great as usual. I feel terrible for the defensive players who work their tails off, and consistently give us a chance to win just to watch the offense not produce. But I also feel the same for the offense. I watch such talent not able to produce and I think its not the talent but the coaching. The play calling is so ridiculously predictable, conservative and just flat out unwinnable. Couch T. seems to never take a chance until he absolutely has to and the opposing teams read right into it. We can try and run and nickel and dime it all we want but it's not going to work. While, I do think part of the offensive problem is our QB situation, I'm not sure who to blame. I think Flowers might be able to throw it and he showed he could a few times tonight he's never given the chance, and if he is it's on a play that the defense is expecting the throw.. As far as the QB situation goes, Flowers is supposed to be able to run the ball which is his supposed strength but he is not a B.J. Daniels or Matt Grothe. His running game was pathetic tonight. I'm not sure what he did that was better than just handing the ball off. Pretty much all of his quarterback keeps either produced nothing or lost yards. So what makes him better than Bench is beyond me. Either way I still blame Taggart.
  3. Sounds like the deal of the century. 2.3 million for running an offense into the ground.
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