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  1. Strong's comments about that really has me worried. I feel more uneasy now than I did after the UCF game. Ain't good.
  2. deadudea

    I miss Sterlin Gilbert

    100%. Really hope this gets addressed before it's too late.
  3. deadudea

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Good points, but at this point the fan base had pointed him out as the issue. I 100% believe they were waiting to see if another job panned out for him before firing him. I don't have a reason to believe in Mike Kelly yet, but I feel like Strong knows that if he comes back with the same product on the field next year, he'll definitely be the one on the block.
  4. deadudea

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Honestly, this account manager site is.. less than intuitive. For instance, clicking the "Season tickets benefits" link takes you to the Men's Basketball site. I digress. I started going through the ticketmaster renewal process and didn't see any mention of it.
  5. deadudea

    Gasparilla Bowl

    Does anyone have an idea where this was advertised at? I'm not seeing it anywhere, or at least, doesn't apply to the $99 tickets.
  6. That's quite the loaded question. Not touching that one.
  7. They've won a lot more, with a lot less than what's there now.
  8. The line that kills me from this article: How can upgraded facilities help you from being "passed by." What a load of BS.
  9. Who said anything about getting gameday at Raymond James? I get you're trying to trash talk, but it's just not very good.
  10. Not sure what you're getting at, or what argument you're trying to make. You were the one that posted some random photo of Raymond James.
  11. deadudea

    Ed is OUT!!!

    Guess he was just trying to have some fun.
  12. deadudea

    New Tradition

    Well... Remember, college football is about college. And if the students like it, it should stay.
  13. deadudea

    New Tradition

    Swag surf looked good in the student section this game. That was pretty cool. Lean on me... Wasn't good. Half the fans were already gone when it was played, and no one had any idea what to do. Would have been good right after swag surf, IMO. Edit: Or right before.