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  1. In the grand scheme of things, why does this matter so much to you all? I've never seen so many people complain about one newspaper writer's opinion.
  2. Everything about this irks me.
  3. deadudea

    Why the Dark uniforms?

    He could have thrown a football over them oceans.
  4. deadudea

    Illinois game 2018

    Perfect, thanks guys!
  5. deadudea

    Illinois game 2018

    I have not (just ordered them yesterday). I'll just give the ticket office a call and see what's up.
  6. deadudea

    Illinois game 2018

    Anyone get tickets from USF directly? Wondering how they're going to be distributed, or if I have to pick them up at the gate.
  7. Look at it in the opposite way. It's ECU, no one's really fired up for that right? Use the uni's to try to get some of that back at least.
  8. Their primary colors are black and gold. The ticker with their name will have black, as ours will not. National TV. Confusion. General population isn't very smart.
  9. Let's not do black uni's for black friday. Do we really want to add to the USF/UCF confusion?
  10. This has black uni's written all over it. Stoked.
  11. JK believes that it won't be a noon game.
  12. Complain when we actually try to do something, complain when we don't. The engineer in me really appreciates the work done here and the effort made to add something more bullish to our game day experience. I'll take whatever I can get, I like it.