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  1. Our head coach kicker and qb suck that's just plain to see . I'm sorry I wish this wasn't true....also if the kids range is 38 yds he should have never been recruited. Clock management was just embarrassing , two guys flopping and calling a timeout
  2. It will be interesting what adjustments ECU make with their defense at halftime. If they load the box and cut down the crossing patterns and leave the deep ball open
  3. And if we score we will have 3 times as many points which would be about right
  4. Yeah that's the thing when you don't have talent at the key position
  5. Well i have seen more receivers running free this year than ever . Now we got no one to get the ball to them but you can't pin the talent on him when he just got here. I'm not saying he is great but he has Florida contacts and we don't have the cash for anyone else. CCS is just not up for the challenge and I don't want to wait till his contract is up.
  6. I would can him and let CKB run it for a couple years and then decide
  7. Don't know you Mike but all Bulls are good Bulls.....Praying for you brother
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