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  1. I agree with this guy and I'm not sure what he's talking about
  2. Well we could barely put a team on the court 3 years ago and CBG took a job nobody wanted and pulled it together . I'm sure a team coached by you would be in the final four by now but I'll take the guy that brought the team back from the brink of extinction.
  3. I know I'll get ripped for this but 3 years ago I wasn't sure we would even have a team . The fact that we are playing top 25 teams tough with top contributors out , I'll hold my critique . We have a way to go but we have the coach to get us there. All hail CBG !
  4. Football is nice but I'm here for the culture....love this forum
  5. I was a proponent of the CJL route but this is an impressive staff . Better than I thought we would be able to attract /afford . I can't imagine recruits not wanting to be a part of this, there's clearly something going on here.
  6. I don't care if he loses for 5 years it's time to bring Jim home . We forgive any sins you have committed against USF and You forgive any sins USF has committed against you . It's time to rejoin your family . Once the Universe is back in balance I say we go stomp the living **** out of those overrated posers down Interstate 4.
  7. This program is at deaths door CJL would bring bring massive jolt of support which we need . What is the down side currently this job is trash ...No big names are coming ....maybe he feels returning would restore his name and complete the circle. Maybe he wants to be home near his 94 year old mom. I think it's a bold yet safe move...something that rarely exists. I'm all for it .
  8. I'm thinking out of the box here but I have seen Queen Latifa on those commercials and we really need a nose guard with some grit
  9. I don't know you but there's a 90% chance you can throw it farther and more accurately than Mccloud with either arm
  10. So wheres the dude that was arguing how good our D is on the forum this week. If we don't get a QB from somewhere for next season God help us. I'm concerned that they aren't even trying someone else because Mccloud clearly doesn't have the tools. So that makes me think he's the best we got . We are past the point where we should start grooming someone for next year and he is still in there which ain't good. This almost unwatchable
  11. Our head coach kicker and qb suck that's just plain to see . I'm sorry I wish this wasn't true....also if the kids range is 38 yds he should have never been recruited. Clock management was just embarrassing , two guys flopping and calling a timeout
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