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  1. Do what you gotta do but KEEP THIS COACH !
  2. gullibull

    Brett Kean found a new home

    Good luck BK who knows why it didn't work out . Dude has a cannon and a gut like mine whats not to love I hope the guy lights it up.
  3. This year BB ...if this year under CKB offense goes as we hope I predict a grad transfer starts the following year
  4. Quit getting bs calls and free throws are a non factor today
  5. Wow I hate to cry refs but this is getting stupid
  6. Love this team...what a team what a coach
  7. gullibull

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Nice get in my book
  8. gullibull

    Happy Players from Last Night

    I love this Coach
  9. gullibull

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Ever hear the saying **** or get off the pot . Holy hell hire the guy or don't but this is ridiculous . I think I understand some of the game time decisions
  10. It is great that we have a real coach
  11. As I recall Grier was playing pretty well till he got busted for ped"s and demanded to be the starter when his suspension was over and he was shown the door
  12. I think if CJL were back this program would go crazy and so would the support . If we cold build on that excitement is another question that I don't have the answer to