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  1. Totally impressed with CBG . I don't even like basketball and I'm getting excited . From what I can see he is performing magic .
  2. gullibull

    ESPN: USF 4th best chance to win the AAC

    Not so sure about this....from what I have seen (limited) he has a live arm and a little gunslinger edge. Might be a pretty stark contrast to last couple of years limited pass capability.
  3. We are less than 2 years from a total collapse of our basketball program. Our football team was once ranked #2 in the country but basketball is gonna save us. I love CBG but wake me up when he gets us in the top 10 or 20 for that matter. Let me know what attendance would be if you had to drive or bus to basketball games. An OCS will change the culture if done properly . On a side note I have great respect for our Alumni and I think they are great.
  4. Love QF but Stevie Wonder can see he doesn't have the arm to be an NFL QB
  5. I want to thank CBG and the players that have rescued this team from disarray and chaos. This coach and team has made me proud great effort and a never say die attitude.
  6. Dude crying hope he's ok not sure what that was about
  7. But do you have any eligibility left
  8. gullibull

    Tulio Da Silva No Longer With Team

    We have work to do no doubt . But he took over a program that had collapsed. I think if we give CBG some time and room to operate he will give us a product we can be proud of. Honestly any objective review of where we were and where we are now would show solid progress.
  9. gullibull

    Tulio Da Silva No Longer With Team

    I have faith in this coach give it a couple of years
  10. gullibull

    Gotta love CFU

    Freedom of speech is alive and well ,freedom from repercussions is not guaranteed. The NFL is dead to me
  11. Okay I"m not an expert but I really feel like we are moving in the right direction.
  12. gullibull

    Houston In-Game thread

    I thought we looked like a team which is better than I could say last year . I can see the improvement and I'm excited for the future .