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  1. I'm just waiting for wiscon to walk off the field wondering what the hell just happened after K-bells offense attacks them from angles they have never seen .
  2. So nice to have a coach that's really got it together and is clearly a pro . All these years just hoping somehow our coach was better than what we were seeing
  3. I'm very proud of our team and our coach . Classy coach classy players
  4. these shot clock violations are bs we gotta get it together thats just stupid
  5. From what I have seen CBG is a class act and does things the right way just cut the checks this is our shot don't blow it .
  6. this...we are building something here....if you think this is expensive wait till try to resign CBG
  7. Good luck BK who knows why it didn't work out . Dude has a cannon and a gut like mine whats not to love I hope the guy lights it up.
  8. This year BB ...if this year under CKB offense goes as we hope I predict a grad transfer starts the following year
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