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  1. Really concerned with our coaching . I would just like to see one game when i feel like we have been properly prepared . Even if it's against a bad team . So far i have seen no evidence of this happening or even progress in that direction .
  2. I'm curious if we run the ball up the middle on 1st down
  3. A lot of teams don't have even one good QB ....and we are one of them
  4. Ok for real there some sort of deal with the devil that we agree to run every 1st down up the middle
  5. When CC is coaching some high school team in 2 years do we still have to pay him or is that on Texas
  6. I seriously wonder if we hired the best high school coach in the state and he hired all his coaches from the best high school teams in the state how we would do. Should be able to recruit well and could save a hell of a lot of money.
  7. Oh i see they have studied us and are making plays based on that research. Maybe we should try that
  8. Has anyone verified that BB actually throws with his right hand cause he is awful
  9. I expect some changes including QB in second half this is one of those situations where someone can grab the QB job and never look back. I fully expect to win this game and maybe by 2 touchdowns