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  1. Want to get the money ? Jim Leavitt field at Judy Genshaft Stadium. ...BAM your welcome
  2. Honestly I see athletes all over the field for us . Unfortunately they are all over the field.... I am encouraged by the talent but not by the coaching
  3. We have people running free into our backfield that is coaching. We have defensive backs out of position watching the runners go by and really not sure what our middle linebacker is doing he may still be on the bus last i checked he supposed to come downhill into the hole ....all coaching
  4. Lets be honest this pay for play will wreck college football. Now it seems everyone is kidding themselves there is the SEC and all of the rest of us.
  5. In conference we will have big offense outside not so much but its gonna be fun
  6. I'm with you there are plenty of good coaches that weren't great players
  7. I'll take Shawn King he seems like a class guy that everyone respects and is part of our community. I think he will be our head coach someday. I see him as a having the potential to be a great recruiter for us .
  8. punter makes tackle then head buts dude in the junk ...a classic Kerwin Bell moment
  9. This team smells like an alcoholic crapped in the dumpster behind a seafood restaurant
  10. hmmm I still feel this way ....except all the QBs have been better
  11. I think CJS is the right coach the question is can he evaluate talent and recruit. We can improve quickly if we pick up some talent on the portal and get buy in from the players . Long term we need to recruit...If not in 3 years CJS is gone and CJL will return and we will RISE LIKE A PHOENIX FROM THE ASHES AND TO TAKE OUR RIGHTFUL PLACE AMONG COLLEGE FOOTBALL ROYALTY ................or we might continue to suck and dissolve the program
  12. In my opinion CF has been the guy the whole time not sure what coach knows that I don't. But dude has a cannon and we have to stretch the field with our talent level. If you noticed our D sucks, from the first game I have said we are soft up the middle and our D backs can't cover. WE NEED TO SCORE !!! Besides if your gonna lose do it spectacularly be anything but boring.
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