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  1. I think if CJL were back this program would go crazy and so would the support . If we cold build on that excitement is another question that I don't have the answer to
  2. Sorry coach you look old and tired this is a young mans game or someone with some fire unfortunately your life force is dimming to a slow fade almost undetectable .
  3. Glad we don't have an OCS because I would recommend burning it down
  4. What was te def end doing on that play ?
  5. Not sure why we quit having Collins shooting 3s
  6. Somebody gotta nut up here
  7. **** this is getting stressful
  8. Wow look at us....I don't even care if we win but I love that we are competing
  9. It sure is nice to have a good coach
  10. Sorry there's not enough man in our men on defense. We have a metro sexual defense
  11. Better this week I've taken the rope off the rafters
  12. Keane is a gunslinger I just hope he keeps it under control
  13. The downy soft snow pillows a converted soccer team has challenged us to a game Vegas favors them by 10
  14. I get it man my wife is prone to fits of rage when we lose too....it's gonna be a long few years brother