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  1. Keep an eye on the separation they are getting in the 2nd half....could just be over committing
  2. Defense ....meh still seem weak up the middle ...DBs aren't covering very well but their QB has no arm and a horrible throwing motion
  3. Sorry no way he's our starter this year or we are screwed . IMO its coach doing the right thing, Knowing he is not the answer but giving him his best chance.
  4. This...If they can't lay off the politics I'll shut it all off ....I have better things to do with my life and they don't include bowing down. They can suck it
  5. I think that if we can play enough games we will feel like we are definitely headed in the right direction and may get an upside surprise.
  6. Jordan McCloud likely won't be on the roster next year he just doesn't have the physical skills plain and simple. Seems like a nice kid and I wish him luck with his new team.
  7. Dude you are leaving at the wrong time, things are about to get hot around here. Coach Scott about to turn it up
  8. This guy is the real deal . He is a class act and will have success here . When he does we have to do whatever it takes to keep him....whatever it takes !
  9. Probably so sadly ... But there will be some positives with the demise of sports, maybe colleges will return to having student athletes and people will have more family time . Time to reset the perspective as to what is really important in life
  10. Yes I fear sports on all levels are on the verge of destroying themselves . If sports are going to become an avenue for political expression and to push agendas then it no longer is an escape. When the distraction becomes the irritant its time to move on.
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