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  1. Not a long recovery at all. Wife had hip replacement June 5. Walking that afternoon, released from hospital next day. Therapy for a month and short walks, within ninety days she was pretty much back to busting my ba***. We are in Charleston, NC taking long walks and she is in no pain. All this and she is 71. See everyone up in Annapolis.
  2. Hmm, he ran for 158 tough yards. Mostly up the middle. What more would you want from a running back. He is a hard running durable back that is also a well spoken representative for the team. Can’t ask for any more.
  3. My wife was raised in Vermont. A beautiful state with great weather, until November. We visit between April and October. I was born and raised in Daytona, it goes below 72 degrees and I start to panic
  4. We will be in Austin. It’s a great city with lots to do. I was stationed at Ft Hood, Tx when I returned from Vietnam in 1969. Actually enrolled at UT and took a few classes. The music scene was awesome and the women were friendly. Great memories and good times. Hope to see al y’all there.
  5. I agree Bausfkid. McCloud played well last night against a nobody. Let’s not make him the next Groethe or Flowers yet. One thing he seems to have is that “it factor”. The offense, including a confused and underperforming o-line seems to be playing better when McCloud is in the game.
  6. My father used to say don’t whine, don’t make excuses and work hard. You’ll have a good life if you live with those standards. It’s Florida, it’s alway hot and wet or both. Geez, man up just a little. I’m 71, live in Gainesville and very rarely miss a home game.
  7. I could never get accepted to USF. In my day (1966 high school grad) a 3.5 was a really good GPA. I think the average GPA was 4.1 last fall. Good for the Bulls, glad we are moving up.
  8. I don't think anyone said that USF should go broke building a stadium. Something nice that could be enlarged (if needed) or improved at a later date. The fans that are anti- OCS will be the first ones to complain when we are passed over by a P5 for not having an on campus OCS They will be the first to blame the administration for dropping the ball
  9. I agree with you Army Bull. Our game day experience is incredibly bad. Always has been and always will be, until we build an OCS. I really don't care what USF builds, as long as it is on our campus. Watching the traditions at UCF yesterday reinforced my beliefs that we need our own stadium ASAP. BTW, I also served in the Army, in the late 60's. Did a tour in Nam.
  10. Live in Gville and went to the game. The bulls controlled the Gators from the beginning. Gators scored runs the last two innings because of very sloppy Bulls pitching (lots of walks). The best part of the game was watching the Gator fans streaming out after the fifth inning. Actually got a lot of compliments from Gator fans about our freshman pitcher and how well we hit.
  11. In softball, one elite pitcher can get a team a long way. As long as she has a solid (not even great) team behind her. The Bulls 2012 WCWS team is a perfect example. Nevins was one of the top five pitchers at the championships, solid defense and offense. The regional in 2012 against Hofstra, a great regional, is another example. Hofstra had one elite pitcher. She pitched almost every inning of the region, they didn't have the offense and she just wore out. The Bulls could be a top 25 team every year if CKE can recruit some pitching. Get good pitching and the hitters will follow. Easier said than done.
  12. My daughter was an elite level softball player in middle and high school. I watched hundreds of softball games over the years. My daughters travel teams always had superior pitching, which is the one thing that is lacking on USF teams. The one four year span that the bulls had great pitching was the Sarah Nevins era. She could shut down any teams hitters, just an awesome pitcher with a good team around her. Nevins came to USF to be closer to home which worked out well for USF. Elite level softball players want to play at big time schools in Power 5 conferences. Even our excellent coach, with all his connections cannot convince even one great pitcher to play at USF. It is what it is.
  13. We are 22-38 over the past five seasons. Play in someone else's stadium, miles away from the campus. We average around 20,000/game. Did CWT really direct the turn around this year? I sure hope you guys are correct when you say it's all about location.
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