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  1. I can’t really fathom that either. Perhaps many have never inherited or worked in a really tough situation or their expectations are way beyond reality, who knows. I haven’t been super impressed with his coaching and recruiting but the man deserves at least three years, especially after inheriting this god awful team plus dealing with COVID. Recruiting top athletes will also become much more difficult since UCF joined B12. So there’s also that.
  2. Oh come on now. By saying there isn’t a devil, your also insinuating there isn’t a hell. If there isn’t a hell then where do all the bad people aka non believers go. This is all so confusing.
  3. I agree M9. Light beer is like having sex in a canoe, pretty near water!
  4. All this talk about building a stadium is interesting. However, do any of you really believe that what is happening will force the USF administration to find a way to actually build a stadium. I mean do they really give a **** about football?
  5. Don’t think anyone is throwing the team away. Just commenting on the teams play in yesterday’s match. You have to ask yourself was this just a bad day on the field, hopefully. They are probably not as good as we hoped for and not as bad as they showed yesterday.
  6. I was a high school and college soccer referee for many years, watched a LOT of soccer. Bay Island Bulls is on the money, without a dominant defense even a team with a good offense has a difficult time winning. We had neither, at least for this match. I won’t even talk about our midfield play, it was pathetic. The goalkeeper is the best player on the team, to bad she doesn’t get a better defensive effort. Luckily, we play in conference not known for women’s soccer, so there’s that.
  7. We have two daughters living in North Carolina. One near Charlotte and one in Asheville. Good road trip to see a game and family, so we will be there.
  8. Don’t know who is eligible to leave if they are drafted. Once signed a player is not eligible for the draft until they have played three years or they turn 21, whichever comes first.
  9. I was stationed at Ft Hood, Tx when I came back from Nam in 1969. At first I was bummed out because Ft Hood really sucked. Almost volunteered to go back, then I discovered Austin. The girls were awesome and the BBQ was great, even enrolled at UT and took a few classes. The Texans really know how to Q up some good beef, especially brisket. The best I have had, not even close. Pork and chicken is good, just not any better than anywhere else in the south. Yep, the women at UT and the Q probably saved my life!
  10. I live in Gainesville and I rarely post, however I enjoy the read on this site. Also a long time football season ticket holder. I attended all the Bulls games this weekend and some Florida and South Alabama (also a good team) games as well. To me the bottom line is this is an improving team that is well coached and never stops believing in themselves. Really enjoyable to be at the games and watch these guys play and support each other. Go Bulls
  11. Not a long recovery at all. Wife had hip replacement June 5. Walking that afternoon, released from hospital next day. Therapy for a month and short walks, within ninety days she was pretty much back to busting my ba***. We are in Charleston, NC taking long walks and she is in no pain. All this and she is 71. See everyone up in Annapolis.
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