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  1. I'm excited about their potential as well, but we are getting way ahead of ourselves. I'm hoping that they will be better than the Johnson/Tice duo from last year, but nobody has come close to showing the ability of Marlon. The Spring game may help us find out more and they should all see time vs. Elon, but the GT game will be the first true test of the new backs. I hope Bell is in the mix, as he looks to be the speed back of the group and speed was lacking at RB last year. I'm also hoping Chris O prevails at QB.
  2. We also need to keep rotating the DL throughout the game so Hector and Senat are fresh in the 4th Q. From the Houston game on, it seems like Strong is rotating them less which has led to some 4th quarter fatigue.
  3. USF/UCF offensive and defensive stats are pretty similar from a yardage perspective, but the obvious difference is that they score TD's instead of kicking FG's. USF has attempted 23 FG's, while UCF has only attempted 12. Yes, part of it is that we have a good kicker, but we have kicked 9 from 20-29 yards, while they have only kicked 3 from the same distance. As many have stated all year, our red zone offense (although, I would say from the 35 yard line in) has been atrocious, and Charlie doesn't mind playing for FG's. Frost wants to score on every play. Also, our top receivers have very similar stats (48 catches 737 yards vs. 44 catches 850 yards), but MV-S has 5 TD's vs. Smith's 11 TD's. Some of the scoring differences are attributed to the fact that they have more team speed at RB and WR (like we had with 5 and 87 last year), which leads to long TD's, but if the Bulls can take advantage of their scoring opportunities in UCF territory, I like our chances on Friday. This will take a little creativity from Gilbert including some screens and wheel routes to 2, the seam route to 89 (9 will make the throw), no drops from 11 and 12, and some opportunities for 8 to run some Knights over on bubble screens. 9 will take care of the rest. Oh, and like Navy and SMU, the defense needs to hold them to 31 or less.
  4. DJ is definitely a better all-around back (currently being underutilized as a receiver) and should be the starter. Tice is a North and South bruiser, but not much else. I hate when he tries to take it outside (like tonight's 5 yard loss), but he usually sticks to what he does well. I actually like the way Gilbert/King use them interchangeably, except that DJ should ALWAYS be in there on obvious passing downs. Neither of them have the burst of #5, but we knew that before the season started. I hope we have more of a thunder and lightning duo next year... Kronkite and Bell (or a fast as **** true freshman TBD)?
  5. No question about it. He went for it when he should have taken FG's in the first half, then played for the field goal and mismanaged the clock in the process at the end of the game. Everyone in the stadium knew our D was dog tired and to leave the game in their hands instead of trying to score a TD and run clock is just bad coaching. Classic Charlie. He was handed a great opportunity this year and blew it. Houston was the first team we played with similar talent to ours this year and look what happened. However, they did it with their back up QB and 3rd string RB... UConn in 40 degree weather next week is no lay up after this deflating loss (for those that think we could still run the table).
  6. I assume that you are saying that we are 7-0 despite a ridiculously low number of receptions going to the RB's. The biggest complaint of Gilbert/Strong (Charlie seems to be talking on the headset quite a bit when we have the ball) is red zone play calling. Your stats show that DJ scored on about 17% of his receptions last year, which is almost exactly the same percentage as this year. The one time DJ caught a pass in the red zone this year, it went for an easy score vs. Illinois. Houston has been a really bad 2nd half team (they obviously miss Herman), but they are very talented and should have beaten Memphis. We should easily beat them and cover the number at home, but we can't do that with the same vanilla game plan. Being physical and aggressive on defense and being little creative on offense with some more throws to 2 and run/pass options for Q in the red zone should do it. Go Bulls.
  7. Agreed, the biggest issue is the red zone play calling. Regarding Q's running stats, I had a feeling they would go down, simply because the threat of 5 (and sometimes 87) gave him much more room to operate last year. Defenses are definitely spying him and trying to eliminate the big play, which is easier to do when there is no true home run threat in our backfield or on jet sweeps. He's also sliding more this year, which is smart early in the season to stay healthy. The RB and TE receiving stats are definitely the most telling. DJ and MW are a matchup nightmare for opposing LB's and Gilbert has not found enough ways to exploit it enough. He had a great play call vs. Illinois inside the 20 where Q looked right then through back to DJ who snuck out into the flat on the left, then walked into the end zone. I haven't seen it called again since. MW down the seam and on short crossing routes were staples last year and we just haven't seen them very much. The throws to 2 and 89 are also high percentage and serve as great check downs for Q. Outside of the red zone, I will also say that Q is not definitely not throwing as good of a long ball as last year and Gilbert's offense is definitely designed to hit them deep. Q would admit it as much. I wonder if the change in his throwing motion may have back fired a bit.
  8. Bingo. The game WAS NOT well in hand. It is true that Willie ran like 9 plays last year, but most of them had multiple options and variations and allowed the coach and players to be creative. The creativity this year has been minimal although I know its in the playbook, because he has run a handful of misdirection pass plays to the RB's and TE's that have worked, but he never comes back to them. If we start finishing drives, I will stop complaining, because the offense has racked up some serious yardage (albeit against a very weak schedule)... On the other hand, it is so good to see us playing defense again and taking pride in shutting teams down... They are the reason I am still very confident vs. UCF.
  9. I thought the same thing when I read that story. Also, every time we hurry to the line and try a quick snap, we hand off up the middle. Everyone knows it and it rarely works. Half the time we try it, we get a false start anyway. I would like to think Gilbert is setting up some play action for bigger games, but I would prefer to work on it in all games, so that we run it to perfection when we really need it. Q should have a run/pass option in at least half of our red zone plays, and that's just not happening. Who cares if it's on tape? The defense still has to defend it, and if they think it could be coming, it may end up opening up the middle. We obviously do not have the speed from last year (5 and 87), so I understand that he wants to run power with 2 and 6, but he is still underutilizing Q and I don't want it to hurt against teams like Houston and UCF. We only have him 6 or 7 more games, so its time to open up the playbook and let him do his thing.
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 117 seconds  
  11. Regarding my favorite USF road trip, it is so hard to choose between Auburn and FSU. Auburn had more tradition IMO and the War Eagle circling the stadium was amazing. From a strictly football perspective, FSU gets the slight edge because no one really knew how special BJ would be in his first start, whereas it didn't shock any USF fans that Grothe played so well vs. Auburn. Completely agree with those that have mentioned how dominant our defense was in Tallahassee. In hindsight, it should be no surprise based on the future NFL players (some with longer careers then others) on the field that day: Selvie, JPP, Murphy, Raymond, Barrington, McClain, Allen, Wilson?, Marshall? Am I missing someone? How many future NFL'ers are on our current defense? We turned FSU over 6 times that day (4 fumbles and 2 picks) and beat the hell out of Ponder. The score should have actually been much worse. We will need to do something similar to Golson and the crew tomorrow morning. Leaving the house for Tally @ 2:30 today. Go Bulls!
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