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  1. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    AAC Tournament

    Cincy hits a dinger on the second pitch of the ballgame from PS. And good lord this video feed is pure crap.
  2. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    AAC Tournament

    84 Pitches through 3, woof. Probably only going to go 4.
  3. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    Student fee to possibly fund on-campus football stadium

    99% when I'm on it.
  4. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    Bulls vs Memphis: Info and in game discussion

    God I hope we can keep Collins around. Kid is fun to watch right now.
  5. They're doing all this with a plethora of draft picks they acquired too like from the Bolts for freeing up Garrison's contract. They picked 12 times in the '17 draft, 3 in the first and two in the second. Unreal.
  6. Wow. At least our ladies are a hell of a basketball team, MBB is just depressing.
  7. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    Well now that all of the fun topics have...

  8. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    A bit of a sad day...,

    I was a Jaguars, Lightning, and USF fan from 2011-2014. The Bolts ECF run kept me from killing myself.
  9. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    USF switching to Adidas?

    That sucks. I was pissed when I got to USF in '09 and they had just switched from Nike to UA but I really came around and started to like them. Not a fan of Adidas at all but they wouldn't do it if it weren't better for the school.
  10. My take on this game is Q just will not let this team lose. Kid has a fire in him not many can match.
  11. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    Caption this photo

    Talk to the hand, gnat.
  12. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    Senior Day Attendance

    This is very likely Qs last game at home as a Bull. I hope there's a lot of people there.
  13. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    USF today...

    bs in Civil '14. There is a few of us here. Campus was amazing when I left and has even gotten a hell of a facelift in the 3.5 years I've been gone. So many new Apartments right next to campus too.
  14. BullsBoltsJagsRays

    There's a lot of fun left!

    Unfortunately he also said they just kept running up the middle because they were waiting to break a big one. There's just this Ed Oliver guy there but sure let's keep doing it until we break one, which obviously never happened.