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  1. Its a rivalry game, in our house, and we have nothing to lose and everything to gain! The college football universe will sing our praises for shutting them up and not talking about them ever again. This is where we turn it around!
  2. We need some fans to go over there and let our presence be known. Create some signs and wave some flags!
  3. It still ruins my day. It doesnt ruin my week anymore like it used to so that is progress. At least I have the lightning to fall back on.
  4. i feel you jim. we got the golden ticket and did little with it. since that time we have yet to win a conference championship. hell we havent even won a divisional championship in all this time. sure those wins against big or ranked teams were great dont get me wrong, but our trophy case is remains empty. a work friend, a ucf fan (yea i know) had a last minute cancellation for the ucf vs usf game last year and i immediately grabbed them. our families sat together but obviously within the ucf section so that part sucked. it wasnt terrible as there was some green around but we were c
  5. before the houston game i wouldve called you crazy. i think itll be a close game. since its in orlando, i think they have the edge.
  6. it really looks great, but it makes usf look bad to announce this without any real backing from high level donors or even a time line for construction.
  7. how many donors were signed up to fund this prior to its announcement?
  8. looks good to me. how will it be paid for? $40m is a lot to ask for in private donations. when will construction start?
  9. peach bowl is still attainable if we win out. after this weekend, losing to a mediocre houston team at home, i dont know if we can beat a great ucf team on the road. let alone following that up with a win over memphis in a championship game. i have my doubts.
  10. all the **** knights in my office are giving me **** today. kill me now
  11. very disappointed in the outcome. i was looking into buying tickets vs ucf, but wont be going now.
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