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    Joining P5 vs Being P6

    It means once they have invested more into us then it will be in their best business interest to promote us more than currently. Right now they don't need to do any promotions because the product is selling itself and is profitable relative to their minimal investment.
  2. FAU is probably better than GT and Illinois this year. I really like their running game. They aren't a bad team at all. They'll win at least 9 games this year, probably 10.
  3. I'd love to be wrong on B, may your insanity lead to power status! I'd be happy to call you a genius then. You read too much into a screen name that was created long ago. If I could change it I would, because a lot of people (you included) automatically begin driveling over the inconsequential whenever they see it. If I had known it would bring out the lowest denominator in otherwise reasonable people I wouldn't have paid homage at the time. At the time I was starting grad school and they were brought up to the conference and were pretty good...not a big deal. It doesn't change my lifelong ties to a school that you can't claim any superiority over me to.
  4. A) Fair enough B) I don't think that's how it works C) Wut?
  5. You are beginning to sound insane.
  6. ECUshoein

    Joining P5 vs Being P6

    The media gives the power, once the media deals normalize there will be more power distributed due to business interests. It's not that you're wrong for believing what you do, but you miss a lot of things being stuck in first gear like you are.
  7. ECUshoein

    Joining P5 vs Being P6

    Correction: that's everything missing. The hardest parts are already done: select market identification, competitiveness and development of talent.
  8. Admirable sentiment, but unrealistic.
  9. The MWC is significantly weaker than the AAC. I'm not sure that's even a conversation point outside of some mountain west fan boards. The AAC deal is going to dwarf MWC and further separate.
  10. I think the standard has been set unrealistically high with a recent undefeated season. It's likely the NY6 participant and conference champ will have at least one loss. That said, its good for the conference if FAU loses big. We need as many teams in the poll as possible. If FAU wins we have zero top 25 teams.
  11. ECUshoein

    Joining P5 vs Being P6

    I personally think the conference is well on its way to P6, the only thing missing is revenue and a shot at playoff. Sure the conference is being held up by 5-6 teams, but outside of the SEC and BIG 10 that's true everywhere. Competitively this season I would put the American on par with PAC12 and BIG12. Hopefully with increased revenue the top tier of American teams can further push the narrative and the middling teams slowly improve the foundation.
  12. Not my CFO. I'm just being objective.
  13. ECUshoein


    SOS means nothing 2 weeks in. Really it doesn't mean much period since it's foundation is a preseason power 5 beauty contest.