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  1. He has 3 QBs (Patterson, Burrow, and Robison (FAU)). And another FAU player. No Blake Barnett. Lol. Smh.
  2. Rongelo

    Mitch Wilcox

    He’s going to the League.
  3. It rained a good amount during the Houston game last year.
  4. Rongelo

    New kicker!!

    The misses were from 39 and 47 and happened during the same game. http://www.espn.com/college-football/playbyplay?gameId=400951258
  5. Rongelo

    Is today Signing Day?

    Early Signing period killed the majority of the suspense for the Bulls this year lol
  6. Rongelo

    Welcome HBDive

    3rd and 4 HBDive.
  7. IDK if this was brought up in the thread yet, but Kean will be a RS Jr next year...so he might as well stay the whole season and be a grad transfer QB if he doesn’t win the job. Unless of course...he graduates this spring or summer...then he can leave earlier.
  8. Rongelo

    Week 4 Games to Watch

    True. Need them to beat SD state later this year lol.
  9. Rongelo

    CBS Sports Network

    Yeah...the game vs ECU at 12PM.
  10. I think we surprise and win tonight. Especially after CCS "fired up" the team.
  11. Rongelo

    MLS Draft

    ****. Bartman hasn't been drafted yet.