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  1. Generally you're just annoying, but way to display how pathetic you really are. Trolled by a central florida fan and you make them come out of this as the more reasonable humans. Oh well.
  2. I wasn't around for this discussion at it's origin and I just perused some early comments on this thread and liked the one where us being BCS and them not, that ignoring them would only benefit us while playing them could slightly benefit both. I would've hitched to your not playing them ever again bandwagon years ago. Now, I don't think us going "down" to their level had anything to do with playing ucf, but had a lot to do with trying to block them from coming to "up" to our conference and declining ESPiN's TV contract. Now I also found out via this thread that the ACC wanted us? Oh hell that would've been great. I like this conference, I feel we're underrated (not our offense, but that's another rant), but like everyone has stated, we lost that lottery. And as far as now being "down" to their level, I wouldn't complain about scoring 30+points every game (again) AND winning them. And Gameday even talked about giving their co-championship claim legitimacy. I would like to have the spotlight on us like it is east of here. I'm stoked about the opportunity to derail their season and even though I don't feel like we have a great chance of doing so, but games are played on the **** field and we have the talent to win and win big. ucf has done a great job of capitalizing on the opportunities provided them; we have not. However, we're in the same conference and have the same ability to lift ourselves into the spotlight and Friday is a great opportunity to do just that.
  3. Like our football team, this is a young squad. They have the ability to play spoiler in the conference tourney. Living in Orlando, selfishly, I'd love to get Skublak up here to play on my rec league co-ed team. I snagged Nikki Lauderback on the women's side and she always gets former players to play with us. Since then we've been destroying these Orlando wannabes (rec league only I know, but it's fun none-the-less). Using fellow Bulls to dominate their leagues makes my soul smile
  4. lololol. <replaced> We had a hell of a team the last two years and finished ranked, something even ucf can't claim (though they may try). We did blow our chance at a conference title which should be our goal every year. Yes our fans focus too much on our opponents from the BE days and not enough on our actual team. We should go to the games for USF football and enjoy the product on the field. We never won the BE, we simply dominated ucf and won some big games. Those days are gone. We still play good opponents in Houston, Memphis, Navy, and yes even ucf. We win more now than before and though many of our fans feel the AAC is below us, we haven't won that yet either. Something that will change very soon though. Somehow the white trash of Oviedo found a way to up their program while in the AAC and yet we're stuck here dying according to our fans? Makes no sense to me to be this pessimistic about what amounts to a very exciting time in our short football history. We're acting spoiled to a point that some outsiders might actually mistake us for knight fans. That **** is sad. We're poised to come in under the radar with QF gone, and we'll be playing for the East title on Black Friday en route to destroying the mindless ego of our lesser neighbors and some of our fanbase isn't excited by that? I'm sorry so many have lost their thrill for various reasons. It simply seems like a d*mn odd time to do so. I hope you find it again and I get to see you at Ray Jay.
  5. Tre Nixon is a RS Sophmore and is eligible. Obviously if Mathis didn't file a waiver request or if there was a deadline then he could've missed his chance. However, if he followed a similar course then he should be able to play this year. This article isn't quite 3 months old http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/ucf-knights/os-sp-ucf-tre-nixon-eligibility-20180510-story.html
  6. If ucf got Tre Nixon to have immediate eligibility then no reason why Mathis won't as well. A talented weapon is never a bad thing to have.
  7. And here come the ucf people trying to bait us. I'm clearly a few days and nearly 2 dozen pages late to this conversation. For transparency I didn't get my undergrad at USF, just graduate; I married a Bull and am all in though. I was in Tampa in 07' going to games and it was no-doubt electric, the West Virginia rivalry was so much better than ucf, but am I the only one who remembers being disappointed at where we were at the end of the BE seasons? I had full faith we'd rise up and compete for a conference title every season, but maybe it isn't a revisionist memory that reminds me we didn't finish a season ranked while in the BE. We were ranked #2 for a singular week, Ray Jay was f*cking rocking and we had left ucf in our dust while in the BE. **** changes and we hold onto those past days like we peaked in high school and can't get over it. We've finished the last 2 seasons ranked (2 more times than we did in the BE) and just because ESPiN won't rank us or our current conference mates (Memphis, Houston) appropriately doesn't mean the AAC is terrible, at worst it's not as deep in talent and obviously no tradition (**** Tulsa and Tulane), but is underappreciated. I do miss the program excitement of the BE days and CJL, but the product on the field and been exciting and quite honestly...better. We're finishing seasons strong even if last year was a disappointment just because of how close we were to being in the national conversation again. I am so **** stoked about the upcoming season and fully expect to win the conference title (another thing we never did in the BE) and finish Strong again. My only disappointment lately has been the apathy of some in the fanbase. So what, it's their problem, I will continue to enjoy the winning on the field and the memories these Saturdays give my friends and family.
  8. I don't believe our class ranking (while respectable) properly highlights how solid this class is. We went out and got all the big bodies to compete in the trenches. Controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball is always a plus and wins more games than we realize sometimes. I've heard (like you all have as well) that Strong isn't too fond of this place, but should he move on, this class is a foundation type recruitment cycle that any coach can build upon. P.S. I can't wait to see Kirby and Waller decimate backfields
  9. "Bay-made, Bay-stayed" is an important mantra. So much talent here and keeping it is key to our sustained success. With a little bit of time Taggart has us on a great trajectory and should we get invited to the B12; we'd be a national power in half a decade.
  10. Texas flirted with the PAC-10 as the Southwest Conference was collapsing before joining up with the Big 8 to create this current mess. Texas controls their own destiny and if they don't like the $$$ figures at the end of the day; they'll stand pat until they find themselves a better situation. When I say "themselves" I mean Oklahoma too, as well as Texas Tech and OK St (since they ride coattails better than UCF). Will we really be in a better situation if the current Big 12 crumbles into the Big East 2.0? If there is stability in the future of the Big 12 (I believe there could be) then they need the footprint in Florida that we provide alongside our incredibly strong academics that they supposedly covet (Texas is a "Public Ivy" and all) and our large media market. I'm not worried that we're not a trending name on twitter, we're working behind the scenes diligently (I strongly assume) to state our case to the Big 12 presidents and when everything sorts its way out; we'll be in an excellent position. I'm trying not to get caught up in this expansion talk until there is something more concrete to talk about. Schools like Cinci, UCF, and Memphis believe they're "locks" for Big 12 expansion. If it's only 2 teams, obviously at least one of them are lying to themselves; if it's 4 teams, then it's definitely the golden knights, USF, Cinci, and probably UCONN. Either way, I'm not too worried about our inclusion (we have a **** strong argument to be included) or exclusion (because the conference could fall apart and we'd be a very attractive candidate for the 4 super conference alignment). I'm more excited about this upcoming season than I have been in years.
  11. Sorry I'm failing at this quote section. I see your point though. I did my undergrad at North Dakota State and my graduate at USF. My wife is the full fledged Bull. Fortunately the colors are the same. Her money goes to USF athletic department and mine heads up north (except for the season tickets and such). I had no issue with UCF until I moved to Orlando. The school itself seems nice, like I said it's gorgeous, the people that come out of that school have been royal pains in my ass. My wife has always hated them and I adopted her prejudices. That doesn't take away some of what their program offers and where we are falling short. It's harder for me to get a ticket to a NDSU game than a USF one, the Fargodome is a loud (indoor facilty helps) and difficult place to play at. We put 18k there every game. I know USF's numbers are reported higher, but no way there is more of us in RJS than in Fargo. I get inundated with golden knight (I've found they absolutely hate that moniker more than anything, not sure why) information constantly. My simulation guy went there and so did my junior analyst (the lazy one in my office). However, to be absolutely objective, they are the more attractive option at the moment. That will change with time and a couple factors. When O'Leary dies (can't be too far away), then the backbone of their program goes away. They've put everything into the O'Leary basket and against common sense (recruiting violations, athlete death, discrimination lawsuit) it's worked for them on the field and in the public perception. I believe expansion isn't coming right away, and if Taggart can get things turned around (recruiting has been great, his personality is a bit squirrelly to me) and we get momentum for an OCS, then USF is back in the discussion. We need to own our large TV market too. Then we can leave them behind again.
  12. I share an office with a UCF alum and am subjected to obnoxious banter daily about their program. He's always on their Rivals board at work and was kind enough to point out that this thread is an on-going joke on their board. I can see why. Maybe we should sit back and look at this objectively. First and foremost, I want to say that they're not going to be accepted to the BIG 12 unless it's a backfill position in which they'll be left in a different version of the AAC/C-USA. Now they're talking about the ACC is interested in them as well and they'll have the pick of the two. A ton of ego and delusion on their behalf. However, they are a significantly more attractive addition to P5 expansion than we are; even with a known morally inept AD. We have a larger TV market (bodes well for us), we don't even register on it. They have a smaller but still solid TV market in which they are the most popular school in town (a social media demographic affiliation map showed that they owned central Florida and UF owned us as well and the majority of Florida, and Miami had their section, and FSU had the top half). That bodes well for them. We still live in 07', yes we were ranked #2 in the nation. A solid accomplishment, (and oh so much sweeter that it was earned by standing on the corpse of what was their team), but why do we forget that we didn't finish the season ranked? We've never finished a season ranked, they have (multiple times), in the top 10 even. Their football program has surpassed us, it sucks to say, and definitely did so with some underhanded work (David Kelly, O'Leary, etc). It's true, they've won multiple conference titles and we have a mascot challenge. We are paying 3 separate individuals for our head-coaching position. 2 of them not to be our **** coach. The one we do pay to be our coach is threatening to drive our program into the bay if he can't get his great recruiting classes to pan out. Central Florida is paying one guy to do two jobs, one of which he's done a **** good job, and the other he could succeed because of the good ole boy nature of college athletics that will overlook every indiscretion (of which there are many) of his. They have an OCS that they put 40k people into every game, and we have a cavernous RJS that the golden knights brought more fans to last year than we did. Their campus is gorgeous (I had to go there for some work-related crap 2 years ago) and they have an indoor practice facility (doesn't help their athlete's health does it). Their president is in some union with several of the BIG 12 presidents and he networks with those guys all the time. We have f***ing Genshaft. I hear a term all the time "Gen-Shafted" and not just from the blowhard who is napping at his desk atm, but from a lot of people not affiliated with that school. She's burned more bridges than Sherman. It pains me to say that they are clearly the better option for expansion than we are. Obviously 10 years ago it was us who were the better option and that's why the Big East took us, but the tables have turned. There is some great potential for USF, and if expansion is prolonged a few years we could be the hot item again. First we need an OCS, second Taggart needs to get this young talent to start winning. I see that happening this season. That'll drive attendance up which in turn will increase revenue/demand for the program and raise interest in an OCS. If I can drive down to games from Orlando, I expect locals to make it to Tampa. Listen expansion isn't happening now which is good for us because we'd be left out if it was. Also, it's killing those golden knights, all they talk about is expansion and how everyone wants their taint. They get their hopes up from every tweet mentioning them, and when expansion happens down the road without them, it'll be nice to see them sob all over the internet.
  13. USF is a quality research school and produces some capable graduates. They are lacking in trash talk and athletic math abilities. Sure you're 4-2 against us, had a very lopsided win over us when you were an okay team. I remember you were ranked once during a season. However, USF UCF Conference Titles: 0 4 Top 25 end of season: 0 2 BCS Bowl Victories: 0 1 We'll level up our head-to-head record in two seasons. I just hope you pick things up so we can continue this rivalry, otherwise it'll end when we leave you behind in the next P5 conference expansion
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