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  1. I mean it'd be nice if he went higher than 7th rd for various reasons, but if he lands in SF that's a great spot for him. Shanahan's offense does a great job of putting personnel into positions to succeed and his increased role along the line this season should help him get on the field in reprieve situations. The combine should highlight his athleticism to get him drafted and if he goes to SF he becomes a better player that should help with longevity and is an injury away from being featured in an offense that values his position.
  2. I got a parking pas to Garage F one year which is close to the Football stadium and immediately adjacent to the baseball stadium where the official away team tailgating is located for the football games. Its also away from almost all the UCF tailgating. The older UCF fans who suffered through losing for decades aren't bad at all, quite sympathetic to our current plight, the younger fans are insufferable. I know I sound like I'm 80, but I'm in my 30s, so basically anyone below 40 there sucks to deal with. The stadium really isn't bad at all and they've sectioned off walking around the stadium for "premium" seating sections. It's annoying that you can't circumvent the interior, but it helps with concessions, which still take long. So good luck with that. You won't come close to dying, we're just salty we don't have a stadium, but you will cook if it's an early kickoff. That aluminum seating turns into a convection oven when the sun is out
  3. I like the scheme, not the execution. Heupel calls the plays, Lebby is truly a part time QB coach and part time Coordinator. The personnel we should steal is their 2 best recruiters and position coaches not tied to Randy Shannon; Elarbee (OL coach) and Shane Burnham (DL coach who was at Rutgers I believe). They've gotten some big young talent on their lines and we sure as hell could use that here. I'd like a young offensive coach for HC and both of those guys as coordinators. We can get skill players all **** day here, in the trenches at a G5 is hard to build up and that's where we're falling short. And then to your point of weakening them in the process is what makes this scenario for me
  4. Maybe get this thread closer to on track. Coaching candidates I would like to replace CCS when he is fired. 1. Mike Yurcich: (QB coach Ohio St) #3 scoring offense in 2019 so far. OC for Ok St 13' to 18' where they finished 17th, 4th, and 13th from 2016 to 2018 under his guidance. Ohio boy but can find what he needs recruiting Florida 2. Jason Candle: (HC of Toledo) another Ohio boy who is 31-14 at crappy Toledo with a conf title and offenses that ranked 19th, 16th, and 9th in scoring from 2016 to 2018. He is only 42 as well. Young and has something to prove 3. Ricky Rahne: (OC for Pedo St) No Florida guys on my shortlist but he has moved up the ranks in Happy Valley has helped orchestrate top 25 scoring offense in 3 of the past 4 years, developed Trace McSorley and is rocking the #5 offense in 19'. He too is young (39) but played QB at Cornell. Nothing special about my opinion, but some young offensive minded coaches with energy and something to prove and no golden parachutes from blue-bloods are very appealing to me. I have no problem if we became a stepping stone to a bigger paying job for some of these coaches as long as they win here. That is so much better than being a place where mediocre coaches go to die. (only Strong fits that description at this time).
  5. Listen, I agree that it's horsesht. But it does exist and recruits are talking about it. Perception trumps reality in so many people's minds. In this scenario, yes it lends credence to their claims. It's not so much a sketchy poll as it is antiquated, but it's in the NCAA records. I'm aware they don't award national titles to football, but does the average or below average 17 year old and their parents know that?
  6. Can't tell if serious or not. It's on page 6000 something section C of the NCAA record book or whatever. I've had it shown to me enough to know it exists. All based on the Colley Matrix I believe, but the **** NCAA put it in their records. Yay them. I've actually seen recruits mention that BS on twitter. No matter our feelings on the subject, this lends some credibility to their outlandish claim
  7. I get why ucf doesn't schedule 2 for 1s not in their favor. They sell-out often and losing a home game is big revenue for them, especially given each school's small cut from the ****** media contract we have with the American. For us, we don't come close to selling out, we need these 2 for 1s to get marquee matchups that put butts in the seats. I'm really happy with our OOC schedule. I would LOVE to be in a position to demand 1 for 1s. It's not like we're ULM and playing 1 offs for cash, but that doesn't matter, how we schedule doesn't concern ucf and going out in interviews ******** about it is their problem not ours. Getting our dicks kicked in this year in the War on I4 series annoys me. It used not to, I didn't even realize this was a thing until recently. Now it only bugs me because it gives them bragging rights across all sports now. I will say this, I finally care about golf and rowing and women's softball because I want to make sure we don't give points up to ucf. It has made me more aware of our broader athletics department. It has also made me less comfortable living in enemy territory. I no longer share an office with a ucf tool, but I live alongside many. I also have spent more $$ on athletics as a result and I'm fine with that. As for them doing things the right or wrong way in gaining notoriety. Their stadium isn't even close to awesome, but it's THEIRS. On campus, easy commute, loud as hell sometimes, and better than many here give it credit for. Hell, it's "bouncing" attribute that we like to mock constantly, is a fun tidbit for media crews to talk about. The National Championship that they didn't win, is recognized by the NCAA now. I don't feel they were the best team in the nation and they would've been smoked in the corrupt and biased playoff system, but no one beat them (including us and we were so close) to prove they weren't the best. And now the NCAA gives credence to their misguided claim. Danny White can choke on a **** if he keeps commenting on how we do things, he needs to focus on his school and get a few OOC games scheduled. He has though, when focused, done some good things over there. College Gameday had to be a fun atmosphere, negative and positive publicity has been way up and his FB HC hires have been spot on (I'm really hoping CCS puts it all together this year). The building funding issue they had a few months ago is now legal. I don't know the ins and outs of all that, but I bet that UF and FSU would be busted for the same thing right now if audited and they got the legislation changed. For me, the truth is, I miss the George O'Leary days. They were slightly less obnoxious and a lot less successful. There are some things we do differently that I'm very happy we do it our way. I won't lie and say that I'm not a touch envious of some of their on the field accomplishments. And yes their conference titles count. I first went to North Dakota, clearly they aren't in a P5 conference or as you all know FBS, yet it's their continual success and trophies on the field that has gained it notoriety. ucf is doing the same thing just on a bigger stage and via social media. I like our ethical approach to matters, just wouldn't mind a little bit more investment into Football. The wife and I donate, but are in no position to be big fish, wish we could be. I clearly don't have the answers, but continuing to look back on the old days and how great they were and how much we had left them in our rear view smacks of washouts and has beens and we are not that. Yes we are in direct competition with ucf and are light years ahead academically, but this is a sports board, and currently, with the same or even more resources (the Big East $$), they're beating us for the time being. This season can definitely be different for us and I hope we start of 7-0 like last year, but finish 6-0 as well. I don't believe in everything ucf has done, but clearly not everything they've done has been wrong; subjectively it would be nice if we had some of their athletics swagger as well.
  8. Generally you're just annoying, but way to display how pathetic you really are. Trolled by a central florida fan and you make them come out of this as the more reasonable humans. Oh well.
  9. I wasn't around for this discussion at it's origin and I just perused some early comments on this thread and liked the one where us being BCS and them not, that ignoring them would only benefit us while playing them could slightly benefit both. I would've hitched to your not playing them ever again bandwagon years ago. Now, I don't think us going "down" to their level had anything to do with playing ucf, but had a lot to do with trying to block them from coming to "up" to our conference and declining ESPiN's TV contract. Now I also found out via this thread that the ACC wanted us? Oh hell that would've been great. I like this conference, I feel we're underrated (not our offense, but that's another rant), but like everyone has stated, we lost that lottery. And as far as now being "down" to their level, I wouldn't complain about scoring 30+points every game (again) AND winning them. And Gameday even talked about giving their co-championship claim legitimacy. I would like to have the spotlight on us like it is east of here. I'm stoked about the opportunity to derail their season and even though I don't feel like we have a great chance of doing so, but games are played on the **** field and we have the talent to win and win big. ucf has done a great job of capitalizing on the opportunities provided them; we have not. However, we're in the same conference and have the same ability to lift ourselves into the spotlight and Friday is a great opportunity to do just that.
  10. Like our football team, this is a young squad. They have the ability to play spoiler in the conference tourney. Living in Orlando, selfishly, I'd love to get Skublak up here to play on my rec league co-ed team. I snagged Nikki Lauderback on the women's side and she always gets former players to play with us. Since then we've been destroying these Orlando wannabes (rec league only I know, but it's fun none-the-less). Using fellow Bulls to dominate their leagues makes my soul smile
  11. lololol. <replaced> We had a hell of a team the last two years and finished ranked, something even ucf can't claim (though they may try). We did blow our chance at a conference title which should be our goal every year. Yes our fans focus too much on our opponents from the BE days and not enough on our actual team. We should go to the games for USF football and enjoy the product on the field. We never won the BE, we simply dominated ucf and won some big games. Those days are gone. We still play good opponents in Houston, Memphis, Navy, and yes even ucf. We win more now than before and though many of our fans feel the AAC is below us, we haven't won that yet either. Something that will change very soon though. Somehow the white trash of Oviedo found a way to up their program while in the AAC and yet we're stuck here dying according to our fans? Makes no sense to me to be this pessimistic about what amounts to a very exciting time in our short football history. We're acting spoiled to a point that some outsiders might actually mistake us for knight fans. That **** is sad. We're poised to come in under the radar with QF gone, and we'll be playing for the East title on Black Friday en route to destroying the mindless ego of our lesser neighbors and some of our fanbase isn't excited by that? I'm sorry so many have lost their thrill for various reasons. It simply seems like a d*mn odd time to do so. I hope you find it again and I get to see you at Ray Jay.
  12. Tre Nixon is a RS Sophmore and is eligible. Obviously if Mathis didn't file a waiver request or if there was a deadline then he could've missed his chance. However, if he followed a similar course then he should be able to play this year. This article isn't quite 3 months old http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/ucf-knights/os-sp-ucf-tre-nixon-eligibility-20180510-story.html
  13. If ucf got Tre Nixon to have immediate eligibility then no reason why Mathis won't as well. A talented weapon is never a bad thing to have.
  14. And here come the ucf people trying to bait us. I'm clearly a few days and nearly 2 dozen pages late to this conversation. For transparency I didn't get my undergrad at USF, just graduate; I married a Bull and am all in though. I was in Tampa in 07' going to games and it was no-doubt electric, the West Virginia rivalry was so much better than ucf, but am I the only one who remembers being disappointed at where we were at the end of the BE seasons? I had full faith we'd rise up and compete for a conference title every season, but maybe it isn't a revisionist memory that reminds me we didn't finish a season ranked while in the BE. We were ranked #2 for a singular week, Ray Jay was f*cking rocking and we had left ucf in our dust while in the BE. **** changes and we hold onto those past days like we peaked in high school and can't get over it. We've finished the last 2 seasons ranked (2 more times than we did in the BE) and just because ESPiN won't rank us or our current conference mates (Memphis, Houston) appropriately doesn't mean the AAC is terrible, at worst it's not as deep in talent and obviously no tradition (**** Tulsa and Tulane), but is underappreciated. I do miss the program excitement of the BE days and CJL, but the product on the field and been exciting and quite honestly...better. We're finishing seasons strong even if last year was a disappointment just because of how close we were to being in the national conversation again. I am so **** stoked about the upcoming season and fully expect to win the conference title (another thing we never did in the BE) and finish Strong again. My only disappointment lately has been the apathy of some in the fanbase. So what, it's their problem, I will continue to enjoy the winning on the field and the memories these Saturdays give my friends and family.
  15. I don't believe our class ranking (while respectable) properly highlights how solid this class is. We went out and got all the big bodies to compete in the trenches. Controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball is always a plus and wins more games than we realize sometimes. I've heard (like you all have as well) that Strong isn't too fond of this place, but should he move on, this class is a foundation type recruitment cycle that any coach can build upon. P.S. I can't wait to see Kirby and Waller decimate backfields
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