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  1. I like this alot, great move. Our buy-out clause should be pretty high
  2. I have 3 tickets that I cannot use for tonight's game vs HOWARD at 7:00pm. Free, just send me a message.
  3. Play calling will make or break.
  4. roman5


    Bulls are 8-1, I'm pretty happy.
  5. About time someone wrote an article regrading this topic. I'm not sure why the College Football Playoff Committee releases a Top 25 when only maybe the Top 10 teams have a chance of making the Playoff. Life outside the P5.....
  6. roman5

    UCF Tickets

    I ordered mine through my season ticket account last week and I got a confirmation of my order. Then last night I received a phone call from them telling me I didn't get the tickets and that their system was messed up. I wasn't happy.
  7. roman5

    USF Beats FSU

    Our pitching looked great, promising depth
  8. I have 3 free tickets if anyone is interested...
  9. I have 3 tickets to tonight's game against Memphis (7:00pm). I'm going to the Lightning game instead. I'll be online until around 3:30 so let me know...
  10. roman5

    Top 20!!

    Great to see this!
  11. Got three tickets to tonight's exhibition game to anyone interested. Send me a message.
  12. It was a real hard game to watch, I've never been to a college hoops game on Senior night and not have the coach individually pull his Seniors out of the game during the last minute of gameplay for a final 'standing ovation' goodbye. Just rubbed me the wrong way. COA needs a third year to prove himself, my biggest disappointment this season (other than the injuries) was the lack of player development. The streak of bad season result won't stop me from attending the games, I mean it can't get any harder to watch...Go Bulls.