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  1. If you said STRONG had no personality I'd believe that. I Loved Taggart's energy and swag. The only difference is Harbaugh tree hype and Clemson championship winning/ behemoth program hype. Mix that with new AD that also has great energy and connections... boom goes the dynamite.
  2. Neither is denial. We don't corner the market on ingenuity, freedom, or greatness you know?
  3. Perfect use of the phrase. Just like with the original, the noun has never been great. But I can HOPE that this CHANGE is one I can BULL-ieve in.
  4. I don't think we were as bad as our record would indicate. Our offense was inconsistent/ borderline consistently bad. We have an offense-minded coach and a coordinator with a photographic memory. Offensive line was bad, but the coach brought in for that seems legit even if his history is tainted with that one school. The whole crew is brimming with energy, which our team needed big time. I honestly don't see why we can't win and win big coming out of the gate. We weren't missing THAT many peices and we seem to be on track to gaining more than we loss.
  5. Any team playing UCF. Any team playing Alabama. I'll be keeping an eye on FAU now and I'll forever bleed green and gold.
  6. Good lord this staff is exciting. I'm a huge fan of XCWT but I'll definitely give this go around my full support. Should be exciting if nothing else.
  7. Word on the FAU vs SMU game is this is our offensive coordinator.
  8. I agree whole heartedly. I couldn't care less about loyalty. I respect CWT for what he did. He kept his word, he got us up, dusted us off, put a fresh coat of paint on, and drove us to the car show. Then sold us for a seemingly nicer vehicle. That he in turn sold for his dream car. That dream car didn't age well and broke down right in front of the dealership that housed us. (I started the analogy and couldn't stop) I would LOVE to have a great program that's known for launching coaching careers... until we move to another conference. That means we have sustained success, we're on the national stage, and our football program is well known and desirable. We'll still attract the same types of recruits either way. I want to out recruit and out muscle everyone else in the conference. I want to be the media darling. I want to be associated with the program that the media is buzzing about because we're just that da*n good.
  9. I believe it'd take time for FSU and USF to draw up contract details to not cancel out his buyout.
  10. Took Sonny Dykes 2 ish years. The right coach can get the results.
  11. I'll be glad when the oldschool circle jerk ends. I just want what's best for the university. I don't think we're missing as many pieces as it seems. Shoot SMU didn't take forever to be respectable. Neither did that OTHER university. Just takes the right combo of athletes and coaches.
  12. Watching the video, his body language was still very positive and upbeat. There was no hint of ill will or hidden intent.
  13. This thread is legitimately a broken record. All of these points have been made and counter arguments throughly exhausted... "No retreads" "Bring back Levitt" "Slick Willie talked trash" "CWT was a few NFL caliber athletes away from being fired" / "CWT had success here and he would again" "Levitt is never coming back" "No proof of trash talk" "Every solid team is riding stud players" I'll be so glad when we get a coach so we all can just be excited for the rebuild. I personally hope we get CWT back. Just makes the most financial and cultural sense to me. Winning fixes almost everything, and I'm sure once that score board starts lighting up, and the wins start piling up, you won't care what catch phrases or gimmicks come this way. Let's all just enjoy the hope of a better season. Shoot I hope we have some of that SMU luck and turn this thing around in a heartbeat.
  14. Some can complain all they want. I'll happily take his energetic personality, winning, and great recruits again. I'll smile sitting right next to you as we get back into the top 25. I'll say he learned his lesson and he comes cheap. Lord knows this would be amazing if they can get it done. Christmas coming early!!!
  15. You do realize how our TEAM is set up right? Did you honestly expect this game to be close before it happened? Did you predict we'd only lose by 3 points? Did you expect this team to score ANY points? We knew that the hardest parts of our schedule was at the end of the season. Before we truly knew we sucked, we viewed these games as toss ups at best and guaranteed losses at worst. Now you are making a bold prediction by saying Mccloud will cost us the game next week against Memphis, really?!?!
  16. For those who were curious like me, page's 1-9 are classic bulls pen. 10-15ish you see a slow transition, then boom we reluctantly accept the fact that our team can have nice things. We are consistently inconsistent. Some here try really hard to save face, so the majority of their compliments have a "but we can suck at any moment" clause in them. I don't think trans are great because they beat us and I don't think trans are terrible because they lose to us. We're an ok team. I would comfortably say middle of the pack this year. We're not as bad as we say, but we're not as good as we've been in the past. We're simply good.
  17. The back up QB is always insanely popular until you get a peek at why they may be the back up. I hope he warms up and gets better.
  18. I think that's the key portion. Of course if you get pressure np problem. But if you don't... you lose.
  19. Our number 2 is so injured he couldn't suit up and our number 3 is a walk on... Injured Mccloud is still the best option to manage the game. He managed it very well, stayed calm, and didn't put the team in jeopardy. Would it have been nice to have a convincing victory with those missed opportunities, yes, but either way we won. We live to fight another day and he got more game day experience and more confidence. I'm not mad at that at all.
  20. Have we ever had a successful football season where the qb didn't have to run for their life? I came in during the back end of the Grothe years. Watched the BJ Daniels transition. And I clearly remember the torture of trying to find a replacement for BJ. What made Grothe, Daniels, and Flowers so successful in my eyes is they punished defenses for blitzing. So then our opponents were forced to have a qb spy and attempt to stack the line, which caused them to get beat for the long ball. So they adjust which opened up run lanes. Then it was a pick your poison type thing in my overly simplified recap. So I personally would stick with the most mobile qb. Which is JM. I felt like he played it too cool in the pocket and it collapsed on him. If he has the 2/3 passing options and if there not there run mindset, that may work out better.
  21. I have enjoyed reading this thread. I often wonder how much of Jim Levitt's success was right place right time, and how much was of his own merit. Take the year we rose to #2 in the nation, we honestly took advantage of a flaw in the system. We weren't deserving of the #2 ranking and got exposed shortly after. How much of the nostalgia is because we were in what was affectionately known as "the big least?" We had a regular opportunity to play storied programs who got the benefit of name recognition in the polls. I love USF and my family loves USF, but in hindsight we never beat a storied program when they were firing on all cylinders. So it confuses me when fellow Bulls fans want to live and die by XCJL. Saying they "wouldn't care if we ever won a conference championship as long as he came back." What would be the point of him coming back if we would be in the same place we're in now? We're just not good enough. The level of competition has gone up and we are in a down year/cycle. Quinton Flowers is a hard dude to replace. The Florida Gulf Coast offense is a hard thing to replace. Hate it or love it but XCWT is a hard guy to replace as well. If XCWT's story and success have a huge BUT/* next to it, why do some of you give Xcjl undying support when his results were no different, with the exception of falling up in the polls one year, what was XCJL except for our first football love? I was a student when he was here so I wasn't privy to all of the insider knowledge of his personality flaws and such, but if that's true, what on field success has he had that's worth that? Football ha's it's natural ups and downs, this team has life, it's just struggling to compete while going through a growing phase. Ucf has had some good luck recently and it sucks because it's lined up with our bad luck. But soon my fellow bulls will see and remember that the golden hue you see over the horizon isn't sunshine, it's the light reflecting off of their golden showers. They will suck again, and honestly, they probably do already. Their suck had just been masked by high powered offense... Either way, i wish XCJL the best just like I wish XCWT the best. *Please forgive the potential rambling. I'm suffering from insomnia lol
  22. I know it wasn't a win, but my family got a chance to see our bulls live. Thank you for the tickets man! My son's could still pass for 3 when they first turned 4, so 3/4 years of their life we had season tickets. Bring in our daughter and my sons oversharing and we couldn't swing it this year. So I wanted to thank you publicly for giving our life long Bull's fans the chance to go to a game again. Lord knows they don't understand the fact that they are no longer free. With childcare for 3 kids is in the same ballpark as our mortgage and us being on teacher salaries...but I digress. Thank you Bowman1 and we'll all weather this storm together. Go Bulls!
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