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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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  1. I swear on my USF degree if ucf played al qaeda, I'd nearly think about rooting for al qaeda! And as a US military veteran, that pains me to say that. I hate that school, I hate Orlando and their parking lot I-4 tourist trap craphole of a city. Their fans think they are Bama, ND, USC, and Ohio State all rolled into one. Their school thinks they are the "Harvard of the South". Their school is crap and they give degrees to any person with a pulse! Listen, I get this "if they are good then that is good for the conference" thing. "All for one, one for all". Yeah, yeah, I get it. But NEVER in my life will I root for those 11 a-holes in gold & black on the football or any other field for that matter!
  2. I will be trying to follow the game from here in South Korea! Go Bulls!
  3. Thanks to this blog, I also had to make a run to Publix. Got an Ultimate but instead of bread got it as a wrap. PRESSED with garlic butter. Freaking awesome!
  4. Per Joey Knight tweet, ECU start time is 7PM. Your thoughts? * First time doing this, boy it has been a long time since I've said that, how did I do?
  5. I had to harp on a college kid but if this guy sees the field again I'm going to go crazy. Burn a redshirt, do whatever, any other receiver then him
  6. I'd like to preference this by first saying that I have had season tickets since 2007 ( Section 124 ) and have gone to every game since with the exception of the year I lived in Korea. I enjoy the tailgating and try to bring someone new with me to the games that have never been. I took my friend from Cocoa Beach to her first USF game last Saturday and she loved it! I'm in my late 30's, from Pasco County, and have LOVED college football since Lex Smith was on the Gators in the late 80's. I'm in no way trying to tell people how to spend their money. It is your money, you made it, spend it how you like. For me, I love our school and win or lose, I want to support our football them. This is just my opinion, "I could be wrong"!
  7. Yes, but I'd much rather have Stanford, Penn State or South Carolina then Syracuse. If we need wins, which we do, why not schedule the Citadel, Western Kentucky, and North Missouri State? I understand what you mean but to me, competition breeds competition. FSU and Wisconsin are bad examples of teams that we "need wins" against.
  8. Nice opening TM...I respect your passion and hatred of anything UCF. Thanks New England
  9. Not only as a proud USF alum but also a proud US Air Force veteran, I can honestly said that if UCF played North Korea, I'd root for North Korea. I seriously hope those clowns go 0-12. Oh, new member here. USF 2006 grad! Season ticket member since 2007.
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