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  1. USF Perfect Game Recruiting Classes Rankings 2012 58th (Prado) 2013 57th (Prado) 2014 72 (Prado) 2015 3 (Prado/Kingston) 2016 40 (Kingston) 2017 86 (Kingston) 2018 70 (Kingston/Mohl) 2019 70 (Mohl) 2020 53 (Mohl) 2021 30 (Mohl) 2022 28 (Mohl)
  2. So he led us to a regional within spots of hosting, which the school didn’t even bother putting a bid on in year one and finished 2nd in conference, the highest in how many years? They were expected to be abysmal in his first season with the loss of all the players. They won every conference series except 1. This guy should be fired? Should Mark Kingston been fired after his disappointing 2016 season when he was down arms and they finished worse than what the past years team did (everyone made the tournament then) I think he has turned out more than ok.... Last years team was a MASH unit as
  3. According to Kendall Rogers at perfect game, USF should look at Illinois State Head Coach Mark Kingston. Here is some background on Kingston: 2000-2001 was an assistant coach at Miami University under Jim Morris and won a National Championship 2002-2008 was the Associate Head Coach at Tulane University. Helped Tulane reach 6 regionals, 2 super regionals and 1 College World Series (the #1 seed in the nation) Was the reason Tulane was so good. Was a great recruiter and recruited Florida. 2009-2014 is the Head Coach at Illinois State University. Has won 2 conference championship
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