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  1. I agree, however a coach should be aware if his kicker is stronger from one hash or the other. Even NFL kickers will line up on the hash their most comfortable with for extra points. my point was he was he managed the end of the game terribly. Felt a lot like the Huston game a couple of years ago. It was a great drive & once they got down inside the 20 and UC needed to take TO’s three runs would have made the FG a chip shot or probably netted them a first down.
  2. The FG’s he missed were from the right hash. The one he made was from the left hash. 3rd and five you run it to maybe get the first down or put the ball on the left hash. It would also forced UC to call another time out. Coaches have try and put their players in the best chance to succeed. Coaches had to see he that. this game felt like the Huston game.
  3. A well coached and prepared team does not lose this game. 100% on coach Charlie Strong’s shoulders. He has lost several games making bad decisions at the end of the game & his teams aren’t just prepared to win because he’s not prepared to win. they outplayed Cincinnati by a lot in my opinion and lost That’s 100% Coaches responsibility.
  4. Charlie Strong has absolutely zero clue on how to manage the end of games absolutely terrible this team played their heart out and at the end the coaches let them down. You can blame the field-goal kicker but they still had a chance to win at the end, God knows why on third and five with Cincinnati having to use their timeouts they don’t run it take another 40 seconds off the clock or make Cincinnati use the time out get three or 4 yards or maybe even get the first down and then kick a field goal make it easier on your guy who struggled all night.
  5. I would agree it’s almost unwatchable the way this team shoots it’s scary bad.
  6. Agreed 100%. Not sure this coaching staff is capable of coaching up this roster to be competitive against good teams.. Not hitting open receivers & dropping crucial passes all boils down to confidence and grit. CCS obviously has not instilled that. It appears that The players like & respect CCS as a person but he needs to be coach sometimes and that means holding people to a standard.. not sure his standards apply to on field performance . I’m convinced that he will recruit well but it will not translate to on field success because he more interested in being a players friend and not their coach.. which as a coach is probably the worst thing you can do young people who are depending on you to help them reach their potential.
  7. Absolutely a nice and necessary win. However South Florida had superior talent and should have run away with this game. I believe Brigham Young was better coached and had a better game plan. They dominated time of possession even with two back up quarterbacks. They had the South Florida defense on the heals many times. McLeod did not have one of his better games he missed several open receivers for touchdowns. I see improvement but not enough to compete with the teams left on the schedule for them to win three games and get bowl eligible I hope I’m wrong and they keep getting better.
  8. Wilcox did not catch a pass but his blocking in this game will raise his draft stock. Being able to block will make him very attractive with his speed and size
  9. I’m afraid it’s going to Be overturned. You can just see the difference in confidence and attitude every time a play needs to be made SMU makes it and USF misses it. My opinion confidence is instilled in players from the coaches very sad at this point Charlie Strong very disappointing
  10. This is a joke unwatchable They said somebody from South Florida left the field do you know who that is?
  11. As bad as they played in this game the ACC officials hope the Georgia Tech big-time that was definitely a touchdown
  12. Coaching staff is really got to look at themselves this team makes too many mistakes give me a break procedure on the goal line fumble on the goal line
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