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  1. Massbull

    The War on I4 begins this weekend

    What does the offensive numbers look like when he is pitching. Other than one outing I can think of when he got shelled he has had poor offensive support. When you get beat 1-0 that does not fall on the pitchers shoulders
  2. Massbull

    Spring Game April 14th

    My observation I think CO will win the job he looks a lot more fluid and once he settled down he made some incredible throws also he is significantly better runner than BK.They’re going to need that because the offensive line looked terrible I was also impressed by the running backs,looks like they’re going to be solid and they’re receiving corps is impressive. The defense looks like it will be better than last year.
  3. Massbull

    Our achilles heel

    I have a different take after they stopped UCF on fourth down. I felt being up by six points was a perfect opportunity to try to establish the run. The momentum was with USF and I believe they could’ve put them in third and manageable situations where they would’ve had run or pass available. Also it would have shorted the game. I was watching the game on ABC and they did a terrible Job showing replays of some of the penalties. I thought one of the biggest calls in the game was the holding on MVS when Flowers ran for a first down they were driving at that point. Was it a good call?
  4. Massbull

    Our achilles heel

    Please watch #1 and #28. I believe #1 has been on Kick return teams all year. I heard that Coach Strong he put on a more defensive unit for the kick return. How in gods name did somebody who’s avoids contact get on that return team. Total breakdown by special teams coaching staff. My opinion is that the coaching staff what this team down in both their losses
  5. Coaching let this team down especially on offense. That being said how can any coaching staff not fix the special team problem after 11 games. Watch some film #1 had no business being anywhere near the field in kick coverage he missed more plays than the law allows.
  6. Special teams have terrible all year need a new special tams coach
  7. Wilcox screwed up butoffense of playcalling when the up by one score in the fourth quarter was terrible also no excuse to let them run that kickback squib it or kick it out of the end zone
  8. Outcoached outcoached outcoached in the fourth quarter It was my biggest fear coming to this game
  9. Massbull

    MBB vs Stetson

    Manderson had a double double in the preseason game and Yetna has been the top rebounder in practice I believe both will be starting when they are available.
  10. Massbull

    MBB vs Stetson

    They are missing two key players and when they come back this will be a much different team in my opinion. Too bad they will not be available for Indiana
  11. This article says everything about CCS attitude. It’s first and foremost the coaches job to put his players in a position to succeed. It sounds like he is taking no responsibility for Lack of adjustments on offense and his incredibly piss poor time management at the end of the game. This article makes it painfully clear that he blames the players has not done any self evaluation as coaches FROM TBT If USF is planning any type of offensive shakeup in the wake of Saturday's 28-24 loss to Houston, Charlie Strong isn't telling.But based on his comments Monday during the American Athletic Conference weekly coaches teleconference, he seems intent on maintaining the status quo, and just executing it better.When asked if he feels the need to diversify his power-based offense, Strong said, "I mean, offensively we were able to score points. We've just got to get off the field on defense. We scored enough points to win, we were up 7-0 at the half and let the other team score 28 points. "It's not just one thing, it's all phases."USF finished with a season-low 137 rushing yards on 55 carries (2.49 yards per carry). On the Bulls' final scoring drive, resulting in a field goal, the Bulls had first-and-15 from the Cougars 24, but opted for three consecutive runs that netted 11 yards.Additionally, USF ran the ball 23 of 36 times on first down, totaling 22 yards on those runs. "It's just executing," Strong said. "You've got to block guys, we just didn't get enough hats on the bodies."Houston coach Major Applewhite acknowledged his defense's objective basically was to load the box and force USF to beat the Cougars through the air."A lot of it really was, yes, you've got to stop the run game," Applewhite said on the teleconference."(Darius) Tice and D'Ernest (Johnson) are great players, as is Quinton (Flowers). They run the ball well, and not to (discount) (WR Marquez) Scantling and the other guys, because...they made plays outside."But it was really to keep everything in front of us and try to eliminate the huge, explosive plays outside and then try to tackle the run game inside."
  12. Massbull

    Last Drive Clock Management

    This game actually falls on the coaches. WORST GAME MANAGMENT IVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME They have three timeouts on 3rd down if they were going to run the ball why didn’t they just let the clock run to one second call timeout. Then let the clock run all the way down to one second on 4th. then kick the field goal instead they left about 20 extra seconds on the clock. Their kick coverage has been terrible all night you should’ve squibed the final kick. Not to mention coaching decision going on fourth down in the first half all the time they left at least six points on the field. Although that was a miraculous play on fourth down. It appears that this defense wares down in the second half. No excuse for this loss I can’t see them winning out really disappointing!
  13. Massbull

    Well we held on ...

    This absolutely falls on the coaches on both sides of the ball. You’re winning 34 to 7 and you don’t score again. Bad play calling and bad team preparation. Example on the last drive when the field goal was blocked. On the play before that QF Should have been coached to run if no one was open to get the clock running so that Tulane would’ve had to use their last time out. Just one example many questionable decisions. On defense he kept attacking even though they were up three scores .rather than making them drive the length of the field and taking time off the clock. the only way Tulane could get back in a game is with big plays and easy TD’s. USF’s defence was dead tired so the more they attacked the more vulnerable they became totally poor coaching decisions. They pulled it out but this team is far from being great they are 7-0 because they played terrible competition and their talent level is just that much better.
  14. Massbull

    Attendance is an embarrassment

    Example: the Team is 4-0. Averaging more than 30 points and a vastly improved defense and the local reporter votes them out of the top 25. How ignorant is that. because in his view they weren't impressive enough. If I am a fan in the Tampa area and I read that type of analysis what do you think my motivation is to go to the game. when I'm being told that USF Is not living up to their expectations. they're not as exciting as they need to be they won by 30 but they should've won by 60.
  15. Massbull

    Attendance is an embarrassment

    Totally agree. I live 1500 miles away so it's hard for me to criticize people for not going to the games. However to create excitement in the community everything needs to be working on all cylinders. 1. A good Team 👍 2. High expectations 👍 3. University support & outreach i.e.; a marketing statagy ? 4. Student support ? 5. Media support 👎 I don't believe that the local media's job is to carry the water for the program. However it seems to me that if they participated in creating excitement rather than just constantly listing the deficiencies of the program and work along with the University to create a buzz in the community that could drive attendance it would benefit them most of all. Living so far away, my only contact with the program is either through blog post like this or media .I can tell you that it seems that the majority of stories focus on what is wrong with this program or what needs to fixed. This team has enough positives going for it that expectations and excitement should be through the roof. IMO after reading most media reports you think just the opposite.