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  1. Massbull

    Our QB is not a good QB

    I believe the quarterback is better than adequate. The problem is the offensive coordinator does nothing to help him. The play calling is terrible & consistently puts him in bad situations. Again no draws,screens or checdowns. The play action fake is terrible (bad coaching). No throws over the middle no rub routes.5 to 7 yard curls on every 2nd & 3rd and long doesn’t cut it. When they started playing teams with equal or almost equal talent the big plays stopped and they could not sustain any drives. coaching never adjusted as evidenced by a decrease in the team performance as the year progressed. Clear sign of a bad coaching job
  2. The players should sue the coaching staff for lack of support especially on the offensive side of the ball . That was one of the most disgraceful displays by the offensive coordinator especially in the second half. They had opportunities to win this game. They started on the temple sides of the field in the second-half several times with no results. If you notice there is a pattern that as this season has gone along that USF gives up at the end of games. I believe that says everything about their faith in the coaching staff. Temple was much better prepared by their coaching staff. This feels like USF during the Holtz era.Scary, next week could be ugly.
  3. I get the frustration, all you need to do is ask my wife what I’m like watching USF. But no matter how bad it gets i’m going to watch the game, yell at the coaches and believe that there’s a chance they can win. Part of being a fan it’s living through good times and bad times. A wise man once told me things are never as bad as they seem or as good as they seem. Now I wish someone would ask CST why their offense dose not include screens, draws,rub routs or throws to running backs on check downs and in the flat. Why no throws over the middle especially on play action. Can anyone believe how bad the QB’s play action fakes are. When will the defense learn how to Stop the quarterback run and not arm tackle. Number 24 has missed tackles then I can count. Why is #3 still playing, his head is up his butt on 8 out of 10 plays. Can’t wait till the next game!
  4. #24 on D & #3 on offense should not play another down. GILBERT IS THE WORST OC IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. IMAGINE IF USF CALLED A SCEEN PASS OR MAYBE A DRAW ON 2nd and long. Imagine if they threw to a running back in the flat. Imagine if they threw the ball over the middle on play action. imagine if their 3rd down offense was not 5 to 7 yard curls. I could go on but I hope you get my drift The most frustrating thing is they have alot of talent they just don’t have an offensive coordinator that has the ability to use it. Defensively their young & they tackle like crap. IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF THEY COULD CONTROL THE QB RUN. CCS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THIS TEAMS discipline.
  5. Massbull

    Who does this fall on?

    The coaching staff is responsible to prepare this team week to week and if you have a good coaching there will be improvement as the year goes along regardless of cercumstances. This team has not gotten better they have digressed on both sides of the ball. Offensively the poor play calling and game planning has reminded a huge problem. Defensively they play with poor technique and continue to tackle poorly. It’s amazing they have not been coached up to stop the QB run. When teams continue to make the same mistakes over and over that’s on COACHING!!!
  6. Imagine an offense with ZERO check downs. ZERO draws or screens. No passes over the middle or play action. AGAIN GILBERT MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. GILBERT MUST GO!,,STRONG ALSO IF HE WONT GET RID OF GILBERT. THIS TEAM IS POORLY COACHED ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING GAME PLAN. 7 & 5 Jean Marie needs to be held accountable. Improvement is the sign of good coaching this defence is getting worse
  8. Massbull

    Gilbert Has To Go!

    This game turned in the third-quarter when South Florida had the ball inside the UH 5 yard line and came away with just six points. Absolutely terrible playcalling by the offensive coordinator.
  9. Massbull

    3rd down defense

    It totally amazes me that they can’t stop the quarterback draw even when they know it’s coming it’s absolutely poor coaching totally frustrated with this team today.
  10. Massbull

    Defense observation

    What’s amazing is that USF coaches knew that If you can controll the Uconn quarterback you shut down their entire offense. I get that he’s a great athlete and he’s going to make some plays but Uconn had over 300 yards rushing. that’s just terrible coaching and playing ! the offense cannot sustain drives Making the defense play extra minutes. Uconn had 10 more min. Of possession. Excited that they’re ranked and believe they should be however I can See them going 2 -3in the last five games. They have the talent to fix it not sure they can.
  11. The offensive coordinator for USF has to be the worst play caller in college football. He absolutely does nothing to help his quarterback. His first down playcalling is mine boggling bad . Unless something changes I can see them losing at least two possibly three games
  12. Massbull

    Bulls Fans at UMass

    Great game nice seeing you in the stands and I’m sure you and son were extra happy last night after the yanks won. As for me I only enjoyed the first half of the day go Red Sox
  13. Massbull


    My wife and I have a parking pass in lot 11 how do you live close to UMass. We would be happy to get some adult beverages and some food and snacks and host a tailgate before the game. We just need to get an idea of who would be interested. And an idea of how many people would come and we can get it set up .
  14. Massbull


    I believe This stadium does not have seat assignments. You sit where you want.
  15. Massbull

    QB change?

    I think he sticks with BB at quarterback. However I thought because ECU was dominating USF’s offensive line that in the second half he would’ve put CO in who is more mobile and maybe take some pressure off by making ECU respect the run from the quarterback position. It might’ve opened things up.