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  1. This team has underperformed big time. They have steadily declined since the 24 win season which should I would’ve thought should have catapulted them to some sort of consistency. They have players and talent however watching them this year it’s clear they lack any type of confidence which really comes from coaching. The last two minutes of this game was a highlight of that. Really not sure if Gregory is the answer, no question he is classy and a nice guy. Let’s see if they progress next year. It should not take a coach 4 years to get some sort of winning attitude and toughness.
  2. Almost impossible to watch his team on the offensive and they don’t have a chance against good teams they just don’t have consistent scoring FRUSTRATING
  3. My point if you don’t have the players to run a certain system find a system that they can excel at and run it. makes no sense to keep beating your head against the wall
  4. To me it just seems that on the offense they have no system what are they trying to do get the ball inside shoot a three or mid range jumper pick and roll I have no idea. just seems like they pass the ball around the perimeter until the time clock is under 10 seconds and then they take a panic shot also it’s uncanny how they can’t finish around the rim ever
  5. In my lifetime will we ever have a team that can run an effective offense and finish. It’s amazing how many USF teams Just can’t shoot the ball and just seem inept on the offensive end.
  6. The coaching staff give them credit for keeping this team playing hard but man some of the mistakes they make just crazy
  7. How in gods name Do you not pressure that kid on fourth and 7 this coaching staff has really struggled in game management this year hopefully it’s also lesson learned for them. No idea why you would call a time out the challenge the Play on the goal line.
  8. It’s really not fair USF is not giving the quarterback for UCF enough time I suggest the defensive coordinator rush just one absolutely the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen given this kid all this time to throw not putting any pressure on him. also I think CKS is going through a lot of growing pains as far as game management
  9. Watching URI & AS Unless the game today was an anomaly USF could get beat by 20+ By URI
  10. Why do we have so many players missing 16 again today. It seems like South Florida is getting affected much worse than other teams can’t figure it out
  11. YOUR 1-5 AND THATS THE WAY YOU COACH IN THE LAST 5 minutes YOU PLAY NOT TO LOSE!!!!!!!! CJS OWES THE TEAM AN APOLOGY FOR NOT HAVIG ANY FAITH IN THEM AS A FAN THAT WAS TOTALLY DISCOURAGING !!!! Unless he takes responsibility for this out of a hard time watching them again this year
  12. It’s clear this team just does not have any talent on the offense or defense of lines. They don’t even make up for the lack of talent with physical play. Hard to blame the coaches I just find it hard to believe that after three years Charlie Strong left his team so Devoid of any talent upfront. They need two years of solid recruiting turn this around very frightening to watch them. hopefully the new recruits aren’t looking at this and going oh my god what a dumpster fire do I want to go there
  13. The major contributor to this loss was McLeod who is responsible for at least a negative 13 to 17 points for USF The coaches did a terrible job at the end of the game starting with the two point conversion. Calling a timeout made zero sense and I’m sure CJS Will learn from that. The officiating in the second half I was terrible The targeting call was Atrocious and was the turning point of the game the officials missed the holding Call on Temple’s last touchdown Had USF held them to a field goal would have been big difference at the end of the game
  14. Observations Mccloud cost USF 13 or possibly 17 points officials were questionable in 2nd half targeting was bull and they missed a hold on last Temple TD. If Temple gets pushed back there and have to kick a field goal huge difference. Play Call for the two point conversion was terrible also the decision to call time out before that two point conversion was a huge mistake. it took away any chance for a victory if they did not make it . Not to mention to call a time out and come up with a play like that coaches need to grow to overall a better effort and d
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