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  1. Just saw the replay. Back up quarterbacks are definitely an upgrade from last year. I would not be nervous if either one have to come in and play I believe they could do the job. They need a left tackle it was frightening how many times offensive Linemen were beat. At times it looked like a sieve
  2. This team is so much better than anyone expected in my opinion. However it goes without saying that shooting less than 50% from the free-throw line and you will lose almost 100% of the time against good teams. It’s amazing with such a poor free-throw shooting performance that they took the game OT. It’s a testament to how good they are defensively. If they made their free throws the officials would not be an issue. I’ve said this a lot but this team is undefeated with a better free-throw shooting percentage.
  3. Two things one he probably didn’t get a very favorable draft prognosis and two what’s happening inside the locker room isn’t as bad as everybody is making it out to be.
  4. They showed a lot of grit. Very encouraged with this team. This is the first conference game where free-throw shooting cost them. They realistically could be undefeated with better free throw shooting. However it is what it is. However I have to say the progress this team has made in just two short years is incredible.
  5. I agree 100% Mike Kelly is the real deal. USF will improve under his watch & I have confidence he will not stand for same old same old. USF seemed light years ahead of UCF just a few years ago in reality they weren’t. Same holds true for UCF today. Sometimes after reading this blog I’m looking for a noose. things are never as bad or as good as they seem.
  6. How Can you be this bad at shooting foul shots. I don’t know how CG fixes it but he has to.if this team can just increase their Free throw % to upper 60s they’ll win eight or nine more games and make it to the NIT. This team is better in every other aspect.
  7. Besides the glaring challenges in the offensive philosophy. This team was often not prepared to compete By this coaching staff. You can be young and still be physical you can be inexperienced but be taught good tackling technique. As I watched the game unfold last night I would bet there was at least 200 yards gained after broken and missed tackles. God bless # 24 on defence he looks like he tries very hard but really after 12 games he hasn’t been coached up on how to break down on the edge and force the runner either inside to the pursuit or contain them on the outside. there’s at least 10 Plays I remember where he made the same mistake. This coaching staff needs to understand ATTITUDE REFECTS LEADERSHIP!
  8. This is 100% coaching this is the 13th game of the year and they still have not taught to anybody to tackle. Either this team quit which is likely the case or they’re just so poorly coached they don’t have a chance. It is very clear that this team has been outcoached all year their talent level is not this bad
  9. Coaching staff and the players need to be embarrassed this is a disgraceful performance at this point. How AD can think that’s strong is the answer is beyond me after tonight‘s performance.
  10. In the last two games at home USF has allowed her opponents to shoot over 45% from the field. In Their previous games they kept the appointment field gold percentage in the 30s. Just goes to show the lack of effort they put in and the last two games
  11. As bad as they looked last night I think this team is light years better than last year. If their foul shooting was even slightly better they beat Georgetown. They’re effort in the last two games were significantly below what we saw in the Bahamas. It is not encouraging however that their starting point guard can’t shoot free throws. If we’re going to be in a lot of close games as Coach Gregory says we will be, it will not bode well if they don’t get better from the line.
  12. Agreed he can’t shoot from three intros lazy passes. I also have never seen a good point guard who can’t shoot free throws
  13. How’s this team looked lackadaisical and they’re not good enough to do that they need to bring their best game every night to be competitive even against bad teams. They clearly had more talent and athletic ability than Stetson they just Played an uninspired basketball game!
  14. Useing exceptions to try and make a point makes little sense. Not recognizing the importance of coaching especially at the early stages of an athletes career is a mistake. It was clear that USF did not improve on offense and in fact performed worse during the season. Well coached teams get better as the season progresses. Preperation, execution, technique, game planning and confidence are a coaching staffs job & IMO certain members of this staff let their players down. It’s not a mistake that every great player in every sport has a personal trainer and coach no matter what level they playi at.
  15. That press conference was disgraceful CCS needs to be f###ing fired. what Coach talks like that about his team. Responsibility falls on the coach’s Shoulders. My god he took ZERO responsibility. honestly it sounds like he doesn’t wanna be here. if USF has a long way to go to catch UCF is because USF has digressed under CCS leadership. Two years ago we blew their socks off. CWT did NOT leave the cupboard bare.
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