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  1. Obviously were not going to agree. Hopefully you’re right and he turns it around but in my opinion it’s not likely. By the way most snowflakes from the north move south because they’re not tough enough.
  2. Like I said I’m rooting for them to turn it around and have a great year hopefully they beat Miami today. But he doesn’t sound like a leader to me. In my opinion the response should’ve been obviously we’re not prepared and that falls on me and the coaching staff to make sure we do the little things to win. We Will go back to work and get it fixed. I’m from New England so maybe I’m spoiled with Bill Belichick but I’ve never heard him once criticize a play or a player in a loss or when the team is not doing well. it always falls back on the coaches and preparation. I’m sure In practices and film rooms the players hear it. When the team wins the players did it when the team loses its coaching. The motto of all good leaders
  3. As I said I’m rooting for a turnaround. However his recruiting classes did not create a lot of buzz and watching his interview after the northeastern series where He blamed his players leads me to believe that my assertions about his leadership may be correct.
  4. Would you suggest that he’s growing the program since he took over. Or even that he’s maintained the level of the program. It doesn’t take five or 10 years to figure out that the program is not on the right track. It seems clear that barring a incredible turnaround “which I’m rooting for” this Team will be worse than last year
  5. A Clear sign of bad leadership-He took over an NCAA qualifying team that has gone steadily downhill since,to the point where they are barely competitive. After watching his interview following the sweep by Northeastern it is clear he is a weak leader and should be replaced ASAP if you want to salvage the program. I have Confidence that MK probably recognizes this and barring a miracle he will be replaced at year end or hopefully sooner but that is not likely
  6. With the speed in the Decisiveness that he hired many of his top coaches tells me that he’s been thinking about this for a long time. he has a lot of contacts in the industry including Dabo. I think he knew what he wanted and when they became available he jumped I’m excited because he is creating an entirely new culture. Also the coaches he’s bringing in the coming off successful Stints And are on the rise,not retreads. Hopefully this translates into solid recruiting and success.
  7. Not sure I agree .They had talent last year but they were so poorly coached and unprepared. Who knows with a good a coaching staff ,some key transfers and recruits , the turn around may be quicker than we expected.
  8. Agreed he was very impressive. Looking forward to results to follow all the optimism.
  9. With all the talk about CJL coming back to USF it will be interesting if there is any comments now that he is no longer with FSU.Either a no comment or a flat out he is not in contention from him. I for one would not be upset if by chance he was hired. However I don’t think that’s a Real possibility
  10. Absolutely but he also paid for it. He’s been at his new job for several years now and has someone rehabilitated his image. I didn’t say I Thought he should the next coach.
  11. I’m hesitant with either one of those Kiffin or Taggart more so with Taggart however. Taggart is a good guy however what he did to Oregon for personal ambition is something that Mike Kelly will think about. I’m not knocking a person with ambition but when it’s at the expense of others that’s something dealing with character. I know the argument he left for his dream job but the bottom line was he took the Oregon job And made a commitment to them and even convinced several quality recruits to travel to the north west with him. God bless him he made a lot of money however you have to wonder if he’s changed. I think what happened to him at FSU was Karma also I’m not so sure that he’s proven to be a great head coach.
  12. Charlie Strong was supposed to bring superior recruiting to USF. I want someone to explain to me how after three years they don’t have an offense Full of athletes with speed when they are recruiting in Florida. Every week I watch USA opponents make plays on offense like contested catches those kinds of things including 2 Big Plays last night. Either We are not recruiting athletes or USF coaching staff is not able to coach them up. The last time I remember a coach that coached their players up a consistent basis was on there CJL. It’s become very frustrating watching USF go through the season and show very little improvement. Is it just me or Is anyone else getting tired of watching USF players shoot their mouth off when they’re down 30 points?
  13. That’s been a problem DJM Blitzes on every key play he exposes his defense when he doesn’t have to. Really blitzing on 2 and 38. playing man coverage with 17 seconds to play with a short field. THEY DESERVE WHAT THEY GET.
  14. I agree, however a coach should be aware if his kicker is stronger from one hash or the other. Even NFL kickers will line up on the hash their most comfortable with for extra points. my point was he was he managed the end of the game terribly. Felt a lot like the Huston game a couple of years ago. It was a great drive & once they got down inside the 20 and UC needed to take TO’s three runs would have made the FG a chip shot or probably netted them a first down.
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