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  1. The major contributor to this loss was McLeod who is responsible for at least a negative 13 to 17 points for USF The coaches did a terrible job at the end of the game starting with the two point conversion. Calling a timeout made zero sense and I’m sure CJS Will learn from that. The officiating in the second half I was terrible The targeting call was Atrocious and was the turning point of the game the officials missed the holding Call on Temple’s last touchdown Had USF held them to a field goal would have been big difference at the end of the game
  2. Observations Mccloud cost USF 13 or possibly 17 points officials were questionable in 2nd half targeting was bull and they missed a hold on last Temple TD. If Temple gets pushed back there and have to kick a field goal huge difference. Play Call for the two point conversion was terrible also the decision to call time out before that two point conversion was a huge mistake. it took away any chance for a victory if they did not make it . Not to mention to call a time out and come up with a play like that coaches need to grow to overall a better effort and d
  3. That’s the sign of a bad team right there badly prepared Poor attitude and Little believe. Stupid penalty negates a big play a dropped pick 6 leads to a the score for temple that’s just what happens to bad teams. Who by the way made a great play on third and 10 to keep the drive Alive. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day
  4. Well I finally gave up! not watching anymore. Debating whether I’ll watch another game the rest of the year. unfortunately I’m a glutton for punishment so I probably will
  5. Crazy but this team isn’t competing I know I don’t wanna complain but oh my god this is impossible to be just this bad
  6. Supposed to have a good offense of coordinator he hasn’t figured out one player beat the blitz yet
  7. I don’t agree there is no excuse for this team to be playing this poorly execution is bad effort is bad & coaching is bad.
  8. Only time they stoped ECU is when they’ve dropped a pass or made a mistake other than that it’s been easy they were more physical they wanted It more just embarrassing
  9. Watching this defense they haven’t stoped anybody all night they make one play and they act like they won the Super Bowl. Somebody needs to shut them up and make them understand that they need to pay attention and before they can chirp they need to play better
  10. Obviously this is going to be their offense with McLeod at quarterback. it’s going to be a very very very long year
  11. It’s possible they could be this bad. I’m wondering if there’s something going on in the locker room or there’s just no continuity I can’t figure it out because this is just bad.
  12. You know what’s insane is ECU is showing zero respect for this team that is frightening.
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