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  1. Cincy 51-14 cronk wilcox 325 I have already started drinking. This game can't hurt me if I'm blackout drunk during the entire event!
  2. I think culture matters a lot as to whether or not a team will "run through a brick wall" and give the effort, day in and day out, to actually learn how to execute the plays reliably. FWIW, the players are not going to run through a brick wall for Strong or for BJM. Kerwin Bell and Kade Bell are great additions to this team, and I believe they have a passion and love of the game (and players) that has been sorely missed since Taggart left the program. Strong is not a players' coach... he's a disciplinarian, authoritarian "my way or the highway" type. Taggart was the exact opposite. He was forgiving, understanding, and got on the players' level and was a friend, mentor, and a coach. The Bells are the same way, and although they are a much needed presence for this team -- it's not enough to overcome the sheer emotional ineptitude of Strong, BJM, and some other staff. I don't see this team digging itself out of this hole as long as Strong is still the decision maker, unfortunately.
  3. #33 points per game / #14 yards per game. Things will be worse without Gilbert than they are with him.
  4. We don't need that much. They are probably going to sell out to stop the run, since it worked for ECU. They can't cover us downfield though, and I don't think they have the ability for their blitzes to hit home quickly / often enough for it to matter. We will move the ball against these guys. This is probably a "need to pass in order to run the ball" game, and I suspect that we won't have a problem doing that. Especially if we come out of the gate slinging the ball and score quickly. On the flip side -- our secondary should have very few problems covering these guys. If we limit their success on first and second down, this could get ugly really fast for UMass. My guess is we give up 3 or 4 20yd+ passes, but they fail to capitalize on the chuck yards due to inefficiency at moving the ball. This is the type of game where our team speed will make these guys look silly... and the fake turf always seems to benefit the faster guys.
  5. The matchups on paper were in our favor. Our offense is better than their defense, and our defense is better than their offense. I thought this would be a higher scoring affair, but I did not expect to blow out ECU. I saw the UNC game and I knew this team would play tough no matter the situation. They are well coached, have a lot of talent, and their line play is better than ours on both sides of the ball. It turns out that they were able to take away our run game almost the entire night. It's really, really hard to move the chains when you continue trying the plays that the defense has sold out to defend. Why Gilbert didn't try opening the playbook more this game? No. Effing. Clue. The plays were there. They will all see the missed opportunities on film. This team won this ugly game... I just hope Gilbert realizes there are no "gimmies" and gets a little killer instinct with the play calling. Gotta be way more opportunistic than trying to "force your play calls" down their throat. Take what the defense gives you (unless Barnett was just making the wrong reads -- entirely possible & coachable). BTW, Hampton, Roberts, and Wilkins looked like superstars out there, and we cleaned up the penalties... and the kicking game was better (minus the blocked XP). The defense has looked better each week. The pass defense in this game was outstanding.
  6. I was watching some of their game last week against WIU, and they were stacking the box with 9 guys and still letting up big running plays. This could be the game where we see Cronkrite & Sands run all over the place. If we spread out on the line and get running backs (or AirBnB) in space, this is gonna get ugly for Illinois really fast. They appear to be defensively less sound than Elon or GT by a wide margin. They also don't have a single guy eligible to play that can cover someone like St. Felix.
  7. Honestly even though I want to say 07 Rutgers, it's the 2016 Temple game. I can still hear Mack Brown waxing poetic about Nick Sharga, and I want to punch them both in the face. I went from screaming at the TV, to drunk resignation relatively quickly when it was obvious we were being outcoached and outplayed and there was nothing we could do about it.
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