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  1. Against my better judgement, I'm getting a little hype. Like... 2005 pre-season hype. Not thinking we're gonna run the table or anything, but that this team might just surprise some people. Someone throw some cold water on me.
  2. Count me as one of the folks who is slightly disappointing at not getting to see more passing. That said, I did see a couple bright things about the passing game: First and foremost, our coach decided against airing it out against our week 1 opponent when the field was soaking wet and the running game was working. In my book, that is an intelligent coaching decision. I saw some good catches that I feel are drops in years past. Dukes's TD catch was a great play, and Miller made a very nice catch in the 1st quarter. Completion rate is high, just not a lot of attempts, and not a
  3. Cincy 51-14 cronk wilcox 325 I have already started drinking. This game can't hurt me if I'm blackout drunk during the entire event!
  4. I think culture matters a lot as to whether or not a team will "run through a brick wall" and give the effort, day in and day out, to actually learn how to execute the plays reliably. FWIW, the players are not going to run through a brick wall for Strong or for BJM. Kerwin Bell and Kade Bell are great additions to this team, and I believe they have a passion and love of the game (and players) that has been sorely missed since Taggart left the program. Strong is not a players' coach... he's a disciplinarian, authoritarian "my way or the highway" type. Tagga
  5. #33 points per game / #14 yards per game. Things will be worse without Gilbert than they are with him.
  6. We don't need that much. They are probably going to sell out to stop the run, since it worked for ECU. They can't cover us downfield though, and I don't think they have the ability for their blitzes to hit home quickly / often enough for it to matter. We will move the ball against these guys. This is probably a "need to pass in order to run the ball" game, and I suspect that we won't have a problem doing that. Especially if we come out of the gate slinging the ball and score quickly. On the flip side -- our secondary should have very few problems covering these guys. If we limit thei
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