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  1. #33 points per game / #14 yards per game. Things will be worse without Gilbert than they are with him.
  2. We don't need that much. They are probably going to sell out to stop the run, since it worked for ECU. They can't cover us downfield though, and I don't think they have the ability for their blitzes to hit home quickly / often enough for it to matter. We will move the ball against these guys. This is probably a "need to pass in order to run the ball" game, and I suspect that we won't have a problem doing that. Especially if we come out of the gate slinging the ball and score quickly. On the flip side -- our secondary should have very few problems covering these guys. If we limit their success on first and second down, this could get ugly really fast for UMass. My guess is we give up 3 or 4 20yd+ passes, but they fail to capitalize on the chuck yards due to inefficiency at moving the ball. This is the type of game where our team speed will make these guys look silly... and the fake turf always seems to benefit the faster guys.
  3. horny_gimli

    Déjà vu all over again

    The matchups on paper were in our favor. Our offense is better than their defense, and our defense is better than their offense. I thought this would be a higher scoring affair, but I did not expect to blow out ECU. I saw the UNC game and I knew this team would play tough no matter the situation. They are well coached, have a lot of talent, and their line play is better than ours on both sides of the ball. It turns out that they were able to take away our run game almost the entire night. It's really, really hard to move the chains when you continue trying the plays that the defense has sold out to defend. Why Gilbert didn't try opening the playbook more this game? No. Effing. Clue. The plays were there. They will all see the missed opportunities on film. This team won this ugly game... I just hope Gilbert realizes there are no "gimmies" and gets a little killer instinct with the play calling. Gotta be way more opportunistic than trying to "force your play calls" down their throat. Take what the defense gives you (unless Barnett was just making the wrong reads -- entirely possible & coachable). BTW, Hampton, Roberts, and Wilkins looked like superstars out there, and we cleaned up the penalties... and the kicking game was better (minus the blocked XP). The defense has looked better each week. The pass defense in this game was outstanding.
  4. horny_gimli

    University of Illinois Football

    I was watching some of their game last week against WIU, and they were stacking the box with 9 guys and still letting up big running plays. This could be the game where we see Cronkrite & Sands run all over the place. If we spread out on the line and get running backs (or AirBnB) in space, this is gonna get ugly for Illinois really fast. They appear to be defensively less sound than Elon or GT by a wide margin. They also don't have a single guy eligible to play that can cover someone like St. Felix.
  5. Honestly even though I want to say 07 Rutgers, it's the 2016 Temple game. I can still hear Mack Brown waxing poetic about Nick Sharga, and I want to punch them both in the face. I went from screaming at the TV, to drunk resignation relatively quickly when it was obvious we were being outcoached and outplayed and there was nothing we could do about it.
  6. Depth is one of those things that can sneak up on you. If we stay healthy and return a couple currently injured guys, I feel like we could compete with any team in our conference (QB is still ???? tho). We have an insane amount of depth at the skill positions. We are undersized at LB and DB... but that's partially on purpose. Scheme is 3-3-5... we want fast dudes that can aid in run support even when lining up 10yds off the line. I think we see at least a slight improvement on defense this year. The question mark is on offense. If BB comes out slinging the ball like Paxton Lynch, then this season has every opportunity to be the best in USF history. If we sputter and end up swapping QB's several times... then it could get ugly fast. Defense is going to keep us in games even if the offense sputters... but it's not going to be good enough (like UF 2012) to win games if we can't finish offensive drives.
  7. I think it's silly to not name a starter before game week. I don't care that we're playing Elon and should win by 1 million points... it sucks for everyone to not have a set lineup during game week. Also, I'm waaaayyy too impatient to be kept on a line like this, can we just name a starter already! GIVE ME A DEPTH CHAAART!
  8. horny_gimli

    TBT beat writers are all gator fans

    Meh, I thought the Tebow article was pretty good.... it actually provided quite a bit of insight into the USF locker room after a tough loss at home. Not too many journo's are gonna give that kind of coverage to our lowly "G5" school. Honestly, Joey seems to have been less down on the bulls than our own fans following the loss. He seems to at least try to be impartial, and I feel like he's been doing a much better job of it this year than he has in the past, when I thought he was unnecessarily critical at times. I miss Greg Auman, for sure... but he was exceptional, and I don't think we can expect that level of coverage unless we jump to P5 and "do something".
  9. horny_gimli

    How hard is it to change

    Ya'll acting like this offense sucks and the world is ending. This offense is legitimately the second most productive offense (YPG) in the history of the school. This offense doesn't need an overhaul to be lights out... it just needs tweaks. Add in a few more RPO, add in some screens.... that's it. I would love to hate on Gilbert like the rest of this forum, but ya'll are delusional if you think his offense hasn't been successful this far. I agree it could be better, but comparing our performance this year to Taggart's first two years, or Strong's tenure at Texas just doesn't hold water. We're 14th in YPG nationally. We are 16th in PPG nationally. That should be good enough to be an elite team and accomplish such goals as winning the AAC, getting to a NY6 bowl, and winning said NY6 bowl. Quite frankly, Flowers is gone next year. We have 2 more PP type QBs behind him. This offense would work better with a better passer (duh), and we have the two most talented pocket passer type QB's we've ever had on the roster right now. This teams is going to be competitive for a long time to come if Strong and Co. can keep recruiting at a high level. So far, it appears that they might be even better recruiters than Tags. tl;dr We only lost 1 game guys. This team is still amazing, and the future is still bright. It's really hard to make preemptive adjustments to your offense when everything is working well enough to win games.
  10. horny_gimli

    This Game Has Me Worried

    Any team can lose any game. I don't think that's the case with this one though. This has all the ingredients to be the worst blowout of the season so far. It's all about the matchups. We are really good at running they ball... they are meh at stopping it. We ok at throwing the ball, they suck at stopping that. They are also very good at running the ball... we're one of the best teams in the nation at stopping it, They suck at throwing the ball... we're not the best at stopping it. The triple option is somewhat of an equalizer against talent, but we just physically outmatch them at every aspect of the game. We're stronger, faster, and deeper at every position (except maybe linebacker). In addition to all that, we've played the triple option every year for the last several years. We know how to stop that kind of offense: discipline. The only reason this game might not be a blood bath is that since both teams will be running the ball the entire time, the score might be low.
  11. Yanno... I'm not a huge fan of the play calling. I like the flashy offense from last year. I like spreading out the receivers and letting Q run the ball... and then occasionally sneaking a TD pass to the TE who is wide open down the middle of the field. I will say this though.... this offense is soul crushing to opposing teams. When drives last this long, and you get 3 to 4 yards (or more) every single time the ball is handed off... it is absolutely demoralizing to the guys having to try to stop it. Football has a huge psychological component in-game... the level of faith the team can have to stop the other team's offense is outstanding. It has shades of the CJL defenses of old. This is the most complete USF team I have ever seen. If they finally put together all phases in the same game... holy crap... for the first time since CJL, I feel like this team could actually stand a chance against any team in the nation...(except Bama, GD they look scary). We're beating teams by 4 TDs while not firing on all cylinders!
  12. horny_gimli

    CBS Sports Network

    YoutubeTV has CBSSN as well.
  13. horny_gimli

    Quiz: USF vs ECU

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 86 seconds  
  14. horny_gimli

    Opening line for ECU

    There is an undeniable fact that the talent gap between our rosters right now is huge. We are faster, bigger, stronger, and deeper at every position. Their defense is the worst (outside of SJSU? that we will face all year). If our offense starts humming, we will hang 70 on them. If it sputters, we'll hang 45. The matchup of our Offense vs. their Defense is possibly the worst mismatch all season. The other matchup (Their offense vs our defense) is really not much better. Our D-Line will create havoc for them. They don't have a super strong running game to begin with, so I feel like they will be relegated to only moving the ball through dink n' dunk. I believe they will have some success moving the ball, but will end up sputtering out on most of their drives or settling for field goals. I also don't see how we manage to come up with fewer than 2 picks in this game. All in all, I don't think the line is that far off...