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  1. Culpepper should have been our starting safety all year. No idea why he has been in Charlie’s doghouse. Nice to have some physicality from the secondary.
  2. He played last year on ST and some downs on D. If I had to guess, Thomas just got plain old beat out for the safety spot. He doesn't have the coverage skills to play CB so realistically his only spot to land were FS/SS. CCS prefers height at the safety spot (LaPointe and Thomas are both 6"2'+) and those without size have to be fast ala Roberts/Sanders. Thomas is probably just not as quick as similarly-sized Roberts/Sanders.
  3. I doubt we notice a drop in quality with MB covering. That being said, when our usual beat writer doesn't even double check his work to make sure he isn't calling our starting QB a member of our rival's football team, expectations aren't high to begin with.
  4. I'm mostly a lurker, have been since I joined in 2013. I have great respect for someone like charsibb who found time to contribute to a tight-knit community like TBP on such a consistent basis. If he was this passionate for the Bulls, charsibb was probably way more passionate for the things in life that really matter - family, friends, etc. RIP to Charlie and my sincerest condolences to those fortunate enough to share their lives with him.
  5. Courtney Williams (WBB) was drafted #8 I believe. Also, these rankings are sure to change by the draft. It is nice to have him at #5 though, has to be a big confidence booster for him.
  6. http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2018/?list=draft I encourage my fellow Bulls fans to come out to a game this spring and watch this kid pitch. Fun to watch. Highest SO/9 on the team last year if I recall correctly.
  7. Getting my season tickets today when I get home. What's the parking situation like? Also, can I expect to get them in them mail like football or is it a login and print situation? thanks guys
  8. Always good to keep the Armwood pipeline happy, hopefully Jabreel Stephens is a bull by the end of today as well
  9. Davis looks like a lock for Pitt at this point, I agree though it would be a great if he ended up here
  10. The staff may have a chance to flip 3* George Ellis from TCU tomorrow, which would definitely help us out in that department. We had ILB and current FIU commit and 247 3* Cornell Jones on a visit this past weekend so we may get some help in that department as well. Here's hoping!
  11. At a minimum, I'm hoping Strong can land these guys: Latavious Brini 3* DB Naytron Culpepper 3* DB Donelle Thomas 3* DB Keyvaughn Dingle 3* WR Demetrius Harris 3* OG Keirston Johnson 3* ILB Jabreel Stephens 3* DE These guys would make our 247 rating be around 151-153, and would put us on par with Houston, UCF, and Cinci with regard to recruiting compared to our conference mates. Anyone else in addition to these 7 will be a welcome surprise! All in all, I am very excited. While Taggart didn't make waves in '13, he did get some solid guys in: Senat, Harris, Godwin, Auggie, Nadelman, Ward, Hector, Ruff, Mayes, and Love were all '13 guys who have contributed greatly to the recent Bulls' success. Go bulls!!
  12. Proud to say I had the pleasure of watching this man play for 3 years. It's a loaded class yes but nothing is guaranteed, and he'll have a fighting chance to feed his family. Losing Taggart, Adams and now Mack will be tough...but I'm excited for the DJ show. Is it August yet?
  13. Not the OP but just to give you an idea of what to expect, my Clemson alum friend bought two tickets in the 300s for $800/ea. The tickets purchased were through people he knew so I don't know if he had to pay full-price. If you do go make sure you take some pics and share it on here!
  14. You are right; however, TJ Weist and Darren Hiller are hired guns with no connection to the bay area. King and Reaves might be a little different as they are both natives--but then again, so was Willie T.
  15. Would not be surprised if Darren Hiller, Reaves, and Shaun King are all named Oregon assistants by the end of the day. Those guys are relatively young and will probably want to climb the coaching ladder. I would bet Hiller is next--he did a great job coaching the o-line up this year.
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