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  1. 8 seed vs zona. https://www.midmajormadness.com/2019/2/1/18207060/nit-bracketology-how-the-net-factors-into-postseason-projections Shades of traveling out west for the NIT in 2000 vs the Lobos.
  2. Another one of Strong's players leave.... https://mobile.twitter.com/Keirston__J/status/1088232726401032198
  3. Avast ye mateys! The Team Pep Rally at Armature Works has been CANCELLED due to inclement weather. Join us tomorrow at 4:30PM for the FAN INVASION at @RJStadium @USFFootball @HerdFB https://t.co/nioTzroJRE Is the game next to be cancelled??
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