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  1. Seems like UCF vs Houston for the championship now
  2. GoFundMe has become a nonsense site. Just like with the stupid wall, you start something and people say they'll contribute to a goal which will never be met. It's a way to get publicity without paying for it.
  3. Hah, neither. UCF grad. He has brought the program to a level I could only dream of when I was a student from 2006-2010.
  4. You guys are too hard on him. I'm really happy with what Charlie Strong has done with the program. Hopefully he gets an extension.
  5. This is an interesting analogy. USF must be the kid who bashes the Civics and talks about how amazing Ford GT500 or ZR1 vettes are, while not owning a car.
  6. I think that's the biggest change with O'Leary vs Frost and Heupel. With O'Leary kids feared his punishment as he ran a tight ship. With Frost/Heupel, the kids are over at the coaches house having pool parties, bbq's, going to sea world together, etc so often they don't have a whole lot of time for trouble. There's a huge gap between how coaches of old run the team and build those relationships and coaches today, and I think it's a great change.