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  1. Not sure what I’ve ever posted that was a cow joke and I’m banned.
  2. Once the rivalry became clear it was dwindling they banned ucf fans on the main board.
  3. Thought it would be good to discuss on here as the AAC board is kinda slow these days. For most teams, recruiting in the AAC is looking better than I can remember it. UCF up to 8 commits, all 3* plus a 4* UCFSports The definitive source for all UCF news. SMU doing really well, neck and neck with UCF TheHillTopics The definitive source for all SMU news. Cincy has a 4*, lots of 3* and two 2*, appears to be leading the conference in total commitments BearcatReport The definitive source for all Cincinnati news. Memphis has 9 commits with about half and half 2* vs 3* TigerSportsReport The definitive source for all Memphis news. USF & Houston both seem off to a delayed start with only 2 ranked commits CougarsDen The definitive source for all Houston news. BullsInsider The definitive source for all USF news.
  4. Unless Dawkins wraps the whole team in bubble wrap I'll curb my excitement. Injuries seem to be a staple for UCF basketball.
  5. Watching Tulsa kick our ass last year with all portal players made me think otherwise.
  6. This seemed like a good idea at first but honestly it’s not competitive and I don’t think many fans in either side get excited anymore.
  7. Not a fair comparison. Two programs at completely different stages.
  8. An empty chair just got UCF a higher rated recruit than Heupel ever did https://www.khon2.com/sports/campbells-titus-mokiao-atimalala-commits-to-ucf/
  9. I'd say about a 95% chance it's Lebby. Nearly all the former and current players on Twitter are supporting him.
  10. There were chants of Charlie, Charlie, Charlie in the stadium tonight. He clearly has lots of fan support, although probably not the fans he wants supporting him.
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