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  1. There were chants of Charlie, Charlie, Charlie in the stadium tonight. He clearly has lots of fan support, although probably not the fans he wants supporting him.
  2. USF has out recruited UCF, no? I think you can narrow it down to coaching and the caliber of coaches Danny White hires.
  3. Almost all restaurants surrounding the arena sell beer. Would be odd to pay $5-7 for one though when you can BYOB.
  4. You're fine doing that, just mix your drink in a bathroom stall. UCF does have undercover cops in the stadium who will notify uniform cops. Yes, just keep alcohol closed until official tailgating start and you'll be fine.
  5. Did you report it? A TSA agent with a personality is sure to get fired...
  6. ECU used to be one of the best game day experiences, and they always played p5's strong even back in the CUSA days. Not sure what happened to crash that program so quickly.
  7. I would assume at this point that Houston and UCF are the first two to go. UCF seems to have a football advantage, Houston obviously has the basketball advantage.
  8. Can we stick to making fun of that erector set of a stadium they have? Not a huge fan of hearing about their sold out games while we have crowds that barely even cover our red seats...
  9. UCF up 42... beating FAU worse than Ohio State. Glad that they're supporting our conference!
  10. Love how our USF bulls are ruining the Florida/ucfast reputation for being offensive teams. A few more quarters like this and people will lol at UCF trying to be an offensive team in Florida.
  11. At the fgl concert tonight. Sad that this event took the USF crowd away from the game. Especially after seeing a sold out UCF vs nobody game last night. I want to see the rivalry keep going but sadly it seems like a lost cause.
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