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  1. CostSegAdvisor

    GT Attendance?

    attendance at usf v ucf game last year was 47,129 (but that was SRO) was NOT stated as sold out but 41-44k sounds realistic,. Stdent attendance is tickets scanned.
  2. CostSegAdvisor

    Season Tickets?

    STH . 16200 Students/VIP 7500 Visitors 2500 ---------------------------------------- EST 26200 Walkup . ???
  3. CostSegAdvisor

    Record book - NCAA 2018

    different view of SoS (are you playing FBS teams that win or not' http://warrennolan.com/football/2017/sos
  4. CostSegAdvisor

    UCF - Best Team in FL (CBS Sports)

    This is correct statement. and more questions is the DL as that is where question exist on defense. if DL plays well the. Defense will be good as there is talent at LB and secondary. if DL does NOT play well then will rely on gimmicks which are not sustainable and out too much pressure on LB and secondary. funny...2 years ago Frost was an OC who had never been a HC too....he wasn’t generational. No clue how Heupel will perform, but same scenario as when Frost arrived except expectations are MUCH higher and skill players depth much better just a few thoughts
  5. An On-Campus Stadium is key to building revenue and “generational” support Getting Alumni on campus Getting Kids of Alum on campus (next gen) Building lasting Traditions Making football part of Campus Life Way to Connect Donors to Program Ability for Donors to see tangible contributions Donors help with incremental improvements Create unique GameDay Experience Revenue: Premium Seats, Parking, Concession, Other Events Just an opinion to why (whenever) constricted
  6. CostSegAdvisor

    Gotta love CFU

    Two key points that get missed: 1) team would NOT need to run the table to be included in playoff if played that schedul 2) if played that schedule would be earning $30-35 million (or more) per year so with those resource would be able to step up recruiting, facilities, and edth. so of course would be able to compete...year in and year out. give UCF, USF, Memphis or Houston those extra fund s and there would be a difference
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  8. CostSegAdvisor

    UCF is having a National Champions parade

    In order to change the system, you must CHALLENGE IT also UCF Football has been in national media news cycle all week and will continue into Monday with celebration in Downtown orlando. without we would have been a dead story by Monday night.... geniius and increase in fan support support and season ticket holders. Community has something to be a part od
  9. CostSegAdvisor

    ucf National Champs

    https://sports.yahoo.com/ucf-ad-danny-white-explains-knights-will-national-championship-parade-hang-banner-183006619.html To qualify for the playoff, teams need to play tough schedules against good teams — that is the way for all teams to stand out and be ranked high by the committee,” Hancock said. “UCF is an excellent team, but you still have to take into account who each team played and defeated during the regular season.” White didn’t buy that explanation. He thinks the AAC deserves more respect and said there is “an inherent bias” on the committee “that needs to be called out.” “Our wins in conference should matter a lot more,” White said. “I don’t think they gave us enough credit for beating a really good Memphis team twice. UCLA found out Memphis is pretty good. I don’t think they gave us enough credit for beating a really good South Florida team. We beat Navy at Navy. Navy had won 17 straight home games — the nation’s longest home winning streak. Those are hard games. If you’re in the Pac-12, you get credit for your in-conference games, but we don’t seem to be getting the same credit. That needs to change.” In the CFP era, the AAC has lamented the “Power Five” label for the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC and tried to market the “Power Six,” where the AAC is included. White backs that sentiment.
  10. CostSegAdvisor

    ucf National Champs

    This is about UCF, but it is also about the AAC (not so much G5) its about the the quality of the AAC programs and sending middle finger to CFP for disrespecting ALL of us. think...Fresno state got ranked (with 2 losses) in CFP and USF didn’t. Why...to bolster Alabama top25 wins. That is a travesty
  11. CostSegAdvisor

    The Last 96 Hours at UCF

    YEA that was f"d up on my part. Thought spelled it correctly but wasn't on phone so must have spell check..... but this again is another FACT that was disrespectful on my part to on not double check