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    CFB Live

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    Game Time Temple

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    Game Time Temple

  4. Announcement coming soon.... ESPN Troll or NOT?
  5. "with" Flowers (2017) and Bridgewater (2013) at QB he has lost to ___ both times when his teams were the favorite to win AAC ___ won Conference Championship
  6. https://twitter.com/UCFKnights/status/1045718052329926656
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    GT Attendance?

    attendance at usf v ucf game last year was 47,129 (but that was SRO) was NOT stated as sold out but 41-44k sounds realistic,. Stdent attendance is tickets scanned.
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    Season Tickets?

    STH . 16200 Students/VIP 7500 Visitors 2500 ---------------------------------------- EST 26200 Walkup . ???
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    Record book - NCAA 2018

    different view of SoS (are you playing FBS teams that win or not' http://warrennolan.com/football/2017/sos