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  1. 12-3 as a starter so did it more than one game. Beauty is he upgrades talent but still has to work to EARN job. Will be interesting spring in both Tampa (Bell) and Orlando (QB and DL)
  2. Each team has to stick with their scheduling philosophy. The UCF approach has worked fine to date. Do these games work? Home/Home • Penn State • South Carolina • Missouri • Maryland • Stanford • Pittsburgh • GaTech • UNC • NC State • Louisvill - - BC - Kansas State 2for1 • Texas One and Done • Ohio State • Michigan UF would be great, but not with allowing other alsorans to think they too could start demanding same deal.
  3. Each school has their own scheduling philosophy and hope that each does what best for THEIR program STAN > UF last 10 yrs STAN will be in Orlando in ‘19 Here is how the scheduling approached has happen thus far. How it will work into FUTURE with winning (who knows) Home/Home Penn State South Carolina BC Missouri Maryland Stanford Pittsburgh GaTech UNC NC State Kansas State 2for1 Texas (3rd game cancelled and TX scheduled ALA) One and Done Ohio State Michigan
  4. For G5 revenue is critical and to give up games seems to be questionable 3 games for $500,000
  5. Not sure who said MODEL but that is what FAU did.....they just upgraded a few things from beginning. at UCF the stadium has been continuously upgraded, Yes there is maintenance cost but that is case for all things OWNED. When and what each program does -- to each their own (or keep renting).
  6. Still pretty cool game day experience from tailgating, walking around campus, and sports - football, basketball, volleyball and soccer.l, alumni center When you go to campus it reconnects you to the school — not just football
  7. Remember impact to recruiting and early signing day. Its less about the bowl game.
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