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    You can't expect to beat decent teams with just a running back and absolutely no passing game when your defense gives up 30+ points.

    How was the WCU QB able to go 46-66 and throw for 374 yards while USF couldn't even break 200?

    Because 40 of the completions were simple 6 yard passes to players on near sideline. When the defense played closer what a shock wcu stalled.


    Simple question....why can't we do that on offense ?


    we don't have all the stuff together in the right place yet... flowers is still working on the playbook so we need to build mack up so flowers has a vet rb in the backfield next year.

  2. Man this thread is depressing.  Bulls Nation clearly has Beaten Wife / Football Team syndrome right now.


    In 2011 we went 5-7

    In 2012 we went 3-9

    In 2013 we went 2-10


    And you want to know the Bottom Line.   NONE OF THAT **** MATTERS. :GoBulls: :GoBulls: :GoBulls:


    - Coach T even with the bad season pulled in the BEST RECRUITING CLASS OUT OF ALL THE NON-P5 CONFERENCE SCHOOLS. :GoBulls: ,  You know what that means.  USF is STILL even though UCF won the Fiesta Bowl, the place to be in this conference.


    - Our team hit the gym hard this offseason and are clearly just as pissed off by what happened last year as we are. :angrymob:  

    - Our team for the 1st time in years came out during the spring game and played some solid football.  Got the plays in and snapped with 10+ seconds on the clock.  Made some solid TD plays.  Light years ahead of the disaster that was the 2013 spring game.



    **** all this "I would be happy with 5 or 6 wins :facepalm: ." garbage.   I know for a fact that, that isn't true.  It was only a few years ago that Bulls fans were sick of only winning 8 or 9 games a year and finally wanted to see this team break through to the 10 win barrier.  10+ wins and a conference title should ALWAYS be what we want and what our goal is.   I have no doubt in my mind that if after we beat UCF on November 28th, if we are only sitting on a 6-6 record, every person here including myself is not going to be happy.  Far from it.   We might be tolerant to it.  We might be optimistic about the future.  But I swear if we have reached the point as a fanbase where a 6-6 record makes us happy, then maybe we deserve to stay in the lowly AAC forever.  Maybe we don't really deserve an OCS.  Maybe we don't deserve chances to play against the big boys around the country. 

    Seriously guys, I am sick of it feeling like a morgue on The Bulls Pen.


    IT'S 30 DAYS UNTIL FOOTBALL SEASON  :iconic_u_black::GoBulls::iconic_u_black::GoBulls: .   And guess what we aren't 0-1, 0-2, 0-4, 2-10.  Nope.  We are 0-0 with 12 to go, and I have a feeling some of that old USF magic that made us all diehard fans in the 1st place will show itself again very soon.



    Such a dumb decision to not put the names on the jerseys. 


    Taggart needs to spend less time trying build an image and more time on preparing the team to win.

    It seems more like a desperate marketing push to put way too much attention into unnecessary uniform changes. Keeping it fresh etc... It's funny because now they have these weird chrome helmets and getting clowned in the media for THE TEAM. They cancel each other out. So now we are somehow Maryland with the "please notice me" uniforms and Penn State with no names on the back.

    I noticed we made Olbermanns world's worst list today. I guess that counts as ESPN coverage.




    For those who do not know what that is.

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