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  1. Does taggart ever yell at them like Leavitt did. I remember Leavitt was infamous for yelling at players but he always got them to play well enough to keep games respectable if not win them. I'd say a majority of USF fans would welcome Leavitt back with open arms if he ever did come back. His biggest criticism to me was the team starting fast then falling off the planet in october before getting back on track in november. Now we start slow and finish slow

    that would bring back a lot of fans i believe

  2. Lots of unrealistic expectations (and maybe drunk posting lol) but there is no way you can look at this team and not see the talent. The play calling looked the best I have seen in a while during most of the last game, just execution wasn't tight. I predict this will be the game where we get to see the CWT offense come together with Bench or White at the helm.


    JINXED... We lost because of this!!!

  3. CWT said something like this today " i thought they were ready to play". I maybe crazy but i think if taggart can get his players to prove themselves every game that they are we will start playing again with a chip on our shoulder. Thats what we are missing at USF... players that are pissed off and want to kill the other team till they are dead. 

  4.                This is CWT second season and people are already saying fire CWT and we still are playing this game of musical chairs with our QBs. Defense looked like they weren’t there and at a beach and special teams where the only ones home after today. It seems like the team is lost and the fans can’t follow a lost team and building a OCS will not help but paint the empty seats a different color.

                    Coach Willie Taggert doesn’t have that many weapons on his team yet and the ones he does have are too green or in training.  Also his players are not stepping up in games and making a difference every game. What this man need is time and players that are going to step up and lead like Matt Grothe. So what do you do? Sometimes you must force your hand in poker to win… If players that are currently not getting the job done you need to bring out there backups that want to play an are passionate about it.


                     After today’s lost I’ve see there’s a glimmer of hope and the glimmer of hope is #9 Flowers. He’s very green but CWT must sit him down and go through the play book nonstop and give him 1st team reps. Mike White completion record continues to fall each game we play and we cannot win a game in the FBS with 4-6 completions with this guy. Bench I think is an ok back up but he’s not a star and he’s not starter material. Even though he looked good on the Maryland game I still think he’s a backup and he is. Flowers has a cannon and if you don’t believe me go watch the scouting vids on him. He’s also fast and he knows when to get out of the pocket and run, but he’s going to make mistakes and he will learn from these. Plus Flowers is taking control of the huddle when’s playing.

                      First game the defense looked questionable at best, then the next game the look like the old USF defense that ate offenses, and finally then today they weren’t even there. They weren’t making big hits on the QB when he was in space and they weren’t hitting the receiver right when they got the ball. They just weren’t at Ray Jay.


                      Special teams were nothing like last week and they are the only good thing that I saw during the game that was consistent … So good job to them.


                       During the second quarter people just started to leave and rather not get burnt watching USF get pounded. The team was had no rhythm on either side of the ball and they didn’t seem to know how to play a game of football and that to me means LOST.


    Now this On Campus Stadium crapola needs to stop… This will not fix anything it will only paint the seats a different color and students will walk by and say “that’s niceâ€. If you want to see more people in side of Ray Jay you got to bring them yourself.  If a person is interested about going to games bring them to 1 game and see if they will buy season tickets or something. Also if the team starts have a winning streak this will bring back lost fans.

  5. It seems to me that Whites completion rate keeps falling after each game... or am i the only one here.



    Posted Today, 10:28 PM

    FatDaddyBull, on 13 Sept 2014 - 9:26 PM, said:snapback.png

    Flowers should be the starter and let's see what happens

    Hopefully he blossoms....      :trainwreck:




    Mike white is a  :trainwreck:

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    You can't expect to beat decent teams with just a running back and absolutely no passing game when your defense gives up 30+ points.

    How was the WCU QB able to go 46-66 and throw for 374 yards while USF couldn't even break 200?

    Because 40 of the completions were simple 6 yard passes to players on near sideline. When the defense played closer what a shock wcu stalled.


    Simple question....why can't we do that on offense ?


    we don't have all the stuff together in the right place yet... flowers is still working on the playbook so we need to build mack up so flowers has a vet rb in the backfield next year.

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