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  1. Lazic had her best game yet. Time for the “I Like Lazic” fan club to get rolling!
  2. He seemed disinterested Wednesday night. Now I know why...
  3. Old saying I learned early in my Army career - “The last thing the Air Force builds is the runway” lol...Having said that, I always tried to stay in AF lodging when possible.
  4. If you want to have fun with SB, then ask him about Lazic...lol
  5. Regarding Silvia - I’ve heard nothing but great things about her, and I felt bad that she never got to have the career here that she deserved. I thought that she had left the program last year, but was surprised to see her name on the roster. Maybe she’s still listed for scholarship purposes? Unfortunately, no Hardwood Club this year to ask CJF these types of questions. #4 in Bracketology is great; I’ll get excited about it in early March. Lots of games to go, and we still haven’t played Oviedo Community College yet. We have to avoid that mid-season, middle of the week road loss tha
  6. If Vandy cancelled their season, does that mean that Enna can transfer back? After all, if Silvia Serrat is still on the roster (per the gousfbulls website), then why not Enna? (Note: written in sarcasm font)
  7. Agree with you 100%. It was obvious they had a falling out, and I’m glad it worked out for all involved. I just had to make that comment for Lazic’s favorite fan...
  8. If Lazic missed a shot, then I guess it’s time to send her to Vanderbilt (sarcasm font)
  9. So...who’s joining the “I Like Lazic” fan club?
  10. Good for Enna... but who cares about Vanderbilt? Lazic did miss a three pointer tonight, so I guess she should be kicked off the team? (Sarcasm font) Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, instead of criticizing a young kid who is trying her best, why don’t you criticize CJF instead for losing to UCF as much as he has recently? Better use of energy IMO Go Bulls
  11. I didn’t say that Pinzan was in CJFs doghouse all of last season. It was earlier in the season, before the numerous injuries. However, it was apparent to me, based on his pre-game talks and courtside actions, that she was in the doghouse for part of the season. My point with mentioning Pinzan is that players improve. In her case, she has gone from being in the doghouse to running the team on the court. If Lazic doesn’t improve, I’m sure that CJF will show her the door. Enna is a good example. On an All-Conference Team one year; gone the next year. Give Lazic a chance. Go Bulls
  12. Agree with CousinRicky - Lazic only played for one game last year before getting injured, so give her some time. Pinzan was in CJF’s doghouse last year, and look at her now. We’ve finally got some depth on the bench, so hopefully the newer players can develop properly, instead of just putting them out on the court and hoping for the best. Go Bulls
  13. The first picture (the Channel 9 news anchor) is Neena Pacholke. She and Micah Kroll were the famous “Tampa 2” of USF WBB fame. They spent most of their careers on the bench. However, I’ll never forget when Micah made a 3 pointer off of a pass from Courtney Williams with about a minute left in their last home game as seniors. The Sun Dome erupted... and that’s what makes college athletics special. Go Bulls
  14. If we sign Buddy Culpepper, then maybe we can get Culpepper & Kurland to sponsor the IPF... Go Bulls
  15. Congrats to Thor and best wishes (except when Clearwater plays Northeast). If he couldn’t come back to Polk County (he graduated from Lake Region), then Clearwater is the next beat move. Don’t follow Pinellas County HS football anymore, but I remember that they always had a good program. I recall seeing Hassan Jones play for Clearwater against my Vikings many years ago... Agree 100% with the comment from another poster about establishing a pipeline. That was one of the many reasons why I was glad that USF started a football program - so local kids would get the chance to stay home and p
  16. Long time reader; first time poster, so be gentle with me...Had to speak out on this one, however. I live in Polk County, and heard J.D. speak once about FL Poly. He mentioned that instead of trying to re-create another UF look-a-like (and specially referred to USF as an example), he want to create a university focused on just science and technology. Really annoyed me that he considered USF to be a UF wannabe. The only thing that UF has on USF is a 100-year head start. He’s too arrogant to realize that Tampa is a better place for jobs, business opportunities and economic development than
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