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  1. Not sure. I think it would be nice to have a program that casual football fans are familiar with (GT, Wisky, BYU) in the win column, but beating GT probably won't be all that big an accomplishment in 2019. As far as the beating P5 schools vs. beating UCF or winning the conference championship debate, I remember an announcer for our 2007 win vs. Auburn calling that a "program maker" for us. Just that guy's opinion, but that was just a single game against a blue-blood, not a conference championship. The P5 wins get more exposure, and probably do more to put us on the map. Personally though, winning the conference is what I would like to see. Zero championships of any kind is getting old, and if the AAC is such a crap conference, what does it say about us that we can't get a divisional title, much-less a conference title?
  2. I get what you're saying, but GT might be the sixth or seventh best team on the schedule this year. They are going with a completely different offense this year, and apparently it showed in their Spring Game. Might not be all that different than beating Illinois last year...
  3. This is true, but that small number of people seem to be the most certain of themselves. Not saying those folks are wrong, there is some obvious talent on this team, but I would like to see some on the units that were weaknesses for us in action against real opposition. Just impossible to tell right now how good we are. I just hope we don't suffer a demoralizing beatdown to Whisky right off the bat. Would be nice to start on a positive note after the way last season ended...
  4. Sounds like you haven't bought in to some of the hype about how great this team will be. Not sure I blame you. I would have to see an improved OL, DL, and LB unit before I start believing that we will post 9+ wins this year.
  5. Who is the in-co9ming guy that had 1,000 yards in 3 games in High school before getting hurt? Did he get any PT in the Spring Game?
  6. That got my attention too. Read it twice to make sure I wasn't missing something.
  7. That would be Raymond Woodie. They tried to save $$$ with that promotion, and it might have cost us a conference championship.
  8. I just watched it too. It looks as though Battle has adopted Kean's diet and exercise regimen. This needs to be fixed before it gets out of control.
  9. Battle is also 6'4", and can run. Getting the feeling that we'll be set at QB for a couple more years at least....
  10. Not sure if there is any reason to put stock in the Big12 expansion thing or not, but for what it's worth, we did make the short list of possibilities. Where we ranked among that list is unknown as far as I can tell. The list looked like this: Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis, USF, UCF, & BYU. As far as your comment about our fan base being fixated on getting out of this conference (and thinking we might have a chance), I guess part of the reason would be that it's pretty slim pickins in the G5 as far as expansion candidates are concerned, and we've been there before. On-field accomplishments, or lack thereof, didn't stop us from making it into the Big East, and didn't keep us off the short list for the Big 12. Couldn't tell you what criteria is used when it comes to choosing expansion candidates, but there's obviously something that is at least somewhat attractive about USF. https://www.daytondailynews.com/sports/university-cincinnati-makes-final-cut-for-big-expansion/lPgQGSCxa2gpzeM2ROR6dP/
  11. I get why you would be baffled by it, but I wonder why The Big East chose us at the time. We accomplished nothing up to that point, and yet a Power Conference (or at least an Automatic Qualifier Conference) saw something in USF. We were also one of the last 8 teams standing that the Big 12 was looking at for expansion, so there's that. Not sure what it is they see in us....certainly it's not on-field accomplishments...but there's something there.
  12. I haven't actually watched a full practice....just a few highlights posted on this board....but I was under the impression that the defense was getting lit up pretty consistently by this new offense.
  13. I see what you mean..... https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Bolt/Bulls-QB-commit-drops-his-senior-tape-111946482/
  14. Somehow I had it in my head that he would be the guy after BB. I thought he was the higher rated recruit out of him & McCloud, though I'm not 100% sure on that. Sounds like he's definitely falling behind a bit....
  15. So barring key injuries, there's no excuse for Charlie should we produce a 7-5 or worse regular season? Just curious, did they line Ford up at RB at all, or just slot?
  16. Sounds like the gap is widening between McCloud and Octavius Battle on the depth chart?
  17. Great to see USF win something in a major sport, though admittedly I didn't know that the CBI even existed until this year. I'm a very casual basketball fan, and hadn't really followed much until this season. What would you say the football equivalent is to this accomplishment (winning the CBI)? I'm assuming a mid-level bowl win?
  18. I would doubt this as well, but I wouldn't get too deep into that argument because I just don't know for sure. I seem to remember plays breaking down several times in that game, and Q was able to make something out of nothing by taking off running, or by buying time until someone got open, but that's a little different than him deciding to do his own thing with the play calling. I guess I wouldn't be all that shocked if I were to find out that he did his own thing that day. Whatever the case, we came up a bit short when it mattered. Hopefully Charlie & company (especially Bell) can change that this year. I wasn't crazy about Sterlin's offense that mostly ignored the middle 1/3 of the field in the passing game.
  19. My posting of that link was in response to Trip saying: "There's no evidence that I've heard/seen to support the assertion that Q "freelanced" (I assume meaning he audibled out of hb dives) his way to 49 points and 2 school passing game records (to go along with his 2 school passing season records) in the UCF game." I believe that RaiderBull mentioned the UCF game in 2017 that Q did a lot of this. I have no idea if that's true, but I remembered the title of that thread about Flowers "Going Rogue", so DJ's quote provides at least a small shred of evidence. As for your "The horror" comment, no horror at all. That was a huge play in that game, and the audible worked in that case. Couldn't tell you though how much Q's audibles lead to the 49 points and 2 passing game records that day. I just remember that 2 point conversion was Q's idea.
  20. Well, there's this...just one play, but it's something. Not sure how much of this went on. https://www.thebullspen.com/topic/123062-q-is-going-rogue/?tab=comments#comment-1602748
  21. BB showed flashes of being very good. He did show great touch when given time, we just had a crap line, and an OC who failed to get the best out of him. I could see why Cali predicted big things, it just wasn't going to happen with Gilbert. Hopefully Bell helps him fulfill his potential.
  22. Agreed. I would think that Kelly would look to go in another direction if we go 5-7 this year, unless of course....we have no $$$ and couldn't afford to fire him. If we are financially as bad off as some in here say, he could go 0-12 and keep his gig. Hopefully the new additions on the staff, and the supposed bigger/stronger/faster roster will help turn things around. For those who are certain that we will win the conference, have 10 wins, etc..I wonder if you will concede that Charlie & staff are sub-par if he were to post, say, a 6-6 record this year. I'm not knocking anyone for having high expectations....I can see why someone might think we will turn it around this year...but for those of you expecting a great season, just curious what your minimum expectations are. Would you see 7-5 as unacceptable?
  23. Hard to see him getting another year with a 5-7 record whether he beats UCF or not. 'Course, Holtz was once rewarded a three year extension for going 5-7...
  24. No surprise here. He is, after all....as someone on this board previously pointed out....the guy who can pick up a chair with one hand....while sitting in it.
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