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  1. Fair enough. I find it hard to be optimistic after what I saw in 2018, but I'm still somewhat open-minded, mainly because of Bell. It's possible he was the missing piece to turn things around. As you said, we'll see when the season starts.
  2. Exactly. Last I heard (1-2 years ago), the football program brought in $9 mil a year, with about $12 mil in expenses. Wonder what those numbers might look like in the coming years with the new TV deal that will make us approximately $7 mil a year, compared to no TV deal as an independent...
  3. ….or less so. This is from 2012, the Spring before Holtz' 3-9 debacle https://gousfbulls.com/news/2012/4/11/205412006.aspx?path=football I'm not knocking the coach for trying to sound optimistic, and speaking highly of the team, but hopefully people's 10-win predictions weren't influenced by these Spring Reports. Hopefully the Author of the original post in this thread was at the practice seeing with his own eyes reasons for being optimistic, rather than his excitement coming from these reports.
  4. Compare those two articles to these two, which were from about the same time last year... https://gousfbulls.com/news/2018/4/14/football-offense-tops-defense-in-thrilling-usf-spring-game.aspx https://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/2018/04/14/takeaways-from-the-usf-football-spring-game/ The reporting really sounds about the same every year in the Spring.
  5. Certainly this is the case, especially if Charlie said he's training at both positions. Can't wait to see what this looks like.
  6. Are you speaking of Duran Bell, because I thought he was gone. Unless there is another Bell on the roster.
  7. Didn't even seem like that many. I would have guessed about 5 or 6 for the entire season.
  8. Could be. He has great instincts at RB. Looking forward to seeing what they have in mind for him. Ford wasn't on the radar for me at all at the start of last season, but turned out to be an absolute bright spot in an otherwise mediocre season. He's a great weapon. Hopefully they can maximize his potential.
  9. He was arguably our best RB last year. Strange move. Can't see him being a better fit at WR. Hopefully they know what they're doing here...
  10. If the OL isn't significantly better in 2019, I think the under is a pretty safe bet. BB never seemed to have enough time to throw in '18, and he will definitely need time in Bell's offense from what I've seen. Most of the pass plays in Bell's offense seem to take longer to unfold than Gilbert's
  11. Having a playbook at all will be a change. IIRC, Gilbert literally had no playbook. Agreed
  12. The assistant coaches have a hand in it, and there may have been an upgrade in that area, but we can't know that for sure right now. I think Charlie saying, week after week in 2018, that the team wasn't prepared, is what sticks with people. The questions you ask are good questions. There will actually be a playbook to learn on offense now. How this offense works here is what I'm really looking forward to finding out. As far as betting goes, no way I'd touch the over/under on this. Just impossible to say without having seen the new offense.
  13. Yes, but would you agree that the coaching was sub-par in 2018? Is Charlie suddenly going to become Knute Rockne this year? Some of your predictions of the 8 possible wins had to be based at least in-part on last season I would think, and there's nothing wrong with that. I wouldn't bet with this over/under simply because I have no idea what Bell will bring. I can't ignore the end of last season though. Charlie struggled with, or lost to inferior teams consistently. I would obviously love to see Charlie do well and win the conference, but that's really difficult to imagine at this point.
  14. ….which is why some are picking the "under". Consistent bad play, with nothing in the way of adjustments have obviously left some here not trusting Charlie, and who can blame them? We barely got by some really bad teams: Tulsa (3-9) ECU (3-9) UConn (1-11), and were blown out by a couple of teams you'd think we would have been able to "out-athlete": Tulane, Marshall. The coaching simply sucked, and there's no proof yet to believe differently IMO. It's still Charlie working with a very similar talent level that he did in 2018, and the schedule will be more difficult this year. Hopefully Bell is an upgrade, which I'm assuming HAS to be the case. If he's not, there's no reason to believe we get past 7 wins.
  15. You're probably right. If Bell isn't a significant upgrade, Charlie probably won't be around long.
  16. I doubt 7-6 gets him another year, but who knows. IIRC, Kelly preached patience, and that he believed in Charlie was a great fit. I thought we were Holtz era bad, and were lucky to win 7 games (remember Tulsa?). Even UConn pushed us to the limit. If 2019 turns out to be another crap year, hopefully we can afford to fire him, because if we want to increase the fan base, we definitely can't afford to keep putting a crap product out there. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/usf-bulls/2018/11/30/usfs-athletic-director-remains-calm-amid-calls-for-change/
  17. Happy for him getting the win. However, he was TKO'd by a fighter with a 17-42 record in his previous fight. Not an easy sport to jump into in your 30's. Wish him the best though. http://boxrec.com/en/boxer/794616
  18. I wonder what it would take for Charlie to keep his job beyond 2019? Maybe a bowl game at bare minimum? If the offense is decent, but the overall results don't improve, would be interesting to see if Bell succeeds him..
  19. To get a look at Kerwin Bell's offense I guess. I have doubts about how good it will be, being that every pass play of his seems to take forever to unfold, and our line hasn't been that great as of late. Unlike Gilbert though, he may be (or may not be) a guy who can adjust and call plays where the ball is out a little quicker. I'm with you though. Have to see any turnaround to believe it.
  20. ….which I'm guessing means that Charlie is your favorite? If so, is this influenced by what he did with the Gators, Louisville...or one of his other stops?
  21. No telling for sure what we or Wisconsin will look like in 2019, but they will likely be a step up from the Marshall or Tulane teams that thumped us at the end of last season. Last I saw of this team was losing six straight, and having Charlie explain week after week that the team wasn't prepared. Have to see something different to believe it.
  22. Good points. There would have to be dramatic improvement.....almost an unrealistic amount....for us to beat Wisconsin. I had gotten used to watching us get walloped by Marshall, Tulane, and everybody else over those last six games. Even an absolutely awful UConn team ran all over us. Wisconsin could look like our games vs. FSU and Dalvin Cook.
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