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  1. OK, I get it...Firing Leavitt caused the demise of the Big East which allowed UCF to become relevant.
  2. I’ve never been in a Costco where they do oil changes. As a Costco Business Exectutive Member, my membership never costs me a dime, infact it puts money in my pocket.
  3. Yep...Jose’s saving her for the Final Four!
  4. OK, with so much of your blood in the program, please tell us how Jose’s coaching changed/improved this year vs his previous 18 years?
  5. All that work All the work of actually cooking macaroni and real cheese from scratch!
  6. What’s your criteria for a great season?
  7. Have you ever looked at the percentages of Jose’s foreign players who have missed entire seasons unable to play because of injuries? Right now, there’s a player sitting on the bench for the second straight year without playing in a single game for the green and gold, because of injuries incurred playing for her national team. This is nothing new.
  8. Would I be correct in assuming that you haven’t been watching USF WBB very long?
  9. I rarely shop liquor stores, since I have.family ties to a wholesale distributor.
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