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  1. Beat the snot out all the P5 teams they play would get them noticed!
  2. Lime green Joe Hice-Merrill Lynch bull standing on the Howard Frankenstein!
  3. The seal can only be used with permission of the president’s office.
  4. My 30 Day Schedule: 1. Very Old Bartons - Bottled-in-Bond 2. Old Fitzgerald BIB 3. Heaven Hill BIB 4. Henry McKenna 10 Yr Single Barrel BIB 5. JTS Brown BIB 6. Old Grand Dad Bonded 7. Early Times BIB 8. Wild Turkey 101 9. Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 10. Wild Turkey Rare Breed 11. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel 12. Wild Turkey Forgiven 13. Willett’s Pot Still Reserve 14. Old Bardstown Estate 15. Elijah Craig 12 Year 16. Elijah Craig 18 Year 17. Eagle Rare 17 Year 18. Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003 19. Evan Williams 23 Year 20. Weller Antique 21. Weller 12 Year 22. Weller Barrel Proof 23. William Larue Weller 2015 24. George T Stagg 2017 25. Buffalo Trace 26. Buffalo Trace Single Barrel 27. Pappy 15 28. Pappy 23 29. Four Roses Small Batch Select 30. Four Roses Single Barrel
  5. Yep, and take out the first two games and CCS and the Bulls are undefeated this season.
  6. WMD, IMO Angel’s Envy (86.6 Proof) and Basil Hayden (80 Proof) are both weak/thin pours. BH is recommended by many as a starter, or ladies bourbon. If you want some “kick” from your bourbon, give Booker’s a try. I’m sipping some as I type. One person’s treasure is another person’s junk.
  7. As far as adding the French Oak, I believe they remove the barrelhead, put in the FO, and reinstall the barrelhead. When I asked a friend who works for Brown-Forman if JD was bourbon...he grinned and nodded his head yes. Marketing, marketing, marketing...every whiskey has to have it’s story...many are total hogwash.
  8. My next seven pours... 15. Elijah Craig 12 16. Elijah Craig 18 17. Eagle Rare 17 18. Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003 19. Evan Williams 23 20. Weller Antique 21. Weller 12
  9. Maker’s uses a second barrel?? Maker’s adds French oak slats to make Maker’s 46, but I believe that’s in the original barrel. That IMO would be adding flavor and color...which is not legal for bourbon. Jack Daniels is legally bourbon, but prefers to call it Tennessee Whiskey. https://thewhiskeywash.com/whiskey-styles/american-whiskey/jack-daniels-bourbon-definitive-answer/ If cocktails such as a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Mint Julep fit the challenge criteria...then your Angels Envy, Amador, and Issac Bowman also should.
  10. “So called little programs” that can’t manage to win their conference needn’t be concerned with the fairness of the playoff system.
  11. Then you should both quit posting here and start your own websites.
  12. Technically right now all these finished in wine barrel “bourbons” aren’t bourbons, and soon may (by changes in the labeling laws/regs) no longer be labeled as bourbon. By law bourbon may not have color or flavors added...and putting it in used wine barrels adds both color and flavor.
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