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AAC Bubble Watch (02.19.18)

Cincinnati (RPI: 13)

Record: 23-4 (12-2)

RPI Top 50 wins: Houston (19), Buffalo* (30), at Temple (40), Temple (40), at UCLA (48)

RPI 100+ losses: None

RPI Top 50 remains games: at Wichita State (16)

Likely fell off the two line with consecutive losses last weeK

Wichita State (RPI: 16)

Record: 21-5 (11-3)

RPI Top 50 wins: at Cincinnati (13), Houston (19), Temple (40),  at Baylor (46)

RPI 100+ losses: SMU (101)

RPI Top 50 remaining games: Cincinnati (13)

11-4 against RPI Top 100 teams and winners of 6 of their last 7

Houston (RPI: 19)

Record: 21-5 (11-3)

RPI Top 50 wins: Cincinnati (13), Wichita State (16),  Arkansas (25), Providence* (35), Temple (40), at Temple (40)

RPI 100+ losses: at Tulane (165), Drexel* (221)

RPI Top 50 remaining games: none

13-0 in home games (playing home games at Texas Southern during renovation), but only 8-5 in road/neutral site games






Temple (RPI: 40)

Record: 15-12 (7-8)

RPI Top 50 wins: Auburn* (8), Clemson* (9), Wichita State (16)

RPI 100+ losses: Memphis (114), Tulane (165), George Washington* (180), at LaSalle (188)

RPI Top 50 remaining games: none

Must win conference tournament after 21-point home loss to Houston

UCF (RPI: 63)

Record: 17-9 (8-6)

RPI Top 50 wins: at Alabama (33j, Temple (40)

RPI 100+ losses: at SMU (101), at Connecticut (104)

RPI Top 50 remaining games: at Temple (40), Wichita State (16)

Have won three in a row after losing 5 of 7

Tulsa (RPI: 86)

Record: 16-10 (9-5)

RPI Top 50 wins: None

RPI 100+ losses: at Memphis (114), Lamar (248)

RPI Top 50 remaining games: at Cincinnati (13), Temple (40) 

Without any quality wins needs to split last four games and win a conference tournament game to get into the NIT



SMU (RPI: 101)

Connecticut (RPI: 104)

Memphis (RPI: 114)

Tulane (RPI: 165)

East Carolina (RPI: 273)

USF (RPI: 286)
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Basketball:Two Tickets to SMU at USF front row, midcourt
View this giveaway

Two Tickets to SMU at USF front row, midcourt

Sunday, March 4

Senior Day! Last Game of Regular Season

Ticket giveaway open to all TheBullsPen.com members - new and old!

This giveaway is for tickets in Row A, which is the front row, not the on-court chairs but up close to Bulls Basketball and on the Arena Club side.  Includes Buffet!

Simply enter to win and enjoy a unique experience with Bulls Basketball.  The seats are 21 and 22 which are midcourt and on the aisle too.  

These are great seats if you like to be close to the action.   Should be a good time!!!!

This is next to last home game.

Tickets will be emailed to the email in your TBP Account.  Please be sure your email is up to date!



Expiration Date

4 days and 21 hours




USF Men's Basketball

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Two Tickets to WBB vs. Houston 2/21 7pm
Free to a Bulls fan who wants to cheer on our #18 Bulls to victory!

I'm out of town and can't attend but hate seeing them go to waste....    

PM me with your email address... first come, first served!
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Spring Football arrives in two weeks;  what's at stake
Help me fill this out:

It may not be final until Fall, but top things we are looking for:


Quarterback battle to replace the Goat - Kean vs. Oladokun vs. Battle (?)

Starting running back, replacing DJ and Tice - ??

#1, go to WR - looking to confirm it is Tyree or someone else to emerge or co-lead?  Antoine/Salomon?

What about the O-line?  Is that an area of concern? Bye Deadrin, see you Sunday.

Is this in the proper order?


LB - lack of depth in 2017

Secondary - Abraham, Nichols and Fullwood gone.  Maybe not as great a concern with Hoggins and Wilkins returning as seniors and some underclassmen coming up

Line - always, but like returners

Ends - seems like always lately

Special Teams:

Punter battle - no idea who replaces the booming leg of Hernandez

Kicker - apparently a battle between Salani and Vivonetto

Long snapper returns; keeps a healthy diet.
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Q autograph helmets
Q was signing a ton of usf helmets on his Instagram. Anybody know if those are being sold?
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USF Spring Practice
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Football NC State Series
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BBall Tonight - Bulls at ECU Info and In game discussion

January 16, 2018
Matchup: USF (7-11, 0-5 The American) at ECU (7-10, 1-5 The American)
Date: Wednesday, Jan. 17
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Greenville, N.C. | Williams Arena at Minges Coliseum (7,100)
TV: ESPN3 (Evan Lepler, Nate Ross)
Radio: AM 820 | USF Bulls Unlimited (Jim Lighthall)
Follow: Listen | Stats | Twitter

TAMPA, FLA., JAN. 16, 2018 – The USF men's basketball team travels to Greenville, N.C. in search of its first American Athletic Conference win of the season. The Bulls have dropped the first five games of the conference season after facing the league's top four teams at the end of nonconference play.

Rest of story
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Quiz: Some Non Revenue Sports
View this quiz

Some Non Revenue Sports

Considering this is a football centric forum coming up with quizzes not involving football that would not be impossible is a bit tough. This quiz is on some non- revenue sports: cross-country, golf, volleyball, and tennis. I’m not going to get as specific as I was in the football quizzes since I know that most of you have not followed these sports. These questions are drawn from record books of USF sports as published on gousfbulls.com. Soccer, baseball, softball, track and field and sailing are not included.




Graded Mode


3 minutes

Total Questions



Member Submitted Quizzes



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QB next year - who's your guy.
Simple question.  Who is your favorite to start next year and blossom into a star.  Don't be wishy washy and pick 2 guys.  Who is THE guy, and why.

Brett Kean

Chris Oladokun

Octavious Battle

Jordan McCloud

Who is the next star QB at USF?
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2017-18 USF Basketball Prediction Contest: Bulls vs. Cincinnati
Welcome to the 2017-18


USF Basketball Prediction Contest

The race for the mildly prestigious Bulliever's Cup is on!

Game 18

South Florida Bulls vs. Cincinnati Bearcats


Saturday, January 13, 7:00 p.m. EST
The Sun Dome    Tampa, FL

The Contest: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select winners and leading contributors in each Bulls hoops game this season. Prizes await, as does the respect and admiration of Bulls fans around the globe. The contest is a season-long chase so don't miss a game.
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Bulls at Wichita State - Info and In-game discussion

January 06, 2018
Matchup: USF (7-9, 0-3 The American) at No. 9 Wichita State (12-2, 2-0 The American)
Date: Sunday, Jan. 7
Time: 4 p.m. EST
Location: Wichita, Kan. | Charles Koch Arena (10,506)
TV: CBS Sports Network (Rich Waltz, Bob Wenzel)
Radio: AM 820 | USF Bulls Unlimited (Jim Lighthall, Joey Johnston)
Follow: Listen | Stats | Twitter

TAMPA, FLA., JAN. 6, 2018 – The USF men's basketball team travels to Kansas to take on No. 9 Wichita State in the first-ever meeting between the Bulls and the Shockers. Tip-off is slated for 4 p.m. on Sunday and will be broadcast live on CBS Sports Network.

The game is the first American Athletic Conference meeting between these two schools in basketball after the Shockers joined the conference on July 1, 2017.

The Bulls (7-9, 0-3 AAC) are coming off a tough loss to ECU, 67-65, on Wednesday. It was the third straight loss for USF after winning three straight to close out conference play.

Stephan Jiggetts (Forestville, Md.) led USF in scoring in the game with 18 points. It was the fifth time this season that Jiggetts has led the Bulls in scoring in a game. He added five rebounds and five assists to fill up the stat sheet.

Terrence Samuel (Brooklyn, N.Y.) was the Bulls' second leading scorer in the game, scoring 15 points, all in the second half. The 15 points tied his season high, which he set at Stetson on Nov. 15, and fell one short of his career high.


Rest of story
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UCF is having a National Champions parade
What a time to be alive. 
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Looking forward to 2018 and beyond
I hope we are all done sulking and crying over this past 10 win season in 2017. Hopefully you share my excitement over 2018. We have 4 great QBs, a lot of great receiving talent, running backs, tight ends, and good o-line. Yes, we lose a ton of seniors, but we have the same amount of juniors who will be seniors next year so we will still have leadership. On defense we lose a lot, but the Kelvin BoyZ came in and did great (as I predicted) at DT and should hold the fort down this year. We also have transfers and a crap load of hungry talent ready for the expanded role. Maybe Marlon Gonzales might even wake up and play to his potential.  I have absolute faith that we will win 10 games again this year if not more. Yea we lose Flowers, but just remember, Peyton Manning didn’t take Tennessee to the promise land, Tee Martin did. Manning is still a waaaay better QB, but Tee martin got Tennessee a championship. I feel if we don’t go to the NY6 bowl, then we will go to the liberty bowl. Best chance at a magical season will be 2019. That will be Kean or O’s 2nd year as a starter and a strength of schedule that includes GT and Wisconsin. I love the recruits we have coming in, I love our coaching staff (well except for Gilbert, but hopefully he proves me wrong) and look forward to these next 3-4 years. For all of you that state you don’t care about the rest of the AAC, well if Memphis, UCF, Houston, and Navy play well and stay ranked then we will always have ranked opponents. I’m hoping Tulane, Temple, SMU, Cinci, UCONN and Tulsa can dominate their out of conference and at least have a winning record. The league as a whole will be more respected and yes, while we are a part ...

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USF Women's Basketball
Since the women’s team has had more recent success than the men’s team I thought a look at USF women’s basketball would make an interesting quiz. (2017-18 not included) 
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We keep the BullsUnlimited  tweets to the right, but worth mentioning here
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USF Team Advocates
Looking for USF Fans that want to keep their favorite USF sport in front of other Bulls fans!

Just thinking about how much info and discussion comes forward for football and in some years, MBB.

I continue to bring forward news, stats, contests, etc., for MBB to keep fans "in touch" maybe a little more.  There's a small, but solid core that follows MBB.

We have @Buller64 throwing us some trivia as well.

We need to do more around the other sports, like our very successful WBB program, Baseball (usually can count on @JoeB ), Golf ( @Mama_Bull is active)  and others (we kind of missed out on much around soccer, but volleyball is still going).  I'm not that much into the WBB at this time, and would love someone to take the reigns on helping TBP get more fans into it.  We get new eyes on the site daily, we need to have the info and discussion to make them want to be engaged on a daily basis.

Does anyone wish to take step up and be an advocate or conversation starter for a specific USF sport?  The job is just to get conversation started and members updated... not wanting a bunch of cut and paste but some insights, thoughts, links, excerpts, etc.  Anyone want to take ownership of a particular sport?  We can have more than one covering a sport, but would be nice to have at least one on the more major sports.  Just name a sport you'd like to cover and I'll add you to the group to help build a strategy of including more USF sports in the discussion at TBP.


BASEBALL - @JoeB, @BrassBulls12

BASKETBALL - @Brad, @cophbulls




SOCCER - @&rew Bull






BASKETBALL -  @cophbulls, @Bourbon Bull









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Senat Invited to NFL Combine

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We keep the BullsUnlimited  tweets to the right, but worth mentioning here
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Birmingham Bowl Game Video
Our board member and videomaster has the game ready!

Here is the video of the game. It includes a little bit of stuff pre-game and it also includes the trophy ceremony post-game.

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Great gift for the holidays
Late in finding the right gift for the Bulls fans in your life?

Give the gift of the Bulls 7x24X365 by simply inviting them to join TheBullsPen.com this holiday season:


Free membership entitles your loved ones and friends to receive, without charge:

a broad range of perspectives on the Bulls

unsolicited criticism on one's own grammar and writing ability

full range of discussion on Publix deli subs

philosophical debate on why "we need an on campus stadium"

hard facts on indian burial grounds

opportunity to participate in the thread that won't die

and much, much more 

So use the invite system or print this post out and place under the tree or on the table, bar or dresser.  You'll receive thanks, or other feedback, year round.

Happy Holidays!

Staff at TBP 


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