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USF Football Prediction Contest: South Florida Bulls vs. Temple Owls
Welcome to


2017 USF Football Prediction Contest

This week's prize:

South Florida Bulls Home Field Advantage Woven Tapestry Throw

From Northwest

Retails for $31.59

Officially Licensed

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USF- UConn 15th Edition
USF leads the all time series 9-5 (7-5 in conference) and have won 5 in a row. USF has played UConn more than any other opponent other than Cincinnati which it has also played 14 times to date.

USF-UConn since we became conference mates. Words cannot describe the ugliness of this series. Arguably 2009 was the only entertaining game for people not fans of either team.

2000 - We beat the Huskies in Connecticut 21-13. This was UConn's transitional year from 1-AA to 1-A and was USF's 1st win against a 1-A opponent.

2001- We crush the huskies 40-21 in the return trip to Tampa.

2005 - We lose 15-10.  The infamous voodoo 5 game.

2006 - We beat UConn 38-16. Never in doubt.

2007- We lose 22-15, a week after the Rutgers' "illegal forward propulsion call", as we throw a pick in the endzone and have a turnover returned for a touchdown

2008- We beat UConn 17-13 in an ugly game

2009- We lose 29-27 in the snow on a last second field goal by UConn

2010 - We lose 19-16 on a last second field goal where UConn does not score an offensive touchdown. They go to the Fiesta Bowl.

2011- We lose 16-10 where UConn does not score an offensive touchdown

2012- We beat UConn 13-6. BJD's career ends at USF with an injury. 3d Game in a row against us that UConn offense doesn't score. 

2013- We beat Uconn 13-10. We repay Uconn by winning without scoring an offensive touchdown.

2014- We beat Uconn 17-14 in a monsoon.

2015- We beat UConn 28-20. This was the game right after the Syracuse game where xCWT let the offense loose.

2016- We beat UConn 42-27 despite losing the turnover battle with 4 turnovers to Uconn's 0. This game also gave us this ridiculous Q run at 0:27

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TBP AAC Week One Power Poll Results
After Week One in the American Athletic we have a team at 2-0 (South Florida) and a team still 0-0 (Houston).

UCF's win over FIU was impressive enough to garner seven first place votes.  Navy's win, over FAU, was also decisive.  The Midshipmen collected three first place votes. Both UCF and Navy demonstrated capable offenses .  

South Florida captured all 35 first place votes in the preseason poll.  Their performance, not all that impressive over Stony Brook,  lost them first place votes and left the Bulls with a very narrow lead over second place UCF.
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USF Bulls in Raymond James Stadium Alt
A hi resolution 4k background for your computer
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Image Gallery:  Bulls vs Stony Brook
Our site photographer, @Old Baldy , was patrolling the sidelines Saturday and has uploaded some of his shots to our sister site, BullsGallery.com.  Please visit BullsGallery.com to see the images and others we've gathered over the years.  Old Baldy's picture quality is superb, I think.  Sure beats what I've taken in the past and uploaded to Bulls Gallery.  Here's a sample:


And of course, Old Baldy is always looking for good fan shots, too!



Visit BullsGallery.com
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USF Football Prediction Contest: South Florida Bulls vs. UConn Huskies
Welcome to


2017 USF Football Prediction Contest

Game 3

South Florida Bulls vs. UConn Huskies

September 9, 2017

Congratulations to our Game 2 winner,  @Flowers4Heisman!!

The Contest: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select the winner for the week's USF football game - as well as make some tie-breaking prognostications. Prizes await, as does the respect and admiration of Bulls fans worldwide.

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Fresh Cut:  Charlie Strong from AAC Weekly Presser
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Bulls in the NFL
I'll try to update this with guys who officially are on the final 53. 

Starting with a few guaranteed:

Marlon Mack (Colts)


Terrell McClain (Skins)

Kayvon Webster (Rams)

Nate Allen (Dolphins)


Watching out for Barrington, Lee, Reiter, Harris, Williams, Adams, Amichia today. I'm feeling I'm forgetting someone else too.

Cliett and BJ were let go a few weeks ago. 
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Sunday Sign On, September 3 and 4
View this giveaway

Sunday Sign On, September 3 and 4

Maybe a giveaway helps cheer this place up already!  We're 2-0! 
Here we go with another raffle awarding a free prize to the winning TheBullsPen.com member.  All you have to do is enter to win.  Prize is free and so is shipping.  

This week's Sunday Sign On prize is:

Wincraft South Florida Bulls 11-by-17 "Fan Cave" Wood Sign

Made in USA

Perfect for the No.1 USF fan

Durable and wipes clean

Indoor or outdoor use

Vibrant Colors

Retails for $19.95, available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2x2DbVi

Free to one lucky winner!

This raffle will be open Sunday and Monday, closing midnight eastern Monday.



Expiration Date

1 day and 9 hours




Sunday Sign On

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AAC Power Poll - Week One
Week One is in the books, we've seen USF play their second game and the rest of the conference, except Houston, also play.

Please go to this page to vote.  It is restricted to members only.

Results will be reported when poll closes Monday night

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Vote for Best Offensive/Defensive/ST/Play/Freshman
1)  Offensive player of game

2) Defensive player of game

3) the PLAY of the game

4) Best freshman performance


Submit your thoughts here and I will put into a poll.
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The TBP Gallery Challenge
Trying to get more folks with the community feel and use of the board, I'm hoping members attending the game Saturday will utilize their phones to grab some on-scene photos whether it be at the tailgate or while storming the field after the win over Stony Brook.

For the way game last week, I managed to put up dozens of photos quite easily.  Some were viewed 120+ times so people cared to check out the happenings in San Jose:  http://www.thebullspen.com/gallery/category/32-bulls-at-sjsu/

There is an album out there, ready for Bulls/Seawolves images:


Please upload your images, it's really simple to do.

I'll select a handful of the best photos and we'll have a vote for the absolute best photo and that member will win a prize.  We'll make it into a competition, since we're almost all that type.

IF you want to test the process today, please do.  I'll remove test images later today.

Remember, people, for me and some others this is going to be a TV game.  Anything you can do to share the atmosphere is always appreciated by the out of towners.



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Football History, Part I
This quiz is a work from @Buller64 who provided the questions and answers to challenge his fellow Bulls fans.

There are 12 questions to complete in the 3 minute time allocation. 
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Five Question Friday
1)  What is your consecutive games streak for attending USF Bulls home openers (It's okay to say "zero". )?

2)  What is the biggest preseason Bulls fan surprise delivered by USF Athletics:

New Website Design - GoUSFBulls.com

USF Bulls Unlimited

Official Online Auctions

#BULLSTRONG Inside USF Football video feature

3)  Against the Seawolves which USF feat is more likely?

400 yards passing

300 yards rushing



4)  In what year did you attend your first Bulls home game?

5)  74 of the Bulls' record 100 plays at San Jose State were running plays.  What % of USF plays do you expect to be running plays vs. Stony Brook?


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USF Football Prediction Contest: South Florida Bulls vs. Stony Brook Seawolves
Welcome to


2017 USF Football Prediction Contest

Game 2

South Florida Bulls vs. Stony Brook Seawolves

This week's prize:

South Florida Bulls Game Day Wine Glasses

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Scouting Report: Stony Brook
From Stony Brook Athletics Official Site:


105 report as fall camp is upon us

STONY BROOK, N.Y. - Football is back on Long Island as 105 Stony Brook football student-athletes reported to campus on Sunday to begin training camp for the 2017 season. 

The Seawolves, who open the 2017 season on Sept. 2 in Tampa, Fla., against FBS opponent USF, will have 23 scheduled practices (click here for full schedule), including four scrimmages, over the next four weeks. All practices and scrimmages will take place in Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium and are open to the public. 

Sunday's report day began with a team meeting at 7:30 a.m. followed by moving in to the dorms. The student-athletes also had physicals and were fitted for equipment as well as had meetings with the coaching staffs and support staffs. 

The first practice will begin at 9:20 a.m. on Monday. 

Stony Brook's home opener is slated for Sept. 16 against Sacred Heart in LaValle Stadium.

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Game 1 Fan Polls
Place your vote for the Offensive and Defensive Players of the Game, and more.
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San Jose State Game Video
Our board hero, @python815, got the game video up for everyone to watch. He already put the link in the classic game video thread but here is it's own topic. Enjoy!

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BullsGallery.com Pics from SJSU
Some pics here, if you are interested:


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GoUSFBulls.com Auctions live
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Will Flowers Pass Mack ... in Game 1? Rushing TD's


1. Marlon Mack ...............................................................................32 .............................. 2014-16

2. Quinton Flowers .........................................................................30 ................ 2014-present

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Bulls Unlimited - new iheartradio channel
This is HUGE!!

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Supporting USF
We all have ways we support USF, as we close in on a new academic year/athletic season, I want to challenge all of us to find new ways to support USF and do it in addition to the ways we already support USF. 


For most on this board the most obvious ways to support are:

Season Tickets and Bulls Club Donations that are tied to the seats we buy. 

We should all look to find new ways to support USF, based on what we can afford to give (and sometimes, that is just time, which is totally ok). Here are a few ways that maybe you didn't think of:

Give to the Bulls Club in addition to what is required for your seats. 

Buy an extra season ticket to take a friend to each game.

Attend a USF event (like a play)

Get a USF license plate (the Official State of Florida one)

Go to more USF sporting events (lots of good teams to support)

Mentor a USF student

Shop at a sponsor of USF and tell the owner that is why you are there. 

Give to your college at USF (like the College of Business for me)

Buy an extra piece of official USF gear

Ask media outlets for more USF coverage

Go to a sports bar and ask them to turn on the USF game

Hire a USF grad

Become a member/lifetime member of the Alumni Association

Tour the campus

Support USF coverage on fans sites like this one. 

Go to a road/bowl game.

Display your USF diploma

(I'd love others to add other suggestions in the comments). 

Now - I do have a specific plug. I work under the larger umbrella of Student Affairs and Student Success. A big part of our focus is retaining and graduating USF students. We have made great strides in those areas, but we need to keep improving. This is the front lines on the battle for preeminence and eventually AAU membership. Consider throwing $10-$20 towards this important USF fund: https://usffdn.usf.edu/herdfunder/261/  But don't do it instead of something else you were doing to support USF, do it in addition to what you already do for USF. 

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Depth Chart Released


Surprised with Chris Barr being number 1 slot and McCants being so low. Must be because of missing spring ball. 
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USF Football Prediction Contest:  South Florida Bulls at SJSU Spartans
Welcome to


2017 USF Football Prediction Contest

Game 1

South Florida Bulls at San Jose State Spartans

August 26, 2017

The Contest: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select the winner for the week's USF football game - as well as make some tie-breaking prognostications. Prizes await, as does the respect and admiration of Bulls fans worldwide.

First...the rules:

1) You must be a registered member of this message board.
2) You must completely answer the contest questions.
3) Post must be submitted prior to published game start time.
4) There can be no modifications to your post after the published game start time.
5) Your prediction must be part of this original thread.

For additional contest rules, please read the small print below.

And now, the contest:

For the Bulls game against San Jose State University on August 26, please select the following:

1) The winning team
2) The final score
3) Bulls leading rusher
4) Bulls leading receiver
5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over)

This week's prize:

South Florida Bulls Artisan Wine Glass

From trusted Boelter Brands

Retails for $30

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