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    Bulls Fans "Must See" Games in 2018

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    In a recent poll at The Bulls Pen, members ranked the games on the 2018 schedule in priority of games they "must see".  Some speculated early that it was a "no brainer" as there was certainty UCF would be the must see game of the season.  It's not hard to imagine that to be true with the Knights being the reigning champions of the AAC (and nothing more).  

    But, with non-conference games that features ACC foe Georgia Tech, the Big Ten's Illinois, UMass and Elon, there wasn't much to run up against.  In fact, while a better non-conference slate than in 2017, Georgia Tech and Illinois were the only non-conference games to rate higher than the lowest ranked AAC game.

    Here is a look at how the polling turned out (61 voters):

    Must See Ranking Game Total Points
    1 11/23: Bulls vs. UCF  692
    2 09/08: Bulls vs. Ga. Tech 636
    3 10/27: Bulls at Houston 592
    4 09/15: Bulls at Illinois 486
    5 11/17: Bulls at Temple 474
    6 11/10: Bulls at Cincinnati 425
    7 10/12: Bulls at Tulsa 282
    8 10/20: Bulls vs. UConn 280
    9 11/03: Bulls vs. Tulane 272
    10 09/22: Bulls vs. ECU 256
    11 10/06: Bulls at UMass 160
    12 09/01: Bulls vs. Elon 131

    UCF received 45 #1 must see votes while Georgia Tech received 14.  Surprisingly to some, Ga. Tech surpassed AAC foe Houston by 44 points.  The Yellow Jackets did this on the strength of 55 votes as a "top 3" (1st, 2nd, or 3rd place vote) must see (UCF received 58, Houston 45).  As mentioned, Tech had 14 first place votes while Houston rang up the 0.

    In a race to the bottom UMass and Elon were nowhere close to beating out the perceived worst Bulls game in the AAC this season.  East Carolina, named the worst Bulls' AAC game in 2018, still surpassed the 11th placed Minutemen by nearly 100 points.

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