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    ... but this one's a little tougher having met Charlie (charsibb) for the first time last December, and then had a blast watching our latest defense of that Vulcan trophy with him. Charlie PM'd me in July that he was going in for surgery on a huge tumor in the groin area and wasn't sure he was coming out then. He was setting me up at that time for notifying the board and the spreading of a portion of his ashes in the Bull fountain on campus. He came thru but was pretty certain he wouldn't see Christmas. Got the call last Thursday from him saying his vital organs were shutting down and he probably wouldn't make it thru the weekend. He sounded awesome (said it was the Percocet) and we had a great 20 minute conversation .... but it was also one of the most surreal, most uplifting and most depressing conversations that I've ever had, triggering a flood of emotions when I hung up. His nephew's email arrived this afternoon.
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    My daughter throws up the bulls horns yesterday at her graduation from Saint Stephen's Episcopal School in Bradenton. She starts at USF in the fall in the Honors College as a Provost Scholar. So proud of her, AND her SAT/ACT scores offset the entire football signing class this year.
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    Thanks for all the kind words. I recently underwent hip replacement surgery and am now rehabilitating at home . As a result, we will be watching the FB game tomorrow on TV. Both of us have some other health issues we are dealing with.
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    Good game guys, it went WAY different than I exspected with the high score and crazy special teams. I think y’all actually have a chance to win out, Houston and UCF will be y’all big test imo. Wish y’all the best! I’ll think about coming on next year to talk some trash lol. USF definitely gained more respect from me.
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    For all of those happy for ucf need to wake up. Ucf is a disease for us. There is NO good reason to root for them in any capacity, EVER. The reasons I have heard to root for them are short cited at best: 1. It improves the conference perception - No, not in any meaningful way. It only separates ucf from usf in perception. Not ESPN, Fox, or any other network is going to pay the AAC big dollars because the AAC beats a top 10 team in a bowl game most years. Plus, why do we care so much about conference perception when EVERY team in the conference is actively hoping to get out? 2. Them being good helps us when we beat them in the regular season - No, it does not. No G5 team will ever make the top 4; thus, us beating a top 10 ucf team vs beating a winless ucf team is the same. So, root for winless ucf seasons every year. 3. If expansion happens, we are a package deal - This is a ridiculous mental gamble. There is absolutely no guarantee that IF expansion occurs that USF and ucf will go together. The BE is gone and we have been in the AAC together for five years now. In those five years, ucf has won three conference championships and two BCS/NY6 bowl games against top 10 teams. That is a ridiculous record and I hate that so many fans hitch our wagons to them. I don't pretend to know all of the ins and outs of expansion, but looking at results alone, they appear to be a more attractive product and cover the same Florida area that we do. The time is now, if we can not step it up the next few years, they will pass us in every measurable that matters. In short, stop all the ucf love, it only hurts us, wake up!
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    Twitter Guy #1 breaks story on BB getting the starting job. Twitter Guy #2 tweets he’ll have a story up tonight about BB winning the job and makes comment in jest about #1 getting the scoop. Twitter Guy #3 has retweet up from this morning about Lynyrd Skynyrd. Which of these guys is Joey?
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    I predict: * 10 or more mentions of us missing Q per tv broadcast * 9 new UCF trolls on the boards * 8 different friends I bring to their 1st game * 7 hours of fun each Saturday * 6 JK articles about attendance * 5 Fennelly melt downs about how we ain't big league ready * 4 excuses why the students didn't show up in force for Elon * 3 different qb starters * 2 road games for me * 1 awesome season
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    Board of Governors‏ @FLBOG Congratulations to @USouthFlorida for achieving its goal of reaching preeminent status, as designated by the Florida Legislature. Go Bulls! 11:00 AM - 27 Jun 2018
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    The adds are often times based on your searches
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    Most of you having been around in the last few years of Woolard's tenure, I'm surprised you're down on this guy. He's a far better AD & rep for the school IMO.
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    Okay so I spoke to Harlan this am at tailgate and asked him if he had talked to the other teams Ad he said “ you mean Kirby” and I said yes. He said (Kirby) strength of schedule “ I said did you say horse **** on that and he said “ he and Kirby had a heated discussion about it and would again after we “ whipped their ass today”. That my friends is our AD.
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    OK guys so I was sitting in section 114 row 4 yesterday and I was standing for a couple plays in the very first series. Some older Bull’s fan behind me (about 4 rows back) screamed “hey are you going to stand for the whole **** game.” I turned around looked at him and I thought what a **** BUT I sat down down . But fortunately for me there about 20 other Bulls Fans that stood up in front of me on the next play when we were backed up in our own End-zone and we started screaming . I then turned around and gave that guy the death stare. Man I don't get it. I don’t ever want to hear that crap again. Hey Old alumn, if you don’t want to stand up and cheer get the hell out of the stands that’s my final word . Sick of this ****. I love my Bulls and those that were there, were a factor of noise. Rant over.
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    I will enjoy this game a little more knowing that there is a bar full of UCF fans watching us win.
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    The back 3 rows in our section were standing the last 5 minutes or so of the game. My meek and mild wife was screaming at the people in front of us to STAND UP. THIS IS YOUR TEAM. So proud of her.
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    1 - I will NOT attend ANYTHING past 11am on Saturdays unless you have NCAA football on your television. Televisions must be a minimum of 50" diagonal with a minimum resolution of something clear enough to see. Events containing ultra-high definition televisions and seating with direct line of sight of said television will take priority over those events that do not. Events broadcasting USF football take priority over all other events, regardless of TV size and definition. Events broadcasting USF football will take priority over all other events except the above. 2 - I will be high strung, loud, and extremely obnoxious if you are around me while USF is playing. Things may/may not be thrown. If any of your belongings are damaged I will repair/replace them, but I will not care until after the post-game analysis. 3 - I will wear Green and Gold on Friday and Saturday. *No exceptions* 4 - If you somehow coerce me into attending an event by having all of the prerequisites listed in (#1) above, be aware that I will chant GO BULLS wherever I am and anytime I want. Chanting GO BULLS is a must on the weekends especially during games. 4a - In the event that USF begins during a prayer, I will reverently and respectfully wait until the prayer is complete before picking up the chant. After all, Jesus is a USF fan too. 5 - My attendance at weddings, wedding showers, and baby showers are for bye weeks ONLY. It's not my fault you are starting your married/family life and proving to everyone that you are a horrible planner. I won't be there but I will wish you the best of luck as soon as the game is over. 5b - *Or as soon as the game and the post game show are over* 6 - In the event that we are watching a game together, and you are not a USF fan, you will not cheer against the BULLS, but I will cheer against your crappy team. Any negative statement about my BULLS will not be fine, and could result in your injury. Thanks for understanding everyone. * I had a friend send me this for her team; modified it for mine and wanted to share
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    I saw our crew is all decked out in Adidas gear for the AAC media days in Rhode Island, but I have a confession to make...I didn’t know where Rhode Island was. I asked a friend if it was near Hawaii, since it’s an island, too, and he called me an idiot and told me it was in New England. But then I couldn’t find Rhode Island anywhere in North Carolina or Virginia, where the English set up their first new American colonies. Finally, he pulled up a map and pointed to the small RI on it. It never occurred to me Rhode Island and RI were the same place since I always see it abbreviated on maps, mail, and such.
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    The PC police have finally come to the Bullspen. Remember the days when random members of this board would make various road trips to USF games and then end up banging random broads vice sleeping in their car those nights, providing some well written narratives for the members on here when they got back to Tampa? My, have things changed for the worse (and I have two daughters). When millennials started wearing skinny jeans, I think it cut off blood to both their nuts and their brains. #MTBGA (Make The Bullspen Great Again)
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    There once was a man named McCants. When he's running, you ain't got a chance. Your face hits the dirt While you're yanking his shirt. And he he'll soon do his end zone dance! Go Bulls!
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    He's no Brett Sean, that's for sure.
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    Charlie Strong redemption tour.
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    Tall is good provided he can knock the ball down on 4th and 24.
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    The bigger issue isn't our schedule or out conference, it's that we blow every good opportunity we have to make noise while ucf seizes every opportunity. We had the senior qb, we should have been the ones in the peach bowl. We will continue doing what we do.
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