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    Thanks for the welcome everyone. Yes it is me. I didn't post yet because I wanted to read all of the threads. Few questions to answer: *No, I am not upset/mad people copy the move. Frankly, I find it funny and I think it's great. I just want fans to enjoy their time at the game. *I'm sorry to those who find it annoying, again, I want everyone to enjoy their time at games. We are undefeated and I just want to bring awareness to usf football and fill the seats! *I started this around this time last year. Flowers was called an offensive wizard. We were something on 4th down. Like 4th and 3 and I just randomly did this hand motion (totally not sober, obviously). They made the 1st down and I was caught on camera. It stuck and The rest is history. *I do have a usf hat, and another one is being made with a matching cape. I won't post the 2nd hat or cape so I can unveil it at the home game. Again, I just want awareness and fun brought to usf games. It's a great time to be a bull. I want our stadium filled! Feel free to follow my page too! Go Bulls!
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    That team is USF. If we go out and execute, there isn't a team on our schedule that can beat us. Cut down on the stupid penalties, tighten up special teams, and we go 12-0. Don't try to sell me on Houston, UCF, or Memphis.... they don't have the pure athleticism that we have and, most importantly, none of them have QF!
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    Don't know if this was posted yet, but pretty funny.
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    Anybody else bothered by this? First, I hate coaches that don't take responsibility, even just a little, when things aren't working. He still blames our offenses shortcomings(red zone efficiency) on execution. Not one word about play calling needing to get better. From st pete times: For those who didn't keep track at home, USF ran 28 plays (including field-goal tries) inside the Cincinnati 20 during its 33-3 rout Saturday. The result: only two touchdowns and more than a little grumbling from the Raymond James Stadium audience. “Just an execution deal,” offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert said. "There were just some opportunities we had that we just missed." Second,this guy thinks we are a power run team and that we should be dominating teams at the line of scrimmage. It took Taggart two + years to figure out that the athletes we attract are ideal for a spread offense not a power run between the tackles offense. I hope his ineptitude doesn't end up costing us a game. again from the times: On Wednesday, Gilbert was asked if a run-pass option exists for Flowers when the Bulls get tight near the goal line. “We have several options to go to, but part of us and who we are, what we are, is about physicality and being able to run the ball downhill," Gilbert said. "Punch it (into the end zone) that way.” http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/usf-journal-bulls-address-red-zone-efficiency/2341548 Last year in the red zone we scored a TD 70% of the time. This year it's near 50%. This guy needs to get more creative and stop blaming things on his players. We ran the ball 22 of 23 plays inside their 20. I'd be willing to bet a majority of those were between the tackles.
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    I honestly couldn't care less if they do. I'd love to see the defense keep chugging along and CJL get another shot as a head coach to close out his career. CWT is dead to me. I wouldn't shed a single tear if he gets canned in a few years and ends up at WKU again. I don't blame him one bit for chasing the money out West, but I'm not going to get upset if Oregon fires him and he has to start over again from the bottom of the coaching world.
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    For those that think somehow Gilbert et al are keeping the playbook close to their chest, you're wrong. It isn't. This is a case of two guys who've previously had successes with with this style offense whose strategy is to force square blocks in round holes no matter the outcome and refuse to adapt to the players strengths. A smart coach adapts as CWT did. This needs to happen now and not after 1-2 losses. Bring back the bubble screens, designed QB runs and with it erase the offensive predictability you've somehow created in 8 quarters of play. If I am Uconn I'm kicking my chops with what appears to be overt evidence that CCS and Gilbert are unwilling to adapt. It's far easier to blame dropped balls and 'execution' rather than what this really is- a feeble move to adjust a top 10 offense and the mechanics of a senior quarterback who was eliciting Heismann discussion before you showed up midstream because it's 'the way you're used to doing it'. CCS- don't be an old ball coach who refuses to see his hand in front of his face. Show your team the respect they deserve by responding by mixing up the plays with the elements that gave them so much success. If not, then you guys are just destined to be the coaches that somehow took a senior class of highly performing offensive players and made them dead average or less. Wake the **ck up coaches- you can turn away and avert your eyes from the wall but it doesn't mean the writing on it goes away. Adapt. Fast. Otherwise you're just old, academic coaches refusing to be novel and adaptive thinkers.
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    This is my 20,000 post on here! Man I spend way too much time on here.
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    Because of us starting at Week 0 this year, and with some canceled games, this season has lead to some fun (but ultimately completely useless) facts: 1) With USF playing at 12PM this Saturday and FSU at 330PM, USF has a chance to secure their 5th win of the season before FSU even wins a single game (likely the only time in our existence that we'll have 5 more wins then FSU at any given point). 2) USF currently has as many wins (4) as FSU, Miami & UF combined (4) 3) At this point in the season, USF has outscored FSU & Miami combined Other fun facts: Since starting 2015 off 1-3: In the last 26 games USF has gone 22-4, averaged 41.1 pts/game and scored 30+ in 23/26 games In the previous 26 games USF went 7-19, averaged just 17 pts/game and scored 30+ in just 3/26 games And Yes, I'm bored at work waiting for Saturday
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    That was hm101. A bunch of us came out for today's show!
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    As a freshman who just moved in yesterday, I have met a few people who are just as hyped as I am. I can not tell the overall hype just yet but if the team plays as well as we all know they can the students will definitely show up.
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    I hope the wizard guy stays, ups his game with a green and gold wizarding costume, and passes the mantel off to someone else. when he feels that he is done being it. You guys complain about lack of tradition. This is how it starts, organically, not contrived.
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    Does anyone think that those who are voting do not realize that this team is 14-2 over the last 16 games (with a bowl win over an SEC opponent and we have almost everyone back) with our only 2 losses coming against a #13 FSU team and a Temple squad on the road that ended up 10-4, winning the conference championship..we also currently lead the nation (That's right, every single D1 football program) in scoring 30+ ppg...we are WORTHY of a Top 25 vote, can't believe some of those genius writers don't think so.
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    I would think we were 0-7 in football or talking about our basketball program. Since when did we have such a low image of our football team around here. Geez, we are the a top 10 rushing offense and defense, highest ranked G5 team, being picked to go to the Peach Bowl by most people that guess these things, owners of the longest winning streak in the country, currently in the midst of a record setting streak of 30 points or more and most posts on here are doomsday. Guys, you game plan to beat the opponent. We dominate pretty much every game coaching staff let ip the other day against a lesser opponent while we were up by more than 4 scores. It was not like last years defense when we were simply inept our coaching staff is smart they know how to get the job done stop whining because you don't like the way we are getting it done. We are getting it done!
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    It's not a matter of whining. It's a matter of putting our fandom aside and looking at this team objectively. We are gushing with talent and athleticism, but the final results are not showing just how talented we are. Expecting that the coaching staff make the most of the best football team to ever take the field for USF is not asking for too much. If you are ok with almost blowing a 27 point lead against a vastly inferior team, I don't know what I could tell you to convince you to at least be concerned about some of the signs that this team is vulnerable. I waited until right before game 7 to post a full evaluation of the team to this point in the season. I listed out my concerns and explained why there was reason for concern. Then, watching the Tulane game, I was reminded in the latter part of the 3rd and all of the 4th quarter why I need to remain concerned about our chances to win the conference. I have not seen the week-to-week improvement that I was hoping to see with this squad. We are beating teams on pure talent and athleticism alone. It is possible to be happy that we are 7-0 (which I am) while being concerned with the quality of the product (which I am) and our prospects of getting to 12-0 (which is the ultimate goal for the season).
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    I got accepted to USF next semester for accounting
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    The main problem I have with JK is that he doesn't want to claim any responsibility for putting out actual attendance number for USF, when he KNOWS that by doing so he helps to perpetuate a false comparison to what is being reported as attendance by other schools. Also, he leads people, intentionally or unintentionally, into believing that USF is the ONLY school cooking up their attendance numbers, because he doesn't acknowledge that other schools count their attendance the SAME way. JK should balance what he can do and what he should do, when it comes to reporting actual attendance. If he feels compelled to continue to report actual attendance then he should at the SAME time mention that no other schools report actual attendance and that USF is not doing anything out of the ordinary.
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    And let's not forget, UCF has herpes, while USF is free of STDs.
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    Man, if we just had a person or two to ask some of these questions and report on them...
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    In honor of DJ coming to town, New Orleans is changing the name of Mardi Gras, aka Fat Tuesday to Fast Two's Day!
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    Thought this was a tickets sold thread for Homecoming . . .
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    We need an on Campus airport if we're ever going to be BCS
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