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In our efforts to raise funds for USF Football, the site is giving away a football season full of ad-free surfing at The Bulls Pen.

Would you consider buying a ticket or two to the raffle that will award this to you or a fellow member of the board?

Each ticket purchase goes directly to our effort to raise $10K in "fan money" for the program.  Below is the link:

The Bulls Pen Ad-free Raffle in support of USF Football

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    Charlie denies people free frostys We do however get a participatory fry just for showing up
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    Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.
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    There is a happy medium in life and I tend push back harder when people are pushing hard on a subject I disagree with. When we are down and everyone mostly agrees with it to some degree there isn’t a reason to go hard and being a little light hearted probably serves the greater good of the board more than ******** on everything in every post.
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    Doesn't matter. Can we get Taggart to step on McCloud's foot?
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    He doesn’t touch the offense. I don’t know that he does anything for the defense. I see him pace around on the sidelines but I don’t think he calls any plays. I guess he does recruit a little bit, he promises parents he will create respectable citizens which is good. But as for football, he doesn’t seem to do much. Does Strong do anything that helps the team win games except spawn camp by the transfer portal? Does he look at film? Does he coach at all? What does he do?
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    Well-well look. I already told you: I deal with the GD customers so the engineers don't have to. I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people. Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?
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    Free. Section 108 Row C. DM if interested. (I tagged the title so @GaUSFBull doesn’t get confused)
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    he explains to the moderator. Trip is the guy I go to for help on this site. Now I'm afraid.
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    Bonus points for using "spawn camp"!!!
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    Reminds me of a Holtz new approach to football.
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    Maybe someone forgot to tell CJL that it takes years to get enough of your players in to field a competitive offense.
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    Me too. Magical time. Some day I'll sit in my rocking chair on the porch telling the grand-kids about that game. They probably won't care, but I'll be too senile to notice.
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    Another reason to eat BBQ. Football season has come down to which visiting team's city offers the best chance at a great tailgate.
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    We can't come up with $20 million over multiple years to even start the IPF. Where do you think they'll find another $5 million (or whatever the number is) to buy out a contract? It isn't that we don't have donors we just don't have donors with deep enough pockets that care enough about football. We all here on the Bullspen are donors and couldn't come up with $10k to donate to the IPF. Things are very dire. Our TV contract went from what $17 million to about $4 or 5 million. The BE buyout money is gone and we are living with a new normal. Just my guess here but Harlan may have thought having a Charlie Strong hire on his resume would help get him out of here. It worked for him. Not so much for USF. Pretty sure VPofA Kelly knows a change is needed but guessing he can't pull the trigger unless a person or two cares enough and has enough $$$ to go ahead with the firing.
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    I will never give up on USF Athletics no matter how bad it gets, but my level of financial commitment will mirror my faith in the current administration. But if there is a game on I'm watching it and my family knows there is no work-life balance - its a work-life-USF balance.
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    I tell ya interviews like that break my heart.... We gotta remember, this are students... USF students... USF Student Athletes who don't make **** risking their bodies out there on the field... and it's sad when it's a venture like this I certainly appreciate all the student athletes, the sacrifices they make on and off the field. And I definitely keep my fingers crossed that they escape this healthy and move on to bigger and better ventures.
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    Search firm is to avoid the freedom of information acts.
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    Yesterday was Veteran's Day and I'd like take a break from the negative and say, "Veterans and your families, you rock. Peacetime is a mirage."
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    USN 84-87 USNR 87-94 Aviation Electronics Technician 2nd Class
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    Go back and watch CCS in season 3 at Texas. It was quite obvious based on body language last season that CCS was not worried. He was in season 3 of Texas. He was practically begging after the Kansas loss. The cake is done, we just have to bake it. It’s all there if you wish to see it. Kelly is going to come out at season’s end and lecture the fan base that they don’t have money and we haven’t given CCS and Bell enough time. The only way I see a change is if the BOT and the pres step in and tell Kelly to go ahead and eat the buyout. Hopefully I am wrong.
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    “What the hell just happened here”. Pretty much sums up the Chuckles era.
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    Stick around kid, it gets a lot worse....
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