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    Put Martin Fennelly back under the rock.
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    Guess what I will be doing on Saturday? That’s right watching college football! “My name is NEB and I am a college football addict.”
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    I once thought I was the assistant manager but later found out I was only the assistant TO the manager. talk about humbling - I really Shrute myself in the foot that day
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    I left a pack of extra small condoms in lot 6... **** things were just so baggy on me
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    He is at the Bucs game tonight and guess what he decides to wear? No stinkin Bucs gear for this guy he is going full USF!
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    Other than not going to USF for college this guy is as Tampa as anyone can get (there was no team when he graduated highschool) 1995. Played Football/Basketball Gibbs highschool. Playing for the Bucs and coaching at USF. Love the homegrown talent.
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    He is as Bullish as a Tulane guy can be, he used to come to quite a few games at the Sun Dome when he played for the Bucs.
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    That’s what happens when you pick a Coach Cristobal over a Coach Jim Leavitt.
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    They were showing a lot of the players from the Dungy era that we’re there for the ceremony and SK threw up the horns ...
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    I feel sorry for you b/c the Big Green Egg is where it’s at. True story: took two slabs to my new neighbor’s party. Turns out they are vegetarian. He stopped me and asked for one of the ribs.
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    That picture is awesome because it made me realize that our logo is really the silhouette of bourbon snifter.
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    Quit drinking it about 8 years ago after my first kidney stone. Haven't noticed a single difference actually.
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    It’s good to hear Bulls are taking over the world one neighborhood bar and grill at a time.
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    Maybe everyone else sold out.
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    Why shopping is a pleasure at Publix:
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    You mean the best soft drink in the world? Yes. Only insane people drink other colas.
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    Saw these the other day at my Publix. I would have pegged UCF for a Pepsi school. Haven't they been claiming to be #1 for years, too?
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    To think if we did not hire Holtz we would have got there two years ago
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    It worked out. My wife got tickets at work and we ended up in the Hard Rock box. We had Michael Kelly and Doug Woolard in the box to our right. It was kind of surreal.
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    Strange they didn't put Grothe's face on the football to the left. He 'owns' that school, right?
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    I am currently dating a UF grad (yeah yeah save the comments), and after the USF-GT game we drove to Gainesville and went to the UF-UK game. We did not sit down except for at halftime, and the vast majority of the stadium stood the vast majority of the time. Nobody in my section or visible in nearby sections watched seated. I also enjoy traveling and attending college football games in venues I have not yet been to, and have made it to nearly every SEC stadium for a home game. Folks stand up the majority time. They yell loudest during an opponent's 3rd down and after their team scores, but they yell early and often and are educated as fanbases about when it is appropriate to so so. I don't think I have been seated for much of any game (to avoid being the only person seated in the section) except at Tennessee. The opponent for that game happened to be an FCS opponent so that may have had something to do with it. We can split hairs about specifics, but the fact of the matter is that huge numbers of fans at schools with prominent football programs spend a majority of the time standing while watching their games.
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    They decided to switch to USF in stead of UCF for quality control. It seems that all the UCF nuts were half baked.
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