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    That's just how the kids play basketball today. I hate it. Give me Charles Oakley trying to fight Alonzo Mourning with JVG hanging off his leg in a battle to 80 pts. That's basketball. We lean more towards that physical defensive brand and I love it. I'll take Yetna with 15+ boards and official timeouts to wipe the blood off the court. I can watch that all day, win or lose. Today's game was great to watch and took me back to the 80s and 90s.
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    I still think the Bucs should have drafted him in round 3 and grabbed an OL in round 2.
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    Throwing to RBs? What kind of tomfoolery are you proposing?
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    I am fine with doing 2 for 1 deals with bigger programs like UF and Texas. I think we need to keep doing that until we get invited to the big stage. Invite the FSU motto that Bowden used to build the program any time and any where. We can only have so many home games a year. As long as we can fit the big name occ games balanced with home and away each year we will be fine..
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    And I, like a bozo, had him on the bench....and that will keep me out of the TBP championship. #TrustTheMack
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    Colts spank overrated cowboys
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    Probably talking about Zack Dawson. He had one year at Oklahoma State before transferring to us. He was one of the top players in Florida coming out of high school.
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    They're not reporters, they're columnists and columnists have been around forever ...
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    USF Basketball Commits/Transfers 2019 And that's it for available scholarships.
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    As long as that anyone is a decent team. We should try to never schedule ooc teams like UMass. Our conference schedule is weak enough.
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    The handles sick for a 13 year old.
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    I miss the days when it was a reporters job to report the news ....
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    Its an impressive win considering Collins played his worse game he'll play all season. Beating the same team that returned everybody that help annihilate USF last season was very satisfying. This game really showed how far this program has under Gregory in a short time.
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    This team is athletic and fun to watch. Gregory has pieces that will only make this team get better the next couple of seasons too. It's great to feel like the program is moving in the right direction again.
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    Don’t think I ever agreed with anything he wrote.
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    Don't let the door hit him in his ass...rather for it to be my boot.
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    Looks like many more students went after a rubber duck than attended all of USFs home games this year, per your AD
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    The horns down......I hate that school so much. This should be up on the walls in the locker room.
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    $500k? That's enough money for 2 1/2 lawsuits!
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    If we cared enough we should have done something on the field that didn’t make them want to take a picture, to the victor goes the spoils.
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